7 Best Substitutes for Vodka


Vodka is not just a good drink but it can be a great ingredient in different cocktails as well as some cooked recipes. There are many types of vodka on the market but if you don’t like the taste of either of them, you might be interested in a good replacement.

The good news is that there are many ingredients you can use instead of vodka to create that cocktail that you like. You will find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to use instead of this drink.

You might discover that you prefer certain cocktail recipes with a different source of alcohol than vodka. So, keep a flexible attitude and get ready to discover new tastes with these vodka substitutes! You can use these alternatives in sauce recipes or cooking recipes that call for vodka as one of the ingredients.

Substitutes for Vodka

The following substitutes for vodka will give you a delicious drink but the taste will be slightly different. Also, the level of alcohol will be different so keep these aspects in mind as you replace vodka with other drinks. Let’s see how you can create a great cocktail that everyone will love even if you don’t have any type of vodka at hand!

1. Clear hard liquor


Since vodka is mainly used for its clear and colorless as well as its lack of taste, you can use another clear liquor. Choose one that will bring the same amount of alcohol to your cocktail or at least a similar amount. You can add gin instead of vodka or even tequila.

Choose a replacement that will go great with the level of alcohol you want and the final taste you are going for. You can use tequila for instance in margarita cocktails instead of vodka and everyone will love it.

2. Rum


Rum is a popular drink by itself but it can also enhance the taste of many other drinks and cocktails. This drink is also a great vodka replacement even if it is not colorless. Keep in mind that rum is strongly alcoholic and it also has a flavor of brown sugar.

This drink is made of molasses and it will definitely alter the taste of your final drink. But you might discover that many cocktails taste better with rum than vodka, simply because rum adds a unique flavor to each drink. Rum will go great in cooed recipes as well so use it with confidence if you like its flavor.

3. Whiskey


If you like whiskey, you will be glad to discover that you can add it to several drinks as a great vodka substitute. There are several types of whiskey that you can try out and ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences and tastes. You can use whiskey combined with coffee, citrus juice, or other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Schnapps

A less popular but just as tasty drink is schnapps. You can use schnapps instead of vodka in any type of recipe and you will most likely be satisfied with the result. Schnapps can come in different fruity flavors so you can find the one that matches the taste of your cocktail best.

There are schnapps with intense flavors as well as similar drinks with a more discreet flavor. It all comes down to your preference as well as the final taste you want to obtain. Take into account the rest of the ingredients and flavors you add to your cocktail as they can complement or not the taste of your schnapps.

5. Tonic Water

Tonic Water

If you want to keep it simple but tasty, you can’t go wrong with tonic water. Tonic water is non-alcoholic and is a very good substitute for vodka. It will enhance the taste of the other ingredients in your cocktail, without adding alcohol to it. It is a great alternative if you want to enjoy a mojito for instance that is safe for people who can’t consume alcohol.

Tonic water tends to have a mild taste but not one that will alter the taste of your drink significantly. There are different types of tonic water you can find on the market and in different concentrations. Of course, you can always use regular water but that would just dilute your drink without adding anything to it.

6. Orange juice

Orange Juice

Orange juice is a great choice for a wide number of cocktails. You can use it as a replacement for vodka and it combines well with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can use orange juice if you want to convert an alcoholic cocktail into a non-alcoholic one. Or, you can use vodka to add a drink some flavor that will give it the citrus taste you like so much.

7. Apple juice

Apple juice

Last but not least alternative to vodka is apple juice. Apple juice is very versatile as you can use it in different recipes. You can find it easily on the market or make it at home and freeze it so you always have it handy.

Use as much apple juice as you would use vodka and enjoy a cocktail with a delicious fruity taste. You can create very tasty summer drinks by adding apple juice to your beverages. If you add apple juice to a certain drink, you might want to skip the sugar. Adding both sugar and apple juice will make your drink too sweet and less appreciated by your friends and family.


Even if vodka is found in so many drinks and recipes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t replace it with other types of drinks. As a matter of fact, you might discover that your cocktail is tasting better with one of these vodka replacements.

So, keep an open mind and get ready to be amazed by some unique tastes as you experiment with different drinks. If you want to create a non-alcoholic cocktail, these options will give you the possibility to do that while maintaining the great flavor of your beverage.

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