10 Best Tagliatelle Substitutes

Tagliatelle is one of the most popular ribbon pasta and they go great in a variety of recipes.

The most common dishes that use tagliatelle are meat pasta and different cream sauces pasta, specific to Italian cuisine. However, what if you don’t have this type of pasta?

The truth is that you can successfully use other types of pasta if you don’t find tagliatelle and your dish will still taste delicious. The best substitutes for tagliatelle include fettucine or pappardelle, fusilli, taglierini, farfalle, gemelli, lasagna, spaghetti, linguine or bucatini.

Let’s look at each one of these substitutes individually and see which ones make the best choice for your dish!

Best Tagliaelle Substitutes 

The following pasta will not differ much in terms of flavor. However, they will surprise you in a pleasant manner as you use them instead of tagliatelle.

1. Fettucine


Fettucine is so similar to tagliatelle that many chefs argue they are actually the same. The truth is that the thickness and the length of both can differ according to the region they come from.

Nonetheless, if you find fettuccine, know that you can use them instead of tagliatelle in any dish. They are just as tasty and will complement the topping you use perfectly.

You can find fettuccini with or without eggs. However, the difference is unnoticeable. The boiling time for this pasta is generally 8-10 minutes.

2. Pappardelle


Pappardelle is another type of pasta that can substitute tagliatelle in any type of recipe.

This pasta goes great with meat as well as the famous alfredo sauce. It is also often used in bolognese recipes since they are wider and easier to eat. And if you like seafood pasta recipes, pappardelle is one of the best options to replace tagliatelle.

Parratadelle boil in anywhere from 7-10 minutes.

3. Fusilli


Fusilli are not flat pasta but they can replace tagliatelle just as fine in many of your recipes. Their interesting shape can actually make your final dish look even better so don’t be surprised if you prefer these types of pasta.

The ingredients are very similar so there is not much difference in taste from tagliatelle to fusilli. However, note that fusilli boil in 10-13 minutes, which is longer than tagliatelle.

Use fusilli best with thicker sauces that will stick to them.

4. Taglierini


Taglierini is a ribbon-shaped type of pasta but thinner than tagliatelle.

They can replace tagliatelle in any dish you want and they will even be easier to cook as you can boil them in just 6 minutes. This pasta is harder to find. However, if you do come across them, it is definitely worth it to give them a try.

They are very flexible and you can use them in any recipe and with any kind of toppings.

5. Farfalle


Farfalle is one of the kids’ favorite types of pasta. And with the ribbon shape, there is no wonder. They are thicker than tagliatelle, but still make a great replacement, especially if you want to use them in recipes with white sauce.

This type of pasta though can boil in as much as 15 minutes so it will take you slightly longer to cook your food. You can find farfalle in most supermarkets with or without eggs in their content.

6. Gemelli

Gemelli pasta makes a great choice for your dish as well. They boil at a similar time to tagliatelle and lool very interesting as they resemble two ropes tied together.

The best way to use Gemelli pasta is in salads or vegetable dishes. The sauce or dressing will stick great to this pasta. Meaning, you will enjoy their taste even more, along with the rest of the ingredients in your dish.

7. Lasagna


Lasagna pasta can be used in other types of dishes except for lasagna.

They resemble tagliatelle but you might have to cut them in thinner strips as they usually come in sheets. You can do that once they are boiled.

Note that lasagna can take up to 15 minutes to boil which is longer than tagliatelle. Other than that, they are one of the best substitutes you can use. They are easy to find as well.

8. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is the most classic type of pasta. You can easily find them in supermarkets in different thickness levels. Therefore, the boiling time will be different as well.

Spaghetti doesn’t come in the flat shape of tagliatelle. However, they are still suitable for many recipes. You can use them in meat recipes as well as with sauces based on veggies or cheese.

9. Linguine


Linguine is wider than spaghetti. However, they can substitute tagliatelle just as well as the other alternative in this guide.

You can use them in all recipes that call for tagliatelle. The boiling time can be anywhere between 9-13 minutes. In terms of texture, linguine resembles Fettucine even if they come in a different shape.

10. Bucatini

Pasta vs Noodles

Bucatini is not as common as other types of pasta. However, if you can get your hands of them, they can be a great alternative to tagliatelle.

You will find this pasta similar to spaghetti on the outside. However, they feature a hole in the middle that allows the sauce to be trapped inside.

They are thicker than spaghetti, however, they still make a perfect choice for dishes with thinner sauces. You will love bucatini pasta in carbonara or arrabbiata recipes.

What Pasta Is Closest To Tagliatelle?

If you are searching for a substitute for tagliatelle, fettuccine or pappardelle are your best choices. They resemble tagliatelle in various ways and they look fairly similar.

The key difference is the thickness level, as pappardelle is thicker but also wider than the rest of them. All types of pasta have similar boiling times and fairly the same ingredients so you will not have to be concerned about different tastes either.

Is Tagliatelle The Same As Egg Noodle?

Egg Noodles

Tagliatelle comes in many versions and you can find them with or without eggs. However, there is not a noticeable difference in taste between these two types of tagliatelle.

So, we recommend not to chase one type over the other unless you are looking for a vegan type of pasta. Otherwise, both types of tagliatelle will be perfect for your recipe.

Types of Ribbon Pasta

Ribbon pasta is a category of pasta shaped like a ribbon. You will find three main types of ribbon pasta, namely, tagliatelle, fettuccine, and pappardelle.

You can use these three types of pasta interchangeably which makes it very efficient if you can’t find exactly what you need. There are different variations that you will find on the market, some with eggs, some without eggs, as well as different levels of thickness.

Wrap Up

If tagliatelle is your favorite type of pasta, don’t worry if you do not have it at hand. You can use similar types of pasta and you will not be disappointed. Let your creativity run free in the kitchen and you will get one of the tastiest dishes even without tagliatelle!

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