9 Best Substitutes for Avocado Oil

Avocado oil

Oil is part of our daily cooking. It is a very staple ingredient in our cooking regardless of what we are making.

We are all familiar that there are a lot of varieties of oils, one of which is avocado oil. This is a healthy option that is commonly used by a lot of people all over the world. Avocado oil is not just a healthy option, but it is very useful in the kitchen for many things.

It has a high smoking point and it is perfect for deep frying and stir-fries. It is made from avocado and has a buttery flavor. The grassy avocado hints are good for salads, dressing, and other recipes.

However, avocado oil can be a bit expensive or hard to find at times. Even though your recipe may require it, you probably wonder if there is an alternative that can be used?

The best substitutes for Avocado Oil are Extra light olive oil, Grapeseed oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, ghee, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, macadamia nut oil, and sunflower oil.

All of these alternatives will serve you well, so scroll down and choose. 

Substitutes for Avocado Oil

We have options that will help you save your recipe and cook the best meal without using avocado oil.

1. Extra light olive oil

Olive oil

The first alternative on our list is the extra virgin light olive oil which can serve you well in your cooking instead of avocado oil. This type of oil has a higher smoking point which makes it suitable to replace avocado oil in some recipes.

It has neutral flavors which are really close to avocado oil. If you use it in your cooking it won’t affect the flavors of the other ingredients in your recipe. Extra light olive oil is healthy and has monounsaturated fats. 

2. Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil

Another option is grapeseed oil which is a nice way to replace avocado oil. This is a type of oil that is suitable for high heated cooking but has a lower smoking point than avocado oil. The natural flavors of the grapeseed oil will be good for your recipe and you won’t notice the difference.

However, grapeseed has a bit different nutritional profile than avocado oil. But no need to worry because it is still a nice and healthy variation.

Keep in mind that grapeseed oil is not good for recipes like bread dipping or over a pizza. This oil will deliver many nutritious benefits to you. You can use it in most of the recipes that are suitable for this type of oil.

3. Sesame oil

Sesame Oil

Another type of oil that is considered as a substitute for avocado oil is sesame oil. It has a nutty taste and it is commonly used in Chinese, Indian, and Koran cuisines. It can be cooked at high heat and it is great for many recipes.

There are two types of light sesame oil and cold-pressed sesame oil which both can serve you well. The cold-pressed is used for salads or splashed onto the pizza. Use equal amounts or adapt based on your taste and the texture of the recipe.

4. Peanut oil

Peanut Oil

Avocado oil can be also replaced by peanut oil. This is a similar type of oil with a high smoking point and similar taste. It has a mild nutty flavor and it goes well with any recipe, especially some Asian dishes. Use it in salads, dressing, sauces, and similar recipes.

What makes peanut oil special is that it maintains neutral flavors even after the food is cooked. This means that it won’t affect the other ingredients in your recipe.

It has saturated fat which is in between some other oils and a bit higher than avocado oil. Use it in most recipes that require avocado oil. 

5. Ghee

Another useful product that will serve you well instead of avocado oil is ghee. This is made out of melted butter and then the milk solids are removed.

It has a buttery, nutty flavor that can work well with your recipe and the other ingredients involved. Use equal amounts or adjust based on how much the recipe requires since you want a nice delicious meal. 

6. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil

A good replacement for avocado oil is coconut oil. This is due to their similarities. You can use coconut oil in baking or for medium-heat cooking.

It has a smoking point, but it is not recommended for higher heat or deep frying. Try to avoid it in those kinds of recipes. It is a nice, healthy option which will help you improve your health in a way.

It has a lot of fatty acids and lets your body burn the fat and turns it into energy. They are very similar and you can use coconut oil in most recipes that call for avocado oil. 

7. Flaxseed oil

Avocado oil can be replaced by another type of oil, flaxseed oil. It is also known as linseed oil that is derived from the flax plant. What is important to know about this type of oil is that it is not suited for heat.

This means that it shouldn’t be used in all recipes. You can use it for marinades, sauces, salads, dressing, and this kind of recipe. Add it over grilled meals like vegetables before serving.

8. Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia nut oil is another way to replace avocado oil in your cooking. It is a very smooth and flavorful oil with a buttery taste, which is amazing for tasting, baking as well as frying.

This type of oil has high healthful unsaturated fats. You can use macadamia nut oil for salad dressings and even for baking. It has a high smoking point. Thus, it is similar to avocado oil. Use in most of the recipes and adjust the quantity.

9. Sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil

The last oil on our list is sunflower oil. It will serve you well in cooking and frying instead of avocado oil. This oil has linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. It is a healthy option and good for most recipes.

It has a higher smoking point with nutty flavors. You can also use this oil in baking, stir-frying, and other dishes. When used in cooking it can prevent a lot of health diseases and it is used as a medicine. 

Related Questions

Can I use vegetable oil instead of avocado oil?

Sure you can. Vegetable oil can be used instead of vegetable oil. It is unrefined, higher in healthy fat, and has an even higher smoking point. It will fit well for frying. Use it in most recipes that call for avocado oil and adapt based on the recipe. 

Can I use butter instead of avocado oil?

Butter is a nice substitute for baking instead of avocado oil. You can use equal amounts to replace and you’ll have a nice result of delicious and tasty baking goods.

Is Avocado oil similar to olive oil?

They may look similar but they have their differences. The olive oil has a higher smoking point and it is good to cook with it on higher heat. The flavors are neutral so you won’t notice much of a difference if you use the one for the other. 

Is Avocado oil a substitute for coconut oil?

Coconut oil can be replaced with avocado oil and vice versa. The coconut oil will add richness, especially to your baking goods. Use in most recipes and substitute equal amounts.

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