10 Best Substitutes for Waxed Paper

Waxed Paper

Want to wrap your sandwiches, fish and chips, tacos, or any other food so you don’t make a mess? Or line your pan for non-baking cake? If so, a waxed paper is a must-have thing in your kitchen.

Wax paper is paper coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax on both sides, making it nonstick and water-resistant. But it’s not heat resistant.

You can find it packed in a roll or pre-cut squares and has a very similar look to parchment paper, but different use. Waxed paper is not for baking or other heating methods since it has a low melting point. And at a higher heat, it will burn like any other paper.

But it’s very useful for wrapping and storing food, or linning surfaces to keep them clean when you are cooking. Or making pie because of its ability to hold its shape. Wax paper can be found in different sizes for you to use whenever you need good wrap paper.

But if you forget to buy it or run out of it, there are things you could use as its substitutes like aluminum foil, Silpat paper, parchment paper, and a few more.

Each one of these substitutes has its characteristics and can make cooking much easier without making chaos in the kitchen.

1. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

This foil is coated with silicone and can be used in high temperatures. Aluminum foil can be used as a sheet on a baking tray, a mold, or a pan because it is malleable and can easily take any shape.

If you want to use it for baking you must put some oil so it doesn’t stick. But have in mind that the frosted side can oxidize in contact with food and change its taste.

Aluminum foil can be used for covering the top of the cake so it doesn’t get tough and uncover 10 minutes before it’s finished so the top will be lightly browned. Or for making a shape for a cake with few layers of foil.

You can use it for wrapping sandwiches, tacos, veggies, or other food. The juices will stay within and the warmth too. Aluminum foil can be reused but you must wash it first, so that’s a big plus for it.

2. Parchment paper

Parchment paper

Parchment paper same as the wax paper is coated. The difference is in the coating. This one is coated with silicone and wax paper is coated with paraffin or soybean wax.

You should use parchment paper when you are baking because the silicone coat is heat resistant and the food won’t stick to the dish. Wax paper is not the same as parchment paper because it can easily burn. And therefore it should not be used for baking.

However parchment paper can be a substitute for wax paper but not the other way around.

3. Freezer paper

Freezer paper is usually used for long-term freezer storage. It’s coated with plastic on one side which makes it stronger than wax paper and a good substitute for it. Freezer paper is also called butcher paper because it is used for wrapping meat or seafood at butcher shops.

The meat is wrapped against the waxy side to prevent moisture loss and protect the surface of the meat. But also to prevent the juices of the meat and seafood to leak through. You can use freezer paper for wrapping pieces of cheese if you want them not to dry but still be fresh.

4. Butter paper

Butter paper

Butter paper is also known as sandwich paper. Because it doesn’t have a non-stick surface it can’t be used for baking.

However, it’s good for packaging moist food. Or protecting the chopping board when you are preparing meat, fish, onion, or other foods that can mess up it up.

5. Silpat paper

Silpat paper is made of silicone and is used mainly for baking or even cooking because of its non-stick surface. It’s reusable and flexible in high temperatures.

You can also use it for rolling dough, making candies, or kneading dough. And because of its non-stick surface, you don’t need to use any greasing.

So you can use it as a substitute for waxed paper but only for lining the trays and cake pans, not for wrapping food. It’s more expensive and you will have to buy different sizes because you can’t cut them like you cut waxed paper.

6. Paper bag

Paper bags are good for wrapping and storing food. They have low burning temperatures so you should not use them for baking.

Also, because of its eco-friendly material, it can be recycled. If you don’t have other options you can use them but never for baking in the oven you could start a fire.

7. Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is a thin plastic film used for food packing and storage in the freezer. It should not be used for baking. Otherwise, the plastic can melt into the food. Thus, it’s a good substitute for waxed paper but only for storage.

8. Silicone rubber pads

Silicone rubber pads are great if you want to bake something. You can make it in different sizes and forms. They can be used at a high temperature, and they are reusable, so that makes them a good waxed paper substitute.

9. Oil, butter, or flour

Don’t have any of this in your kitchen, well here is something that can be found in any kitchen. And that’s oil, butter, or flour, some people are using the cooking spray. If you don’t have it spread the oil with a kitchen towel or paper.

If you want to prevent the dough from sticking use flour on your baking pan. It can work sometimes but not always. Butter is another option for greasing the pan, and then sprinkle a bit of flour to stick it to the grease. It all depends on your recipe and taste.

10. Tracing paper

Tracing paper is made from regular paper treated with chemicals to break its wood fibers. It’s transparent and used to trace an image or drawing.

If you have it you can use it in your kitchen. It’s smooth but not heat resistant. Thus, it can be used for lining the baking tray or a pan. It’s not the best choice. But it can be useful.

Related Questions

What can I use if I don’t have wax paper for no-bake cookies?

If you don’t have wax paper for no-bake cookies you can either use aluminum foil, Silpat paper, or parchment paper. Or some of the other substitutes mentioned above.

Can I use aluminum foil instead of wax paper?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil instead of wax paper. It’s one of the best substitutes for it.

Can parchment paper substitute for wax paper?

Parchment paper can be a substitute for wax paper. But not the other way around because the wax paper is not heat resistant and can easily burn down. However, if you are not baking you can substitute for each other.

How do you make caramel not stick to wax paper?

Heat the wax paper where the caramel is stuck with hot water over it until it melts.

Can wax paper go in the freezer?

If you are planning to cook the food soon you can use wax paper. But for long-term storage, it’s better to use freezer paper because it’s more resistant to moisture.

Is wax paper toxic?

No, wax paper is not toxic, But don’t use it for baking since wax can melt at high temperatures and get into your food.

Final Thoughts

Waxed paper is a non-stick and moisture-resistant paper that can be used for wrapping food, line pans, pound meat, cover counters, and many other uses. The only thing you have to remember is not to use it in the oven for your security.

You can always use some of these recommended substitutes. It only depends on the recipe you have, the ingredients, and the way it should be cooked. Experiment in your kitchen and make your own rules.

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