What to Eat with Cornbread: 20 Yummy Pairings

If you like cornbread you are most likely wondering what can you combine it with.

Ultimately it is your choice how you combine cornbread and with what types of food. However, it is good to know that it goes better with certain foods than others. 

Cornbread goes great with soups as well as stews and even different spreads. Let’s look more in detail at what food you can enjoy with your favorite cornbread.

Cornbread pairs seamlessly with various dishes. Classic combinations include serving it with chili, barbecue, or fried chicken for a Southern touch. It also complements soups, stews, and beans, absorbing their flavors.

Enjoy it with greens, alongside grilled meats, or as a side to breakfast items. For added flair, try it with honey and butter, or go savory with cheese and jalapeños in the batter. Cornbread’s versatility makes it a delightful addition to a range of meals.

For a taste of the South, cornbread complements dishes like chili, barbecue, or fried chicken perfectly. Alternatively, opt for rice, quinoa, or couscous for a versatile and filling side.

Don’t forget about the simplicity of steamed greens, coleslaw, or a medley of sautéed mushrooms. The key is to balance flavors and textures to enhance the overall dining experience.”

20 Dishes That Go Great with Cornbread

The following foods will be even more delicious with some cornbread as a side dish. Give them a try, choose your favorite, and share your experiences in the comments.

1. Pork steak

Pork steak or pork roast goes great with cornbread. As a matter of fact, cornbread is even better than other types of bread for these dishes.

You can eat your steak plain with a slice of cornbread or you can get a salad on the side as well. Any type of pork dish will taste much better with a little cornbread next to it. You can even put your steak on the cornbread like a sandwich and eat it on the go. 

2. Stews

Stewed Tomatoes

If you like stews, you will absolutely love to mix them with cornbread. All stews go with this type of bread, without exception.

You can either eat cornbread with veggie, pork, or beef stews, and you will like the outcome. The combination between the bread and the sauce from your stew will taste delicious.

3. Veggies


If you like veggies in all their forms, why not add little cornbread on the side. You can add some cornbread to any vegetable dish especially the greens.

Kale, spinach, and collard greens go well with cornbread. The best way to consume these greens is by sauteing them and eat the dish with a slice of cornbread. 

4. Butter 

Unsalted Butter

The soft texture of cornbread goes great with any kind of butter too. If you like the combination of sweet and salty, you can use salted butter but a plain one will work as well.

Eating cornbread with butter will taste so much better if the cornbread is still warm. You can also add a cup of your favorite tea to go along with this snack. 

5. Beans 

Cannellini beans

Beans can be cooked in countless ways. You can either add them in your stew, soup, or even as spreads. All the dishes with beans go great with cornbread. Cornbread is softer and lighter than regular bread, so it will complement the texture of beans better.

6. Barbeque


Who doesn’t like barbecue? You can barbecue anything from your favorite meat to your favorite veggies. Whatever you choose will go well with cornbread. Heat up the cornbread on the grill to give it a warmer texture and it will taste even better with your barbecue. 

7. Cream soups

Tomato soup

Any cream soup goes great with cornbread instead of croutons. You can even prepare croutons out of cornbread and add them to your soup.

The sweet and soft texture of cornbread will combine beautifully with your soup, offering you a great culinary experience. As for what cream soups you can eat your cornbread with, you can go for all types of soups from the sweet ones to the more spicy dishes. 

8. Sour soups

Sour soups

If you like sour soups, the ones made with vinegar or lemon juice, you will love them even more with some cornbread on the side.

Sour soups are not common all around the world but if you like these soups, you will enjoy the way cornbread balances their sour taste. You can add the cornbread inside the soup as well but it would have to be hard enough to not fall apart. 

9. Chilli soups

Chilli soups

Chilli soups as well as chili stews go great with the sweet and neutral texture of cornbread. If you feel the need for side bread, add a piece of cornbread instead. It tastes even better with a strong and spicy dish because it cuts from its intense flavor. 

10. Cottage cheese and eggs 

Scrambled eggs

An interesting dish that you might end up loving, involves cornbread as one of the ingredients rather than a side dish.

