10 Best Substitutes for Prosciutto

A very popular and delicate type of meat that is commonly used in many recipes and cuisines all over the world is Prosciutto. It’s a form of dry-cured ham which is sliced into thin pieces and can be eaten raw.

This is a famous Italian product that is salty and used as the main ingredient in many recipes, as well as an appetizer. Prosciutto is often used in salads, pasta, or many other dishes as a garnish and it adds additional tastiness to the meal.

However, what if you don’t have any left and can’t find it in your market? 

The best substitutes for Proscuitto are Ham, Bacon, Pancetta, Salami, Capicola, Guanciale, and Culatello.

Further, we have also made a vegetarian list of products that do not contain meat including cheese, chickpeas, nuts, and mushrooms. 

Prosciutto Substitutes

If you are searching for a substitute for prosciutto make sure to use something that has a similar flavor, texture and can mimic the taste, take a look at our list and take your pick.

1. Ham

Smoked Ham

The most common and probably the first product that comes to mind is ham. When compared to prosciutto, they both have very similar tastes.

You can find many types of hams in your local market, but choose the one that will fit best in your recipe. The difference in the ham is in the saltiness, ham is less salty than prosciutto.

Use it when making salads, pasta, and other vegetable wraps. Ham is similar in texture, so you can use thin slices in your recipe. Use equal amounts when replacing and take into consideration smoked ham, sandwich ham, serrano ham, or black forest ham.

2. Bacon


Another very common and popular product that can be a good replacement for prosciutto is bacon. They are also thinly sliced which will fit perfectly in your recipe.

Just like the prosciutto, it can be eaten raw and when used in cooking, bacon can add a very delicate and nice touch to your meal.

They have a similar taste and you can replace it in many recipes by using equal amounts. The best option is to use smoked thin sliced bacon as it will provide a very similar taste as if you have used prosciutto. 

3. Pancetta


Pancetta, or otherwise called Italian bacon, is another product that will provide you a very similar taste to prosciutto. This is because it is cured with spices and salt.

It is important to know that before using it in your recipe, pancetta needs to be cooked first. This way you’ll make the pancetta blend in with the other ingredients and give out a very similar taste to prosciutto.

When making salads or other cold dishes, make sure that the pancetta is cooled enough. Use equal amounts or adapt by your own taste.

4. Salami


Another very similar meat to prosciutto that will make a good replacement is salami.

Even though they might not look very similar to each other, they can serve as a replacement in many recipes. Salami is also a type of meat that comes from Italy, and it’s made out of a cured sausage that contains fermented and air-dried meat.

When substituting you can use equal amounts or adapt by your own taste. Salami will help you in most of the recipes that call for prosciutto, but also keep in mind the flavor that you are looking for so you can choose the right salami. 

5. Capicola


Another Italian meat that is very similar to prosciutto is capicola.

This is a type of meat that comes from a dry-cured pork neck or shoulder. It is also easy to find and you can use it as a replacement in many recipes.

When compared to prosciutto, capicola is very similar and can be sliced the same thin size. Also, be careful not to use sweet-cured capicola, because it won’t provide the same taste and flavor that you are looking for.

Substitute equal amounts of capicola or adapt by your own taste. You won’t regret using this alternative. Your recipe will be very tasty and mouthwatering. 

6. Guanciale

A very popular cured pork that can be used as a substitute for prosciutto is guanciale. This meat comes from the cheek of pork. It’s similar to prosciutto in the process of preparing and taste.

Actually, guanciale contains a lot of fat so when substituting make sure not to overuse.

You can replace these two types of meat when making carbonara or other types of pasta dishes, also guanciale can be eaten raw so use in salads or other types of cold meals. 

7. Culatello

Culatello is another similar type of meat to prosciutto that can be used in many recipes. It is pork meat that comes from the loin or fillet of the leg.

Culatello is also cured with salt and it is usually used in recipes that call for saltier meat. Use in dishes that call for prosciutto but use enough so you won’t make your dish very salty.

Vegetarian Substitutes for Prosciutto

If meat is not part of your diet and you are looking for ways to replace prosciutto in recipes, we have additional products that will help you such as the following.

8. Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

You can easily use cheese as a way to substitute prosciutto in many recipes.

You can use Romano, Asiago, Swiss, or Parmesan cheese. These smokey, aged cheeses will imitate and replace the prosciutto taste easily.

Also, their texture can be easily adapted and will fit well with the other ingredients. 

9. Chickpeas and nuts


Another meatless option is the drained chickpeas in salt and put in the oven for additional 10 minutes with paprika can easily imitate the taste of prosciutto in your recipes. 

Nuts like walnuts or almonds are also another option that can be used as a replacement.

They will add savouriness and will mix into the other ingredients and you can use them when making pasta, risotto, pizza, or any other recipe.

10. Mushrooms

Crimini mushrooms

Mushrooms are always a good idea that can be used to replace prosciutto.

They will add savory traces. Cook them until they are caramelized. You can use portobello, shiitake, or any other bold mushroom.

Mushrooms are one of the most common replacements for meat. Use them when making pasta or other types of meals. 

Related Questions

What is a non-pork substitute for prosciutto?

If you don’t like prosciutto or simply you want to use some other alternatives, you can easily replace it by using chicken or turkey bacon. Make your own seasoning and mix the meat into it, which will help you imitate the taste of prosciutto. 

What meat is similar to prosciutto?

There are a few types of meat that are similar to prosciutto and can be used as substitutes such as pancetta, salami, mortadella, capicola, and all other cured meats.

Everything depends on which part of the animal they come from, so every type of meat requires a different type of preparation. 

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