10 Best Substitutes For Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips

Who could refuse a batch of freshly baked cookies, especially if they have chocolate chips or other ingredients mixed up?

Actually, the first thought, when someone mentions cookies, is likely the chocolate chips inside of them. They are the perfect ingredient in almost every baking good that you can think of.

These small chocolate drops are very popular. And you can find them in many variations. You can find them with darker chocolate or with milk.

They are sweet, crunchy, and will give a nice touch to your cookies or baking goods. However, if you are in the middle of baking something and you don’t have any chocolate chips, is there a way to replace them? Can I substitute chocolate chips? Yes!

Read on each substitute and choose what will be the best for your recipe.

Substitutes For Chocolate Chip

The good thing when you are baking is that you can let yourself be creative and free to add as many ingredients as you like, as long as the results will be with a perfect finish.

Now that we know that chocolate chips can be replaced, your next recipe is saved even without them. Make your future baking goods or cookies even tastier with the 10 substitutes that can be used instead of chocolate chips.

Adjust them based on the recipe you are making and select what suits you best.

1. Chocolate bars

Milk chocolate

The first thing that can replace chocolate chips is chocolate bars. No need to panic, it’s simple! Chocolate bars can be put in your next recipe.

Make small chunks and add as much as the recipe needs. Although they might be bigger than chocolate chips, adjust the quantity based on how big you cut them.

Also, if the recipe requires melted chocolate chips, you can also do that with the chocolate bars, but make sure that you adjust the quantity. 

2. Cocoa powder

Chocolate chips find their replacement in cocoa powder. Use a tablespoon of this powder and a tablespoon of sugar and butter to get close to the taste of chocolate chips.

By adding the cocoa powder you’ll give the baking goods a nice chocolate taste. However, keep in mind that the texture might differ from usual. 

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3. Unsweetened chocolate

Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate

Replace chocolate chips for any baking goods with unsweetened chocolate.

Add extra sugar to complete the sweet taste and get close to the chocolate chips. You can also melt the chocolate and prepare your next recipe.

Adjust the quantity based on the other ingredients and how much chocolate chips are required in the recipe. 

4. Carob chips

Use equal amounts of carob chips for chocolate chips in your next baking goods. Made of carob trees, these chips have a nice sweet taste and low fat but high fiber content.

They have a similar taste to chocolate chips and will provide richness to your cooking. They also make a great vegan alternative for chocolate chips.

5. White chocolate

melted White Chocolate

Chocolate chips can be replaced by white chocolate. You may think that it’s not suitable, but you can add it as a healthy option and use it just like any other chip.

Use either equal amounts or adjust the quantity based on the recipe. 

6. Cocoa nibs

Cocoa Nibs

These small cocoa nibs make a great substitute for chocolate chips. They have a slight difference in flavor, but the taste and smell will be almost the same.

They are small pieces of crushed cocoa beans and have a bitter taste, so you can add sugar to get to the sweeter taste of chocolate chips.

The best part? You can easily find them and implement them in your baking. 

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7. Caramel chips

Other types of chip that can replace chocolate chips are caramel chips. They are quite popular and often used in many baking goods.

They are creamy with a nice and rich caramel flavor, so you’ll add richness and tastiness to your baking. You’ll also add a lovely tone of caramel which will make your meal even more unique than you think. 

8. Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Commonly used in many sweet baking goods and desserts, peanut butter is yet another way to substitute chocolate chips.

Even though the texture and taste may differ, your cookies or baked stuff will be perfect. There will be a nice mouthfeel and the taste is hard to describe.

Use in almost any recipe that requires chocolate chips. Also, since the texture is different, adjust how much you add.

9. Yogurt chips

A healthy replacement for chocolate chips is yogurt chips. Small, sweet, and creamy, the yogurt chips are perfect in every recipe.

The taste is very distinctive, which is great especially for baking. You can melt them before use, stir and afterward just add to your recipe.

10. Butterscotch chips

Similar to chocolate chips, butterscotch chips are the last substitute on the list.

Warm with a sweet taste, butterscotch chips will fit well in many cookies or baking goods especially if they have vanilla or peanut butter. The taste is a mixture of brown butter with caramelized sugar and molasses.

The fats and content are very similar to the chocolate chips, so there is no need for adjustments. Just add as much as the recipe requires. 

Related Questions

What can I use instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips?

You can combine unsweetened baking chocolate chips with a tablespoon of sugar to replace semi-sweet chocolate chips. This way you’ll create the proper sweetness that you need for your cooking.

Can you use cocoa powder instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips?

You can add unsweetened powder plus sugar and shortening to get close to the taste of semi-sweet chocolate.

Can I substitute chocolate chips for cocoa powder?

Chocolate chips are a great substitute for cocoa powder. Just add 12 tablespoons for ¾ cup of cocoa and make the swap based on the recipe.

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  1. I’m curious if you need to adjust your amounts if you’re going to use milk chocolate chips for semi sweet chocolate chips, and what the amounts would be?

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