You can smash a piece of cornbread and mix it with cottage cheese and one fried egg. Add salt, pepper, and butter to enrich the flavor. This type of meal can make for a delicious breakfast or a tasty lunch and dinner. 

11. Milk

If you want to convert cornbread into a dessert, adding milk to it would be the way to do that. Beak a few pieces of cornbread and put them in a bowl. Cover them with warm or cold milk and add some honey. You will love the sweet and smooth texture of this dessert. 

12. Fried chicken 

Chicken in Crock Pot

Fried chicken might go great with many types of bread but it tends to have a specific flavor with cornbread. As a matter of fact, eating your fried chicken with a side of cornbread can change the entire flavor of your food. It actually enhances the flavor of fried chicken. 

13. Roast duck

Roast duck

Roast duck is sweet meat that goes well with sweet sauces. And cornbread can complement the roast duck perfectly. If you eat duck with citrus, orange sauce, it will taste even better when you combine it with cornbread. The salty taste of the food and the sweet flavor of the cornbread will blend in deliciously. 

14. Ice cream

Ice cream

If you like cake with ice cream, you will like cornbread and ice cream. It has the perfect texture to go with ice cream of all kinds. Cornbread is not too sweet to cover the ice cream taste. However, it is sweet enough to go along with it perfectly. 

15. Jam 


Jam on bread makes for a fast breakfast as well as a tasty snack between meals. Use cornbread instead of any other type of bread and you will love the way it tastes with your favorite jam. Add some butter of your choice if you need a more creamy texture. 

16. Garlic sauce

Garlic sauce

Many types of garlic sauces are used as dressings for different dishes. And all of them will taste great on cornbread as well. You can eat them plain by adding some of your favorite garlic sauce to your cornbread or you can combine it with tomatoes.

17. Roast chicken

Oven Roasted Lemon-Rosemary Chicken

Roast chicken is a popular dish worldwide. You can eat it plain, with a salad or with potatoes. But you can also eat it with cornbread.

Cornbread goes well with any seasoning you choose to add to your chicken. If you make a sauce to go with your chicken, you will love to finish it with your cornbread as well. 

18. Beefsteak


Beef is a type of red meat that can be cooked differently at various temperatures. It is flexible in terms of how you can mix it with other side dishes. Any beef, especially beefsteak will taste great with cornbread.

If you make beef stew, you can always add some cubes of cornbread to it. A sandwich with beef steak and cornbread will also be delicious. 

19. Salads


Salads are a fast, healthy meal all year round. Some people prefer to eat their salads with toast or croutons. But you can also eat them with cornbread. As a matter of fact, cornbread will taste good with any type of salad dressing, from sweet to sour and spicy. So, feel free to get creative when you use cornbread as a side dish for salads. 

20. Different spreads


If you like to eat spreads, you can replace regular bread with cornbread. If it’s firm enough, it will not crumble and you will be able to use it in different bruschettas and sandwiches. This could be a great idea for your breakfast, especially if you are in a hurry.

Related Questions

What soup goes with cornbread?

If you like soups, most of them will taste delicious with a slice of cornbread. Even so, there are some soups that taste better than others if you eat them with this delicious bread.

Cream soups such as chicken cream soup or veggies cream soup are both great choices to eat with cornbread.  Another type of soups that go great with cornbread is Mexican soups.

Bean soups and chili soups as well as tortilla soups go great with cornbread. When you add your bread to these soups you can eat it on the side or as croutons inside your soup bowl. 

Do you eat cornbread hot or cold?

Both. What you eat it with is what matters more. Some people like their cornbread fresh out of the oven while others prefer to give it time to cool down. 

If you consume your cornbread with soup, the best way to have it is warm. If you want to make croutons out of your cornbread, you will have to let it cool down so it gets a harder texture.

Nothing compares to cornbread that is freshly made and has that inviting smell that everyone loves. But if you have cornbread leftovers, you can always heat them up as well. 


Cornbread is a delicious type of bread that goes well with different dishes. It’s a lot healthier and tastier than regular bread and easier to combine with soups, barbecues, or even desserts. What’s your opinion on cornbread? What do you eat cornbread with? Share your cooking secrets in the comments.

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