Substitute for Tabasco Sauce: 12 Spicy Alternatives

You can never have enough sauces and the versatile specter of many choices you can add to your cooking. Your dish will be even better, from very hot and spicy to milder and sweet.

A very famous sauce added in many recipes is tabasco sauce. Known all over the world, Tabasco sauce is made from vinegar, salt, and tabasco peppers. The name comes from the Mexican state of Tabasco, where it was created.

Tabasco is added to increase the taste and smell, and usually, it is added to sauces and marinades. Also, it can work quite well for burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and anything you feel like adding.

There are plenty of ways to combine it in your cooking—however, there is no need to worry if you run out or want to try something else.

Best Tabasco Sauce Substitutes

If your kitchen is missing some Tabasco sauce, no need to worry, you got the perfect replacements here. Explore some hotness that will help you to take your meal to the next level. 

1. Texas Pete


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First, on our list of replacements, you will find Texas Pete. A fantastic choice if you need something spicier than Tabasco sauce.

Keep in mind the heat range; add less and increase if necessary when you use Texas Pete in your cooking. Use in almost every recipe and adjust accordingly. 

2. Cholula


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Need something a bit less spicy than Tabasco, then Cholula is what you need to replace Tabasco with. Since Tabasco has more vinegar taste, Cholula adds more flavor and less heat. When added to your cooking, the oregano, garlic, and saltiness give extra aroma and taste. 

3. Chili Oil

Chili OilIf you need another type of spiciness, Chili Oil will make up for Tabasco sauce. Made from crushed red pepper flakes steeped in vegetable oil or even sesame oil. It goes under a process by which the chili oil comes to light.

You can add them interchangeably in all of the recipes. You can use it for many Asian dishes or add it to cooked food or fried rice before serving. 

4. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire SaucePure flavored sauce and another replacement for Tabasco sauce is Worcestershire sauce. You can find no better solution to save the day than this sauce, which you can use at any time.

You have all the flavors you need, except the amount of heat. The healthy umami taste will make up for everything and increase the taste.

There are different types of Worcestershire sauce, so choose wisely what you add to your recipes. 

5. Ketchup

A prevalent ingredient found in our fridge is ketchup. You can choose from spicy to mildly tasty ketchup, but you can swap anytime.

It has a thicker texture, natural sand sugar, and a richer taste. You can add ketchup to anything that you want! From pizza, burgers, and even cooking. 

6. Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauceAdd more to your dish and replace Tabasco with Sriracha Sauce. Make some new and exciting meals with this sauce.

It would help if you had a more refreshed taste, it’s healthier, and you can add richness to the taste. You can make an excellent pizza, marinades, sauces, and everything you please. 

7. Cayenne pepper powder

Cayenne PepperIf you require another “fire” ingredient to replace Tabasco, then Cayenne pepper powder is your next substitute. They both share similar heat, but Cayenne has a bit more heat. Add a quarter teaspoon and increase if necessary to reach the hotness you want. 

8. Crystal hot sauce 


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Tabasco sauce can also be replaced by Crystal hot sauce. It has a medium heat level, which makes it suitable for people who do not enjoy too much spiciness.

Red-colored sauce with a runny texture that you have to shake before adding. The heat of the sauce comes from the aged peppers. Use it in your cooking and replace Tabasco at any time. 

9. Asian Chili Garlic Sauce

Chili Garlic SauceIf you want to add some extra spiciness and extra taste, add some Asian Chili Garlic Sauce. The advantage is that it adds deep and rich flavor.

It is more complex, and it may leave a hot aftertaste. Make sure not to add too much since it is boiling.

10. Green or Red chili sauce

Chili sauces made from either green or red chili peppers can be added as a substitute for Tabasco. Made with tomatoes and garlic, it tastes similar and is easily added to your cooking. Both sauces share the same heat level; the only difference is in color. 

11. Buffalo Jalapeno sauce

Hot and spicy, Buffalo Jalapeno sauce is another substitute for Tabasco sauce. Made from high-quality Jalapeno peppers and garlic, it is very spicy with a bold flavor.

It can be added to any recipe, but keep in mind the heat and don’t add too much. The thick and tangy taste can easily replace Tabasco in your cooking. Add it to chicken wings, sandwiches, and many more. 

12. Tapatio Sauce


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An interesting American Mexican hot sauce is a suitable replacement for Tabasco sauce. This is perfect for people who enjoy spicy food.

The hotness level varies from mild to medium-hot. Garlic is the primary taste you will notice, along with red pepper. You can easily add it to many recipes. 

Substitute for Tabasco sauce in Bloody Mary

A vital ingredient when you make Bloody Mary is Tabasco. However, if you have none at home, we need to search for the second-best thing. 

You can add Sriracha, Frank’s Hot sauce, lime juice, and one teaspoon of fish sauce. You can also add ½ teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes to reach the taste and make an excellent Bloody Mary. Make the swaps, and you won’t regret it; you’ll enjoy it even more.

Related Questions

Is there a substitute for Tabasco sauce?

Yes, you can use Louisiana hot sauce or Cholula. Just like Tabasco, they have a lot of vinegar. The Louisiana sauce is very close to Tabasco, so you can easily make a swap and add it to your recipes. 

Can I substitute Sriracha for Tabasco?

You can add Sriracha to your cooking as a replacement for Tabasco. There is a difference in the taste, so don’t expect similarities. It is suitable for people that want to avoid and have less vinegar. 

Is Tabasco sauce and hot sauce the same?

Tabasco sauce and hot sauce are not the same. Tabasco is an American brand that has been around for a long time. Contains vinegar and tabasco peppers.

Is Frank’s Red hot sauce like tabasco?

Frank’s Red hot sauce is similar to Tabasco, and it’s made with cayenne peppers. Frank Silva invented it, and it’s been used since 1934.

Can I substitute cayenne pepper for tabasco sauce?

Cayenne peppers can be used for tobacco sauce. Add a few cayenne pepper flakes or powder to make the perfect swap.

Is tabasco sauce the same as Worcester sauce?

Tabasco sauce is not the same as Worcestershire sauce. They both share similar ingredients, but they are pretty different.

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