What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

dragon fruit

A very interesting tropical and sensational fruit is the Dragon fruit. Exotic fruit is usually grown and found in Southeast Asia and somewhere in Latin America. 

The unique shapes, colors, and skins of the fruit are where the name comes from. Dragon fruit has become popular and common in the past couple of years due to the many health benefits and nutrition facts that can help with your health.

Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya. Native to Mexico and Central America, it is grown probably all over the world today!

Now that we know the appearance, next on is the taste. Does it have a particular smell, taste, or what are its unique characteristics? What does Dragon Fruit taste like?

When the fruit is ripe, then it has a sweet flavor and smells similar to kiwi and pear. When it’s unripe, it does not have any smell or taste.

Read on to learn about the different types of Dragon fruit and how to eat them. Moreover, since the fruit is a bit complex to combine, we have listed recipes that you can use with this fruit.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is exotic and its original place of growth in Mexico and Central America.

It has bright red skin with green scales that actually resemble a dragon, so now the name makes more sense. This fruit may look unusual, but it is similar to other fruits.

It is described as a mix between kiwi and pear.

Dragon Fruit

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

There is a difference in the taste when it comes to ripe and unripe Dragon Fruit. Sometimes it may be difficult to describe the taste and smell, but not impossible. 

Ripe Dragon fruit has a mild sweet taste with a soft texture. Under-ripe Dragon fruit, on the other hand, is flavorless with no smell. 

The Dragon fruit is a plant from a cactus. Actually, each fruit comes out like a flower that only blooms once in the dark.

The Dragon fruit has a spectrum of colors, pink on the outside and inside, yellow on the outside, and white on the inside.

The flesh inside has black seeds, which are similar to kiwi seeds. They are safe to eat and blend in with the fruit. Also, keep in mind that the flesh needs to be removed before eating, something like avocado.

Different Types Of Dragon Fruit

There are actually multiple types of Dragon Fruit. They differ usually in the color and also there might be a slight difference in the taste. The different variations include:

Yellow Dragon Fruit

It is really rare to find it, but this is a type of fruit that has yellow skin and white flesh. It has a lot of flavors, a sweet taste, and a very nice scent and aroma. 

White Dragon Fruit

This is a type of Dragon fruit that has red skin a white flesh. It is commonly found in the market. 

Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

Very similar to the white Dragon fruit, this type has a magenta-red color on the inside. The flavor is more complex and there is a slight acidity.

How To Store Dragon Fruit?

When you buy Dragon fruit make sure that it is firm. The skin should be brighter.

You can leave the fruit on the counter for a few days, so it can be ripe and tasty. After you cut it down you can place it in a container in the fridge for at least 3-4 days. 

Dragon Fruit

How To Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit can be eaten raw, cooked, on its own, or mixed up with other ingredients.

You can add any other type of seasoning as well. Just chop up the fruit in bite-size chunks and make a nice fruit salad with melons, pineapples, bananas, and many more.

Or make a nice smoothie, chia pudding, and any other type of healthy drink or a rich healthy bowl. Use it in baking as well, make nice muffins with a tropical trace.

Also, it is important to mention here that the skin, stalks, and leaves are not edible.

The fruit has a thin skin and the seeds are edible. Dragon fruit has fiber even more than other fruits, it also contains vitamin A, calcium, and other nutrients. It is also suitable for vegans and has no dairy.

As an idea, when you remove the skin, you can use it to add something like a mini dish.

Dragon Fruit Recipes

You can use Dragon fruit in many different ways including smoothies, salads, etc. Read below some of our top picks on how to use dragon fruit in your cooking.

Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie

This tropical type of smoothie where you can add extra coconut milk is healthy and nutritious. Also, you can add protein powder to make it even healthier and better. 

Smoothie Bowl With Dragon Fruit

Another dragon fruit recipe idea is to make a smoothie in a bowl. You can add dragon fruit, banana, pineapple, mango, and almond milk to the mixture. Add extra berries, fruit slices, nuts, and anything else that you can find that will be great.

Dragon Fruit Salad

Not just smoothies, but dragon fruit can be added to salads.

Combine with greek yogurt, apples, grapes, ginger, lemon, and honey, and also add cilantro and lettuce with a tablespoon of mayo.

Tasty and unusual, this type of salad can be a good lunch idea!

Dragon Fruit Salad With Tajin

It may be hard to combine this fruit, but you can make a nice healthy salad with Tajin with lime. Low calories, high nutrients, and very simple to make. Use the shell as a small plate to make this salad. 

Related Questions

Is Dragon Fruit Stinky?

Dragon fruit is not stinky, but ripe dragon fruit has a deeper sweet and creamy taste.

Unripe dragon fruit has no smell or taste at all. When it’s compared to other similar fruits it has a light aroma if ripe, whereas unripe is odorless.

Can Dragon Fruit Be Eaten Raw?

All you have to do is peel and cut the dragon fruit into sections.

Similar to avocado, you only eat the flesh after your remove the skin. You can remove the flesh with a spoon and the fruit is ready to eat.

Why Is Dragon Fruit Tasteless?

When the dragon fruit is ripe it has a mild sweet taste. It is compared to pear and kiwi. However, when the dragon fruit is under-ripe then it has no taste.

How Do You Know When A Dragon Fruit Is Ripe?

The bright pink color of the fruit and the smooth skin can tell you if the fruit is ripe. If it feels mushy, then it’s already too ripe.

What Does Dragon Fruit Smell Like?

The smell of dragon fruit is often compared to bananas and kiwi. It has a deeper sweet taste and a subtle grassy smell with traces of honey and caramel.

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