8 Best Turbinado Sugar Substitutes

Turbinado Sugar

Sugar is something that we always have in our kitchen. It has many uses and it can be added in many ways in cooking. Further, there are also many types that you can use.

Turbinado sugar is just one of the many variations of sugar you can find on the market. It is raw sugar that is made from cane sugar and keeps the natural molasses in the crystals. It has a natural brown color, which people tend to confuse with brown sugar.

Turbinado sugar is less processed and has natural molasses. This type of sugar is preferred because of its large crystals and people tend to use it on top of some baking goods or cakes.

If you have none, or simply you want to use something else, is there a way to replace this type of sugar?

The best substitutes for Turbinado sugar are Honey, Caster sugar, Demerara sugar, Brown sugar, Muscovado sugar, Maple sugar, Dark corn syrup, and Sanding Sugar.

Keep reading to find out more about the differences and similarities between Turbinado sugar and Brown sugar. All you have to do is scroll below and find out more. 

Turbinado Sugar Substitutes

This type of sugar has a brown color. Thus, you can easily replace it with standard brown sugar or some of the following substitutes.

1. Honey


The first thing on our list will be honey which is good for substituting turbinado sugar in many ways. Despite being liquidy, honey is good for replacing sugar in many ways.

You can use it as a sweetener. Honey will also add color to foods. As we mentioned, it has a liquid texture. Thus, when replacing, adjust the quantity so it won’t cause any unwanted effects.

2. Caster sugar

caster sugar

You can use Caster sugar instead of turbinado sugar in many recipes. It is granulated sugar with a fine consistency. It would be good for preparing desserts, baking various goods, and even making cocktails.

Caster sugar can be found in both white and golden variations. Use it for cupcakes, muffins, cakes, or other baking goods. It is rarely used raw and never for frosting or buttercream.

3. Demerara sugar

Demerara sugar is considered the British version of Turbinado sugar, which makes it one of the best substitutes in cooking. It is also very similar to turbinado sugar because it is taken as raw sugar and partly refined, the same way as turbinado sugar goes.

Keep in mind that it has a darker color than turbinado and a more intense molasses flavor. So, when you make the swap use suitable amounts so the taste won’t change too much. 

4. Brown sugar


Brown sugar is often confused by people with turbinado sugar since they appear similar. You can use them as replacements for each other at any time.

Brown sugar has molasses. The taste is somewhat between caramel and butterscotch. However, turbinado sugar has fewer molasses and the crystals are not the same. Replace them at any time in almost every recipe. 

5. Muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar is another type of sugar that is made of cane sugar and considered to be a good replacement for turbinado sugar. This is a type of sugar that has a mostly texture with a strong molasses flavor.

It is less processed than turbinado sugar and has a light caramel taste. When doing the swap always keep in mind that is more sticky. Meaning, the rich and complex texture and flavor may not be suitable for every recipe. 

6. Maple sugar

Maple Sugar

You can replace turbinado sugar with maple sugar at any time. This is a type of sugar that is made from crystalizing maple syrup.

It has a molasses taste, which is the same as turbinado sugar, light brown color, and big crystals which also makes it very similar to turbinado sugar.

You can add it as a sweetener, on top of cookies or some baking goods, as well as on apple pies. You can replace ⅔ cups for every ⅔ cup of turbinado sugar. 

7. Dark corn syrup

Another suitable replacement for Turbinado sugar is dark corn syrup. This syrup is made by combining corn syrup with molasses and caramel. It has a deep dark color and makes a suitable replacement because of the taste and the molasses.

This would be a good replacement for baking goods. Keep in mind that it may add a dark color to your food. Add it on top of waffles, pancakes, and similar meals that call for turbinado sugar. 

8. Sanding sugar

Lastly, Turbinado sugar will find a suitable replacement in the sanding sugar. Since sugar is important in baking, sweets, desserts, and that kind of recipe, sanding sugar will be good to use. It will provide you sweetness and a nice touch to your baking goods.

The large crystals of the sanding sugar are also good on top of muffins, cakes, or cookies for decoration. You can easily replace the turbinado sugar at any time with sanding sugar. But keep in mind to use colored one, since it may affect your cooking.

Turbinado Sugar vs Brown Sugar

Even though brown sugar and Turbinado sugar look similar and people tend to confuse them, they are not the same. The main difference is how much is made in the final product.

When compared, brown sugar is unrefined or partly refined, and the brown color comes from the molasses. Further, Turbinado sugar is just the crystals that are left behind.

They both have molasses, however, the crystal size is also different. You can use them both as a substitute for each other in most recipes

Related Questions

Can I use regular sugar in place of turbinado?

Yes, you can add the same amount of regular sugar for turbinado sugar. They might have a difference in the taste and the way they are made, but you can use them interchangeably at any time. 

Is turbinado sugar the same as brown sugar?

No, brown sugar and turbinado sugar are not the same, but they have many things in common. The crystals of the turbinado are darker and have a more rounded flavor than brown sugar. 

Can you substitute brown sugar for turbinado?

Yes, you can use brown sugar instead of turbinado at any time. You can use the same amount when making the swap. 

Are Demerara and turbinado sugar the same?

No, demerara and turbinado sugar are not the same. They have a different appearance and the crystal size is also different.

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