10 Best Steak Sauce Substitutes

Steak sauce is a delicious brown sauce that is commonly served with steak because the flavors go so well together. This tangy sauce can also be accompanied by a lot of other foods and is a great condiment to have in your pantry.

It can usually be found in most supermarkets but if not, there are alternatives that you can use. Steak sauce has a slightly smoky, sweet, tangy flavor which makes it so unique.

However, if you do not have steak sauce on hand, some great substitutes are brown sauce, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and malt vinegar, among others.

Below is a list of substitutes for steak sauce.

Best Steak Sauce Substitutes

If you lack steak sauce, don’t fret. The following few products can help you replace the flavor of steak sauce and accomplish similar results in your meals.

1. Brown Sauce

Black bean sauce

Steak sauce and brown sauce are incredibly similar.

They are both tangy sauces that go well with meat. Brown sauce, or famously known as HP sauce, is a staple in the UK and is eaten with a lot of foods.

It is a little tangier than a steak sauce. But it is the best substitute as the two are similar in taste, texture, and appearance. If you’re living in the UK, you will be able to find brown sauce in the condiments section of any supermarket. Or you can order it online.

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2. Barbecue Sauce 

barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce is a famous condiment worldwide because of its sweet, smokey flavor and ability to accompany meat and other dishes so well. This makes it a suitable substitute for steak sauce.

It is a little sweeter, however, it still compliments steak very well because of its smokiness. It has a similar tangy flavor to steak sauce. This sauce is also incredibly easy to find in supermarkets, so if you cannot find steak sauce, this is a great alternative.

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3. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

One of the ingredients in steak sauce is actually Worcestershire sauce; a savory, pungent sauce made from an array of ingredients such as anchovies, garlic, and malt vinegar.

This sauce packs a real punch, and a little goes a long way. Thus, you don’t want to apply too much on your steak. It can be a good substitute for steak sauce if you use a small amount for flavor. But make sure not to add too much as it could overpower your whole dish.

4. Malt Vinegar and Sugar 

malt vinegar

If you need to add steak sauce to a dish, for example, meatloaf, and cannot find it, then a great alternative would be to add malt vinegar and about a teaspoon of sugar.

This will create the same flavor as steak sauce, but will not have the same consistency so it is not meant to be used as a condiment. However, it is great to mix into dishes and will deliver a very similar flavor to steak sauce.

5. Ketchup And Worcestershire Sauce 

Tomato ketchup

If you mix together ketchup and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, this will create a similar taste and consistency to a steak sauce. And you can use it to add to dishes or as a condiment.

The ketchup is sweet and tangy while the Worcestershire sauce is pungent. These flavors combined create a flavor that is very similar to steak sauce.

Make sure to add a small amount of Worcestershire sauce at a time as a little goes a long way with the sauce. And taste as you go to ensure that you’re getting the flavor you want.

6. Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

This will not have exactly the same flavor as steak sauce, but the consistency and savory flavor will be there. You can apply jarred tomato sauce to meatloaf, for example. And this will work, but it cannot be used as a condiment.

If you need to add steak sauce to something but you do not have it, you can use tomato sauce and also add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce into the mix as well. This will give you a similar flavor to steak sauce.

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7. Make Your Own 

If you really want steak sauce but can’t find it, then the best option would be to make your own. This is easy and similar to making barbecue sauce.

You start with a base of ketchup and half the amount of Worcestershire sauce. Then, add in whatever herbs you want to customize your homemade sauce. This is great if you want a specific flavor profile and it can be kept in the fridge if you want to use it again.

8. Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is a savory, yet slightly sweet sauce used in Asian cuisine.

It is made of caramelized oyster juice and spices. It is not vegetarian or vegan. But you can find vegan alternatives in specialty food stores.

It does not give the same flavor as a steak sauce. However, it does provide sweetness and tanginess. And you can replace it in your dish to add a different type of flavor to it that is still reminiscent of steak sauce.

You can replace the same amount of steak sauce with oyster sauce in your recipes.

9. Soy Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce

Like the oyster sauce, soy sauce will give you a different flavor to steak sauce, but you will still get that umami flavor that will add depth to your dishes. To emulate steak sauce, you can also add Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

This is better mixed in dishes, rather than serving as a condiment but will give you a great flavor in the dishes you make. It is especially good if you’re looking to make an Asian-inspired dish.

10. Miso Paste 

Miso Paste

This is possibly the farthest away from steak sauce.

However, miso paste has a tangy umami flavor that you can use instead to give a different flavor to your dish. Miso paste tastes salty and savory, and if you decide to use miso paste make sure to go for the red variety.

You can mix these into dishes such as meatloaf. However, make sure to use a small amount such as a teaspoon or two. You can also add a bit of Worcestershire sauce to give it a flavor more reminiscent of brown sauce.

Homemade Steak Sauce Without Worcestershire Recipe

Homemade steak sauce can be made by mixing ketchup with half the amount of Worcestershire. However, you can replace the Worcestershire with soy sauce or liquid smoke.

It will give it that smoky, tangy flavor. You can also add herbs and spices of your choice to make the flavor combination that you desire. You can add herbs such as oregano and basil for an Italian kick, or more soy and miso for an Asian kick.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own steak sauce.


Is Worcestershire sauce the same as steak sauce?

Worcestershire sauce is not the same as steak sauce. But it is a component in steak sauce and is often used in place of steak sauce due to its unique, tangy flavor.

It is much more pungent in flavor and is rarely used as a condiment due to its strong taste. But it adds a lot of flavors when added to food such as meatloaf. 

Is brown sauce the same as steak sauce?

Steak Sauce is a type of brown sauce, but the brown sauce is more popular in England, where it is used as a condiment alongside meat and vegetables.

Brown sauce is a little tangier than steak sauce due to the addition of tamarins, but both sauces do have similar flavors.

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  1. Thanx for steak sauce substitutes. We are making Swedish meatballs with a recipe that calls for bth steak sauce AND Worchestershire. I’ll also fake sour cream with Greek yogurt and a mid vinegar.
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