9 Best Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes

Chicken Broth

The chicken stock concentrate is an incredibly useful ingredient to have because it can stay for a long time and can be used to flavor many dishes.

You can add it to soups, stews, or gravy. The chicken stock concentrate can either be made at home or found in a grocery store, usually in a gelatinous form in a jar.

It is a great ingredient to have when flavoring dishes, but what if you do not have chicken stock concentrate?

Luckily, there are a lot of excellent substitutes for a chicken stock concentrate. They are not hard to find and you might already have them in your kitchen.

The best substitutes for chicken stock concentrate include chicken stock, vegetable stock, salt and spices, gravy and butter, or some of the following products.

Below is a list of suitable substitutes for chicken stock concentrate, so let’s take a look.

Best Substitutes for Chicken Stock Concentrate

The following substitutes can successfully replace chicken stock concentrate in your next recipe and provide great results.

1. Chicken stock


The chicken stock concentrate is just concentrated chicken stock. In most recipes, you could add water to turn it into chicken stock anyway, so you can just use regular chicken stock.

You can purchase this fresh from the supermarket or make it yourself, which is great when you’re roasting a chicken, as you can use the leftover carcass and some vegetables.

Just boil them for a few hours, then strain and you have yourself some homemade chicken broth that you can keep refrigerated or freeze for up to 6 months.

You can substitute chicken stock concentrate with chicken stock. However, make sure not to add any more water to your soup or stew as it might make the consistency too watery.

2. Vegetable stock or other alternatives

Vegetable Stock

If you cannot find chicken stock concentrate or you don’t want to use a meat-based concentrate or stock, you can always substitute this for vegetable stock. Or vegetable stock concentrate.

This will still give a lot of flavor to your dish, but might not provide that meaty flavor. You can also substitute chicken stock or chicken stock concentrate for beef stock or veal stock, depending on the recipe you’re making and the flavors that you want.

Using other stocks will ensure that your meal still has a rich flavor. It can also be helpful to turn your dish vegetarian or vegan. Vegetable stocks, as well as other stocks, are readily available in any supermarket. And luckily, they can successfully replace chicken stock concentrate.

3. Bone broth

Bone broth

Bone broth has become incredibly popular in the culinary world. This salty, nutrient-rich liquid made from boiling down bones and connective tissue of animals has a lot of health benefits. You can use it to make soups, sauces, or consume it plain.

If you need to add some flavor to your meal and cannot find chicken stock concentrate, you can use bone broth instead, although this might slightly alter the flavor.

However, it will add saltiness to our dish and can be used as a substitute in a pinch. Make sure not to add water to your dish if you’re using bone broth as it is already quite watery.

4. Salt and spices


The easiest way to substitute chicken stock concentrate is by using salt and spices to flavor your dish instead. The chicken stock concentrate is used to flavor and add umami to your dish.

Therefore, you can use salt and spices instead such as rosemary, thyme, and garlic but you can also tailor this to your dish and the flavor profile that you want.

Make sure to add some water to dilute the flavors. Start by adding about half a teaspoon of salt at first, and add more if you need to make sure that the dish doesn’t become too salty.

5. Gravy granules

Gravy granules make a perfect substitute for chicken stock concentrate, as they are also concentrated and you will need to add water to them.

They are flavorful and very salty. These granules will do a great job of thickening your dish. Note that they have a thickening agent. Therefore, you may have to add a little less of the granules or a little more water so the consistency stays the same.

Another advantage of using gravy granules is that you can find many flavors like chicken and vegetables that can closely match the flavor profile of chicken stock concentrate.

You can use the same quantity of gravy granules as chicken stock concentrate. Then, add water according to the package.

6. Beer


If you want to add a depth of flavor to meals, a great substitute for chicken stock concentrate is beer, especially when making something like a sauce or stew.

Beer is excellent for cooking as it adds a depth of flavor without adding salt. Therefore, if you’re trying to control the salt content, beer is a great substitute.

You can start by adding about half a cup of beer. Then, observe the consistency of your dish and add more if necessary.

7. Wine

Wine is another ingredient frequently used in cooking, especially in stews because it adds a lot of richness and flavors. Depending on your dish you can either use red wine or white wine as a substitute for chicken stock concentrate.

Keep in mind that like chicken stock, this is more liquidy so you might want to add a little less to see how it affects the consistency of your dish.

Red wine is brilliant in stews because it gives a deep, rich flavor, and white wine is great in sauces because it adds good flavor, but still has a light, delicate flavor.

This is also a great option if you’re looking to limit the amount of salt in your dish.

8. Stock cubes

Bouillon Cubes

Stock cubes are essentially another form of concentrated stock and are a great pantry ingredient because they take a very long time to perish.

You can also buy cubes of vegetable and beef stock if you prefer not to use chicken stock. And all you have to do is add them to water to turn them into stock, or crumble when into your dish to add extra flavor.

Bear in mind that stock cubes are salty, so you might not want to add any more salt to your dish before tasting it first.

9. Water and butter


If you’re looking for that rich, slightly fatty flavor that chicken stock concentrate adds to meals, then try substituting it with butter and water.

Melt about half a stick of salted butter, then add half a cup of water. This will resemble the fattiness of stock without having to use any meat.

Butter also adds great flavor to dishes. Therefore it is a great option to use to substitute chicken stock concentrate.

How to Make Chicken Stock Concentrate?

Start with preparing chicken stock by adding a chicken carcass, onions, and carrots into a pot with water, then simmer for about 6-8 hours until it turns into a thick mixture. Finally, strain and store in jars.

This will thicken more in the fridge and can also be frozen for up to 2 months. It is a great thing to make if you make a roast chicken.

If you want to make a vegetable stock concentrate, all you need to do is get some veggies of your choice, chop and blend them. Then, simmer for about 20 minutes with some water until they become the same consistency.

You can also store the vegetable stock concentrate in the fridge or freezer and used it the same way as concentrated chicken stock.

Related Questions

What can I use in place of chicken stock concentrate?

The best substitutes for chicken stock concentrate include chicken stock, butter, salt and spices, wine, beer, gravy granules, and bone broth. It depends on what type of dish you’re making and the flavor profiles that you prefer.

Can I use chicken broth instead of chicken stock concentrate?

Yes, chicken broth is one of the best, if not the best substitute for chicken stock concentrate as it has the same flavor profile, however, keep in mind that chicken stock has more liquid. Therefore, don’t add water to your dish if you’re using chicken stock

What Is Hello Fresh Chicken Stock Concentrate?

This product by HelloFresh is essentially a concentrated version of chicken stock. You can use it to add flavor to your dishes or add it to water to make chicken stock.

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