10 Best Substitutes for Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds can be a nutritious and tasty ingredient in many dishes from smoothies to desserts. And you might think it is hard to substitute this ingredient and you have to skip your recipe altogether.

However, that is not the case at all! You can find plenty of pomegranate seed substitutes. And you might be amazed at how tasty they are in your recipe!

Common pomegranate seeds alternatives include raspberries, red currants, cranberries, sour cherries but also many others that you will find in this guide!

Best Substitutes For Pomegranate Seeds 

You can use either one of the next substitutes instead of pomegranate and your dish will taste delicious. They all go great in desserts as well as salads and even main courses.

1. Raspberries

Raspberry Jam

Raspberries are some of the most loved berries around the world. And there is no wonder for it considering their tasty flavor.

These berries are softer than pomegranate seeds and they differ in shape and color as well but their taste is also a combination of sweet and sour that you will love.

You can either break your raspberries apart if they are too big for your recipe or use them whole as they will look even better, especially if you add them to a salad or use them as part of a topping.

2. Red currants


Red currants are a tasty substitute for pomegranate seeds and if you can find them you can use them in any type of recipe. These little fruits look very similar to red currants and not many will notice the difference in your dish.

Red currants have a sour-sweet taste that is similar to the taste of pomegranate seeds. You can use them in salads as well as smoothies and other dishes. You will not regret it as they add a tasty flavor in all combinations.

3. Cranberries


Cranberries make a great substitute for pomegranate seeds and they are fairly easy to find. You can use fresh cranberries or dried cranberries and your final dish will taste fairly the same.

If you can only find dried cranberries but you need them fresh, all you have to do is soak them for up to 15 minutes in warm water and they will regain their plump texture.

4. Sour cherries

Cherry Jam

Sour cherries, unlike regular cherries, are less sweet and sourer which makes them a great substitute for pomegranates. They will not look the same in your food as they are darker and bigger with a softer texture.

You can use them whole or cut them in pieces as you need and they will compliment your food perfectly. As long as you remove the pits, you can use sour cherries in any recipe instead of pomegranate successfully.

5. Pomegranate syrup

Pomegranate Molasses

You can find that pomegranate syrup can also be a good substitute for pomegranate seeds since the flavor will be similar.

Pomegranate syrup is a liquid. Therefore, it will naturally not have the texture offered by the seeds. However, you will obtain the flavor of pomegranate in your recipe.

You can add this syrup as a substitute for pomegranate seeds in any type of dish from salads as part of a dressing to smoothies and other sweet drinks. It can be a great ingredient in many side sauces as well since it comes with the perfect combination between sweet and sour.

6. Cranberries juice 

Cranberries juice is a substitute that will taste great in dressings and sauces. However, you can also add it to your sweet drinks or creams that call for pomegranate seeds.

Keep in mind that you will not get the crunchy texture from cranberries juice and you will not get the same color either since this juice could be lighter or darker depending on the recipe.

Make sure to taste your cranberries juice before using it in your recipe and adjust the quantity according to how concentrated it is.

7. Raspberries syrup

Raspberries syrup is popular in many different desserts as it makes for a great topping. It will be sweeter than the actual raspberries, thus use it with caution as it will not give your dish the sour taste that pomegranate seeds will.

Depending on how sweet your syrup is, you might want to skip adding the extra sugar so it will help you to taste it before adding it to your recipe.

8. Blackberries


Blackberries make a great substitute for pomegranate seeds as well if you can find them in your region. They are rich in all kinds of nutrients and you can add them to salads as well as smoothies or other desserts without worrying about the final taste of your dish.

They are darker and softer than pomegranate seeds you are just as tasty in any recipe.

9. Dried barberries

Dried barberries are not so easy to find but if you do find them, know that they can substitute pomegranate seeds in any recipe.

These berries are smaller than cranberries and you can rehydrate them in the same way if you need them in the plump texture. You can sprinkle them on salads, desserts and add them to your smoothies or creams as they have a pleasant sweet and sour taste.

10. Blackberries syrup

The advantage of using blackberries syrup instead of pomegranate seeds is that it will add a very similar color to your food even if it is in form of liquid and not seeds. You can use as much as you want according to the taste you prefer.

This syrup comes in different sweetness levels. And you can find it in stores fairly easily. Feel free to use it on all types of recipes from salad dressings to other sauces, desserts, smoothies, etc.

Can You Leave Pomegranate Seeds Out?

The best way to store pomegranate seeds is in the fridge, in a sealed container as they can remain in good condition for several days.

However, you can also leave them out at room temperature for a few hours as long as you don’t put them in direct sunlight.

Can You Buy Just Pomegranate Seeds?

Yes, you can buy directly pomegranate seeds from stores and save yourself from scooping them out from the fruit, which can be quite a hassle.

You will find dried pomegranate seeds and rehydrating them is fairly easy. Simply let them soak in warm water for ten to 15 minutes until they reach the plump texture you want.

Finding fresh pomegranate seeds is a little more difficult but you might still be able to find this version in some grocery stores at the refrigerated item section.

Final Thoughts 

Pomegranate seeds are not just extremely tasty but they are also high in nutrients. So, adding them to your recipe is a true benefit to your health.

However, all the substitutes in this guide are also high in nutrition so you will not be missing too much if you replace your pomegranate seeds with either one of our substitutes!

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