15 Best Substitutes for Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the most popular types of milk on the market. It is on the top of the tastiest plant-based milk types for vegans but also for those who are intolerant to lactose.

You can enjoy some coconut milk plain with some cookies aside or as a part of smoothies. It goes great in sauces and different dressings or toppings as well.

Therefore, running out of coconut milk might seem like a stressful situation. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of types of milk you can use instead of coconut milk.

You can’t go wrong with any of these substitutes. 

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Best Coconut Milk Substitutes

We selected the best plant-based alternatives to coconut milk but also a few versions of animal milk that you might enjoy. Choose the type of milk that you like and goes best with your recipe!

1. Soy milk

Soy Milk

Soy milk is similar to coconut milk in color, consistency and it has a neutral taste that makes it a very flexible alternative.

You can find soy milk in almost all stores. You can use it in smoothies, baked desserts as well as an ingredient for toppings and dressings. Use this alternative in the same quantity you would use coconut milk and enjoy your favorite recipes with no hassle. 

When it comes to soy milk you can find sweetened or unsweetened soy milk as well as different flavors such as vanilla or chocolate flavor. Choose the one that suits your preferences best. 

2. Rice milk

Rice Milk

Rice milk is sweeter than coconut milk and richer in carbs so this is not a low caloric option. But it can still be a great substitute for coconut milk.

You can use this milk in sauces, toppings, soups, and desserts. It will taste just as great in smoothies as well. The rice flavor is mild and it will not bother you, regardless of the mix you choose to use it in. 

When it comes to the ratio you want to follow, you can use as much rice milk as you would use coconut milk. Keep in mind that rice milk is thinner and it will go best in smoothies and desserts thanks to this consistency. 

3. Almond milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is just as great if you want to use it instead of coconut milk. It brings a nutty flavor to your dessert or smoothie but it is nevertheless delicious.

The best type of almond milk that you can use instead of coconut milk is the unsweetened type. It is also the healthiest option with a neutral taste. It is great for cereal, smoothies as well as any type of sauce or dressings. 

You will like the fact that this milk is low in calories. However, it has enough amount of fat to match all types of recipes. You can use it in the same quantity you would use coconut milk and enjoy your favorite desserts. 

4. Quinoa milk

Quinoa milk is also an alternative from the pricier range but it is as tasty as it is healthy.

The type of quinoa milk that you want to use instead of coconut milk is the unsweetened and unflavored type. Quinoa milk is rich in fiber and has even more vitamins and minerals than coconut milk so you are definitely winning in terms of nutritional value. 

When you replace coconut milk with quinoa milk there is no need to adjust your recipes. These two types of milk can be used interchangeably in both smoothies and cooked dishes and you can maintain the same ratio. 

5. Cashew milk

Cashew milk

Cashew milk might be a bit pricier compared to other coconut milk substitutes and even pricier than coconut milk itself. But it is a great substitute.

Cashew milk has a sweet taste and the right amount of fat to satisfy your recipes. You can use cashew milk in soups as well if you want to give them a thicker consistency.

The nutty flavor in this milk is not as strong as in other types of plant-based milk. It comes with a sweet taste that makes it a great choice for a variety of dishes. 

If you are looking for a substitute with a higher level of fat, there are different brands of cashew cream that could satisfy your expectations better. 

6. Oat milk

Oat milk

Oat milk can also replace coconut milk in all types of recipes. This milk is similar to soy milk and it also has a neutral flavor that is easy to adapt to sweet dishes or main courses.

If you like the way coconut milk gives your coffee foam, you will be happy to find out that oat milk does the same thing since the fat content in this substitute is similar. 

You can use oat milk in recipes that require high heat cooking as it will not curdle, nor smell bad. When you replace coconut milk with oat milk, you can maintain the same quantity. 

7. Hemp milk

Hemp milk appeared relatively recent on the market and it gained a significant amount of popularity in the past years.

It can replace coconut milk successfully in smoothies but also in cooked recipes. This milk has a nutty taste with an earthly flavor that not everyone likes. However, if you enjoy the taste of this milk, hemp milk can be a great source of protein and fat.

Use hemp milk in the same quantity as you would use coconut milk and you will not have to modify your recipe. If you find that this milk to have a flavor that is too strong for your taste you can always dilute it with water.

8. Greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt can substitute coconut milk successfully as well, even if this is not a vegan option. This yogurt has a thicker consistency than coconut milk and many of the alternatives to it. So, you will have to use it in fewer quantities.

If you want to maintain the same content of fat in your dish you can use a tablespoon of yogurt and dilute it with water as much as you need. 

