Top 9 Vanilla Sugar Substitutes

Vanilla Sugar

Whether you are making something sweet or simply you want to add sweetness to your drink, sugar is what we commonly use and usually have in our kitchen.

As we all know, there are many types of sugar and people tend to pick based on their diet. One of the many is vanilla sugar which is also commonly used, especially in baking.

It is made from vanilla beans and turned into sugar granules. This sugar is popular among Germans, Austrian, Slovenian, and many other countries and cuisines.

Keep in mind that vanilla sugar has a strong flavor. So, you need to add a suitable amount. You can add vanilla sugar to many drinks like coffee. But it would be perfect for some baking goods or cake.

However, if you don’t have any at hand or want to make a swap, are there other similar products that will provide similar results? Can I substitute vanilla sugar?

The best substitutes for vanilla sugar include vanilla extract, vanilla powder, vanilla syrup, regular sugar, icing sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, and coarse sugar.

Read below to find out more and choose the best one for your recipe.

Substitutes for Vanilla Sugar

If you’re looking for substitutes for vanilla sugar, look no further than the following list of the 9 best substitutes for vanilla sugar that will definitely save your recipe.

1. Vanilla extract

Vanilla Extract

The first thing that comes closest to vanilla sugar and the most suitable replacement is the vanilla extract.

This extract is not sweet. Meaning, you’ll need to add extra teaspoons to come close to the taste of vanilla sugar. You can use it in almost every recipe and get similar results as if you have used vanilla sugar. 

2. Vanilla powder

The second best thing that comes very close to the texture and taste of vanilla sugar is the vanilla powder. It is purely extracted from the vanilla bean and it will provide a strong rich taste to your baking goods.

However, keep in mind that it contains alcohol which actually carries the aroma. The vanilla powder has an intensely sweet and rich taste and aroma which becomes even stronger.

You can use equal amounts or reduce the amount at first since you don’t want the powder to overpower the other ingredients in your recipes. Add it to coffee, baking goods, chocolate chip cookies, or any other recipe that calls for vanilla sugar. 

3. Vanilla syrup

Something that comes close to the taste of vanilla sugar is the vanilla syrup. It is a common sweetener in many cooking recipes as well as in coffee or tea.

It will provide a nice aroma and taste with a vanilla taste. The sweet aroma and smooth taste would be perfect in many cakes, other desserts, and baking goods. 

4. Regular sugar

cane sugar

Typically found in our kitchen, sugar is another way to substitute vanilla sugar in your cooking. It is made from sap. And nowadays it is refined and turned into crystals.

It is a common ingredient for baking goods, cakes, or sprinkled on top. You can make the swap in almost any recipe and use equal amounts.

5. Icing sugar

A very similar to vanilla sugar and a great replacement is icing sugar.

Fine ground sugar is a powder of grinding granulated sugar. It is a common item for dusting, especially in baking goods.

As the name suggests, it is a common ingredient in icing, drinks, over pastries, and cakes. It gives a nice and decorative touch and sweet taste. You can use it on most of the recipes which require vanilla sugar since they are very similar and will provide a similar effect. 

6. Coconut sugar

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar always finds its way in the substitutes and now it can also replace vanilla sugar. It is made from the sap of the coconut palm tree with caramel color.

This sugar tastes very similar to brown sugar. It has nutrients and vitamins that make coconut sugar healthy. You can substitute a 1:1 ratio in almost every recipe that calls for vanilla sugar.

7. Brown sugar


Brown sugar is suitable in many recipes to replace vanilla sugar. The sweetness is almost the same and if you use brown sugar it won’t change the texture of your baking goods.

The color of the brown sugar comes from the presence of molasses. It has a caramel taste that is a result of the molasses. It is perfect for cakes, cookies, and fruit cakes.

8. Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

Used as a sweetener in both sour and sweet dishes, maple syrup would be another replacement for vanilla sugar. It has a very similar taste to vanilla so you can use either equal amounts or adjust since this comes in a liquid form.

It has a darker color with a sweet distinctive flavor with hints of caramel. You can use it on top of pancakes, waffles, as a sweetener, or in baking goods. 

9. Coarse sugar

Coarse sugar is another type of sugar that we would recommend you try instead of vanilla sugar. As its name suggests, it has larger crystals and a stronger taste.

Meaning, when you do the swap, you have to decrease the amount. When added to baking goods, candy or desserts it gives a nice texture.

Coarse sugar is available in different colors so you can use it for decorating. This is why it is also known as decorating sugar. You can replace it in most recipes that require vanilla sugar. 

Related Questions

How do I substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar?

The most suitable replacement for vanilla sugar is vanilla extract. You can use 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar for every teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Is vanilla sugar the same as regular sugar?

Vanilla sugar and regular sugar have similar purposes. However, they are made differently. Still, you can use them interchangeably in most recipes. You can use both types of sugar for baking, pastries, fresh fruit, and many other desserts.

What does vanilla sugar do in baking?

Vanilla sugar is a common sweetener in baking goods. You can also add it as a nice touch on top of cakes, pies, cookies, and many other desserts.

What is vanilla sugar made of?

Vanilla sugar is a granulated sugar made of vanilla beans. You can use it for baking, pies, cakes, and many more desserts.

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  1. If i use vanilla extract in place of vanilla sugar, wont i be adding extra liquid that may change the structure of a recipe. Just trying to understand. Thank you for your time

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