What Does Swordfish Taste Like: Learn Here!


If you love eating fish, you will most likely find the swordfish very interesting in terms of taste. For those that choose to enjoy seafood often, it is no secret that all types of fish are different in not just flavor but also smell, color and texture.

Swordfish have a slightly sweet taste with a mild fish flavor. Unlike other types of fish, this one will not have a strong fishy smell or such a defined sea taste to it. It also has a denser texture that reminds us of beef.

If you are curious about swordfish, keep reading and you will find everything you need to know about this popular type of fish!

What Is Swordfish?

Swordfish doesn’t just come with an interesting taste but also an interesting appearance. It looks like a sword, with its pointed and long snout and round body.

This type of fish is commonly found in the Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, and Indian ocean. It is popular worldwide in various dishes and culinary combinations.

Does Swordfish Taste Good?

Swordfish is right on top of the list when it comes to taste.

Many people love it so much that they consume it with no side dish since its flavor is the perfect combination of sweetness and fishy taste.

So, you will definitely not regret giving this fish a try, even if you are not a fan of seafood.

Is Swordfish Really Fishy Tasting?

Swordfish doesn’t have a strong fishy taste, however, that doesn’t mean its flavor is not as intense as other types of fish. Its flavor will actually depend a lot on the cooking method.

The mild sweetness of this fish makes it a perfect option for those who do not like seafood that much. Grilling this fish will give you one of its best tastes.

Many people think that grilled swordfish resemblances a beefsteak in terms of texture and even in terms of taste. You can also bake it along with your favorite veggies and add a delicious sauce next to it. This fish type pairs great with sauces like tartar or mayo-based combinations.

If you steam or boil the swordfish, you will not obtain such an intense flavor but if you season it correctly, it can still be satisfying. Either way, you will most likely fall in love with your swordfish dish.

Does Swordfish Taste Better Than Salmon?

When it comes to choosing between swordfish and salmon, you might find that this is a difficult decision to make.

Both types of fish are delicious and filling so you might not know which one is better. The truth is that they are tasty and juicy and you will have to use your personal preferences to choose one or the other

Unlike swordfish, salmon has a more fatty taste with a mild buttery flavor. Thus, it is not bringing the sweetness that swordfish will bring to your meal. Salmon is also enjoyed raw, especially red salmon, in dishes like sashimi and other Japanese recipes.

If you want a lighter and sweeter fish, opt for swordfish. However, if you enjoy a fatty yet healthy and satisfying meal, the salmon might be a better option for you.

Ultimately, we are sure that you will enjoy both of these meats.

Does Swordfish Taste Like Chicken?

Swordfish might not resemble chicken in terms of taste. However, you can successfully use it instead of chicken if you want an interesting twist to your recipes.

Both swordfish and chicken have mild tastes and that is the main reason why you can use these two types of meat interchangeably.

To be able to use these types of meat better, you will have to understand the difference in texture between them.

Depending on how you cook chicken, this meal could have a tender texture while the swordfish will have a more chewy texture. This difference will stand out in almost any dish you make with one of these meats.

Even if you love the way both swordfish and chicken taste, you will still have to consume them with different frequencies. You want to take into account that swordfish, like many types of fish, comes with a lot of mercury and you should consume it a lot less than chicken.

Too much mercury can cause damage to nerves as well as the entire nervous system.

Does Swordfish Taste Like Tuna?

Swordfish resemble tuna in terms of flavor. However, you will discover that they are not identical. The aftertaste of swordfish is the flavor that will remind you of tuna. Moreover, the initial taste of this fish might seem more like a beefsteak.

When you cook swordfish, you will discover that its flavor is actually richer than tuna. It is also more versatile for many dishes.

You can cook your swordfish instead of tuna in all your tuna recipes and you might even prefer it as a substitute. Both tuna and swordfish go great with rosemary, tartar sauce, or other strong-flavored sauce you prefer.

Just note that both swordfish and tuna are rich in mercury so you want to consume them only a few times a month, no matter how much you like these types of fish.

Does Swordfish Taste Like Cod?

When you have to choose between cod and swordfish, know that cod is milder in flavor compared to swordfish.

You will also have to consider that cod fillet has less fat compared to swordfish. Only 8% of the calories in cod come from fat while in swordfish, as much as 43% of calories come from fat. This difference can be significantly important, depending on the diet that you follow.

Leaving these differences aside, cod could replace swordfish in all recipes and vice versa. You can grill, bake or barbecue either one of these two types and you will not regret your choice.

Swordfish Recipe

Swordfish can be part of a wide variety of recipes.

However, always consider that this type of fish will not pair well with heavy side dishes. You can enjoy it best with a light salad made of fresh veggies or a side of fries.

It also goes great with baked veggies and the tastiest sauces you prefer.

The most common way to prepare swordfish is by grilling it. This offers the fish an intense and tasty flavor that most people love to enjoy.

Here is the most famous recipe for Grilled Swordfish that you should absolutely try! This recipe is very fast too. You will need about 15 to 20 minutes to marinate the fish and only 5 minutes to grill it. So, in less than 30 minutes you can have a delicious meal!

Step 1: Marinate Your Swordfish

To marinate your fish you will need olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and spices of your choice. When it comes to spices, you can mix equal parts of coriander, paprika, cumin, and even chili if you want your fish to have a spicy flavor to it.

We recommend using a swordfish fillet for this dish. Let your fish sit in the marinade mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. This is plenty of time for all the flavors to combine together in a delicious way.

Step 2: Grill The Fish 

Once your fish is marinated, take it out of the sauce and put it on the preheated grill.

If you use high heat, you should only grill your fish for 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other side. However, your fish might need an extra minute or 2, depending on the heat level you use and how thick the pieces of fish are.

Step 3: Serve Plain Or With A Side Of Green Salad 

There is no need to pair this fish with anything that is too heavy. It will taste best with a green salad with some seasonal veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

Ultimately, you can enjoy your grilled swordfish with any type of side dish you prefer for a more filling lunch or dinner. Tartar sauce also goes great on top of your grilled fish. So, if you have this ingredient in the house definitely put it on the table.

Final Thoughts

Swordfish can be nutritious as it is known for its healthy fats and B12 nutrients, but it is also known for its high concentration of mercury.

Therefore, we recommend buying swordfish from trusted sources and only enjoying it once a week or even better, once per ten days, to stay on the safe side. And when you give swordfish a fair try, definitely make the grilled recipe as it is one that we are sure you will love to repeat in your kitchen.

Not to mention that your friends and family will enjoy it just as much so you might not have any leftovers. Don’t forget to add the spices that you prefer because spices are responsible for most of the delicious taste of this fish. And get creative with the sauces you add on top!

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