If the thickness of this yogurt doesn’t bother you, you can maintain the same ratio and your dish will turn out delicious. And you will be happy to find out that there are brands that sell coconut-flavored Greek yogurt. 

9. Sour cream

Sour Cream

Just like Greek yogurt, sour cream can be a great substitute for coconut milk if you don’t mind eating dairy products.

You can find different types of sour cream. There are even vegan versions made of cashew or oats. However, the classic sour cream is made of cow’s milk. The sour taste will alter the final flavor of your food but you might even like this change. 

In terms of levels of fat, sour cream can come in different fat levels. You can choose the one that suits your recipe best. When it comes to the ratio, you can maintain the same quantity when you use sour cream instead of coconut milk.

If you find the cream to be too thick, feel free to dilute it according to your preferences. 

10. Pistachio milk

Pistachio milk is a bit more expensive compared to other substitutes. But it can be a great option if you need to replace coconut milk in any type of recipe.

Pistachio milk can be found sweetened and unsweetened. However, if you want to use the best option to substitute coconut milk, you should definitely go for the unsweetened version.

You will love the creamy texture of this milk along with the mild sweet taste that pistachio milk has naturally. Use it in the same amount as you would use coconut milk. So, you will not have to adjust your recipe at all.

11. Cow milk 

butter milk

Cow milk is one of the most popular types of milk worldwide. If you are not vegan or lactose intolerant, this type of milk could be the best substitute for coconut milk.

The level of fat in cow milk is higher. So is the level of calories level. You can use cow milk in the same quantity as you would use coconut milk.

Your recipes might taste even better. Cow milk is perfect for desserts, smoothies, all types of icings and toppings, and more.

You can also use cow milk in cereal as well as drink it plain as you prefer. Also, note that there is cow milk in different types of fat levels, so you can choose the type of milk you prefer. 

12. Pecan milk

Pecan milk might not be the most common or the most affordable coconut milk substitute. But it is definitely a great choice.

Pecans in general and pecan milk, are super healthy for regulating cholesterol levels. They add to your diet a significant amount of healthy fat, minerals, vitamins, and protein.

You can use the same amount of pecan milk as you would use coconut milk. However, keep in mind that the taste is quite different as pecan milk has a stronger nutty flavor than coconut milk.

13. Walnut milk

Walnut milk also can replace coconut milk in both desserts and soups or stews as long as you don’t mind its earthly, nutty flavor.

In terms of nutrition, walnut milk is one of the healthiest types of milk you can use. It has an important amount of protein and healthy fat as well as fiber that you can benefit from.

Walnut milk can substitute coconut milk in the same ratio as long as the strong nutty flavor will not bother you. 

14. Goat milk 

Goat milk, just like cow milk could substitute coconut milk if you are not vegan or lactose intolerant.

The taste of goat milk is a bit stronger than the taste of cow milk so you want to take that into account when you use it. This substitute will go better in dishes that are main courses such as soups or stews rather than in desserts or smoothies. 

If you find the flavor of this milk too strong for your preference, you can dilute it in water. Otherwise, use the same amount of goat milk instead of coconut milk in your recipes!

15. Spiced milk


Spiced milk is actually seasoned cow’s milk and you can use it instead of coconut milk in all types of desserts and smoothies.

Spiced milk can go great in soups or other warm dishes too as it adds a pleasant and tasty flavor to all recipes. In order to make spiced milk, you need to heat up cow’s milk and add spices of your taste.

The most common spices are nutmeg and cinnamon but you can add whatever flavors you like.

You will have to keep stirring the milk as you heat it up. That way, all the spices get mixed well and your milk doesn’t get burned. Use it in the same amount as coconut milk.

Can I Substitute Water for Coconut Milk?

Water can substitute coconut milk in smoothies mostly.

However, if you want to find a good alternative for soups or baked dishes, water will not give you the consistency you are looking for.

If you add water to your recipe, what you will get will be a more diluted consistency and a milder flavor. However, you will not enjoy any of the many benefits that coconut milk. Or those of the substitutes in this guide will bring to your food.

Substitute for Coconut Milk in Curry

When you are making curry, you can substitute coconut milk with almond milk. You can also use coconut sour cream. Oat milk and cashew milk can also be good alternatives as their nutty flavor will mix well with your other curry ingredients.

The consistency of your curry will also remain similar with either one of these alternatives.


As tasty as coconut milk can be, you don’t have to worry if you are missing it from your kitchen.

You can use any of the substitutes in this guide to obtain a delicious dessert or soup even if you don’t have coconut milk.

Let your creativity run wild in the kitchen and you might discover some very tasty combinations!

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