11 Best Substitutes for Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon cubes are concentrated soup that is made into a cube. It is used instead of stock and has a high salt content. Actually, you can use the cubes in a cup of water in which they’ll dissolve and you’ll have a cup of broth.

You can always use the bouillon cubes, even without dissolving them first in your cooking. It is usually added with a cup of water but adjusted based on the other ingredients in your recipes.

The taste of bouillon cubes will add extra flavor, aroma, and a nice touch to dishes. Whether you can make a hot noodle soup, vegetable side dishes, or anything else, bullion cubes are a perfect addition. But if you have no cubes, is there a way to make a replacement?

The best substitutes for bouillon cubes are chicken broth, dry white wine, chicken stock, bouillon powder, just plain water with seasoning, or some of the next substitutes.

Substitute for Bouillon Cubes

On our list, you’ll find some vegetarian replacements that will help you as well. Take a close look at our list and choose the best substitute.

1. Chicken broth

Chicken broth

When you think of replacing bouillon cubes, the first thing that comes to mind is using chicken broth. Very similar in taste and texture, the broth can be used in many recipes and you can even make it at home. You can replace a cube with a cup of chicken broth. Use it in almost any recipe as you’ll get perfect results. 

2. Dry white wine

Cooking White Wine

Very suitable for replacing bouillon cubes is using dry white wine. Alcohol gives a nice touch to your meals and it would be ideal to replace the bouillon cubes. Add it to most of the recipes and make amazing dishes. Cooking with dry white wine would be a delicacy with a great finish. 

3. Chicken stock


One of the replacements that come to mind that is very similar to bouillon cubes is the chicken stock. Your recipes will be even tastier and you’ll have very similar flavors. If you are eating salty food, then you may need to increase the amount in your cooking. 

4. Bouillon powder

A powdery seasoning that is suitable to replace bouillon cubes is to use bouillon powder. You can add it to many recipes and you can use a teaspoon for every cube of bouillon. The dish meals would have a similar taste. However, be careful on the texture. 

5. Water with seasoning

If you want to omit the bouillon cubes you can always add water with extra seasoning and salt to imitate the taste of the cubes. It may not be the same, however, it is suitable in different most recipes. Add salt based on your taste and increase if needed. 

6. Bone broth

A very rich and flavorful replacement for bouillon cubes is the bone broth. You can always add other seasoning or vegetables like onions, carrots, celery, or many others to boost the taste and flavors.

The bones are boiled in water and the broth can be added in many recipes. You might need to adjust the salt, but use equal amounts in your recipes. 

7. Stock concentrate

Another way that you can replace the bouillon cubes is by using a stock concentrate. It is actually stock or broth which has a more intense flavor.

Meaning, when you use it to make the replacement, you’ll need to add a little at first and then add some more if needed. Use in soups, risotto, gravy, stews, and many other recipes, as you’ll add a nice aroma and taste.  

8. Bouillon granules

Bouillon cubes can be perfectly replaced by bouillon granules in many recipes. They are made of consecrated beef stock which is dried and turned into granules. These granules need to be cooked in warm water since they need to be dissolved before use.

They are both very similar and can serve as a substitute for each other in many ways. The difference is in how they are made but it is not noticeable. Add in soups, stews, and many more recipes. 

9. Marmite


One of the best vegetarian alternatives for bouillon cubes is marmite. This is an ingredient that will serve you well in many recipes.

Keep in mind that the taste is very strong. So, you’ll need to reduce the amount you add and increase in case you feel like it. Use in almost any recipe that requires bouillon cubes. 

10. Miso paste 

Miso Paste

If you don’t enjoy bouillon cubes, we would suggest miso paste as a substitute. You can make the swap in almost any recipe as you’ll add great flavor and aroma to your dish.

It is the ideal substitute for vegetarians to make even better dishes. You can use it in soups or as a thickener. It is easily accessible at local supermarkets. However, you will need to adjust the quantity you add based on the other ingredients. 

11. Tomato paste

Tomato Paste

Bouillon cubes find the vegetarian replacement in tomato paste. Just add more salt and the sweet and acidic taste of the tomato paste will be perfect for many recipes.

Tomato paste is typically used as a thickener and you can add it in many recipes. Make sure to adjust the quantity properly when you are making the swap.

Related Questions

How much broth equals 1 bouillon cube? 

You can use broth for many recipes that require bouillon cubes. Further, 1 bouillon cube equals 1 cup of broth. 

What can I use instead of chicken bouillon?

You can always substitute chicken bouillon for chicken broth. The taste is almost the same and you’ll get a nice rich rich taste.

How do you substitute bouillon cubes for broth?

You can use 1 cube for a cup of broth in your recipe. This way you’ll get almost the same taste, amount, and results.

Are bouillon cubes the same as broth?

They are very similar. You can always make the substitute. Replace bouillon cubes for the broth at any time. Use a teaspoon of granules to dissolve one cup of water to replace a cup of broth. 

What is the difference between bouillon cubes and granules?

The main difference between bouillon cubes and granules is that granules are concentrated chicken stock that is being dried, while cubes are turned into squares. 

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