What to Eat With Garlic Bread: 15 Yummy Pairings!

Garlic bread

Garlic bread is one of the easiest snacks to make. However, even if garlic bread is delicious plain, you can make the most out of it by combining it with some dishes that are just as tasty! 

Garlic bread will go great with soups, stews, salads, pasta, and many other dishes you can make at home.

Keep reading to find everything you need to know about such combinations!

15 Best Dishes to Enjoy With Garlic Bread

Here are 15 dishes to enjoy with your favorite garlic bread. We warn you that you might find it challenging to choose what to try first!

1. Cream Soup

Cream Soups 

Any cream soup will taste that much better with garlic bread.

One of the best choices is broccoli cream soup, but mushroom cream soup can be a great option too. This combination is even more successful if you like to add some garlic to your cream soups too.

Carrot soup combined with garlic bread can surprise you as well. The sweetness of the carrots compliments the garlic bread perfectly.

So, make any cream soup you like and enjoy it with a slice or two of garlic bread!

2. Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stew

If you like veggie stews, you will love them with a side of garlic bread.

Garlic bread goes even better with the sauce from your stew so that you might dip it into your bowl more often.

It can be a great dinner combination; you might make comfort food out of it!

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3. Carbonara Pasta


Carbonara pasta is usually eaten plain since they are such a filling dish. However, have you ever tried this dish with a side of garlic bread? If you didn’t, you might be missing out on what could become your favorite combination.

You will most likely not have a lot of garlic bread since the pasta can be filling enough by itself, but you will like the taste so much that you will try it again.

4. Eggplant Salad

Eggplant Salad

Eggplant salad is a traditional spread in many East European countries.

You will need to bake the eggplants and peel them before blending them with olive oil, salt, and a bit of mayonnaise according to your taste. Spread this salad on a slice of garlic bread, and you will be hooked.

It is not a meal by itself. However, it can be one of the tastiest appetizers you will ever try.

And you can make a large quantity of eggplant salad since it is delicious cold and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

5. Fresh Vegetable Salad

cranberry spinach salad

You can have a fresh veggie salad with garlic bread croutons if you’re looking for a nutritious and easy-to-digest meal. Enjoy it with slices of garlic bread if you want to or like this type of bread, and it will taste delicious.

You can make a salad from tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or other veggies you like, such as carrots. Add a dressing to it, and your lunch or dinner will be ready in minutes!

6. Grilled Chicken

grilling chicken

Grilled cheese goes great on top of a slice of garlic bread. You can also toast the bread or make a delicious cheese sandwich to enjoy as a snack.

This type of food can be a great breakfast as well. Feel free to add a fresh salad next to such a sandwich or combine it with other dishes on this list if you want a more filling meal!

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7. Barbecue


Who doesn’t like barbecue? It’s a staple food for America and other parts of the world.

You can enjoy this meal with family and friends on a weekend or holiday. The good news? Any barbecue goes great with garlic bread.

Meat barbecues and vegetable barbecues can be even better with some slices of garlic bread. And if you want these two foods to match up even better, place the pieces of bread for one or two minutes on the grill to eat them warm!

8. Your Favorite Steak


If you like steak, you can serve it with a few slices of garlic bread or even toast with this delicious bread.

Many steak recipes go with a garlic sauce, making the bread blend into your meal even better. But ultimately, you will find the garlic bread next to your steak is the best option to complete your meal.

9. Cheese Spread

Provolone Cheese

You can find much different cheese spreads on the market. And if you have a favorite recipe, you can make your own.

Cheese and garlic have gone great together since the beginning of time, and you can even find cheese spreads with garlic flavor.

So, try enjoying them together next time you have some cheese spread and garlic bread in your kitchen. Some pickles on the side or a fresh veggie salad could also be a nice touch

10. Any Sandwich

tuna melt sandwich

The first thing you need to make any sandwich is bread. So, why not use garlic bread for a more exciting flavor?

Your sandwich will taste different; you might even prefer your future sandwiches made with garlic bread once you try them.

11. Grilled Fish

Grilled fish

Fish of any kind and cooked in any way you like goes perfect with garlic and garlic bread. However, grilled fish is most likely the best choice.

You can add garlic to your fish to have an even richer flavor. Serve your grilled fish with lemon and a few slices of garlic bread, and you have a complete, tasty meal.

12. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese with pesto

Like grilled fish and chicken, grilled cheese is a beautiful option to try with garlic bread for those who try to avoid meat.

You will end up putting the grilled cheese on top of garlic bread, and you will never do it any other way because this is a great combination.

13. Beef Soup

beef consomme

Beef soup needs a slice or two of bread to make the most out of it. However, if you try it with garlic bread, you might enjoy it much more!

For an even better taste, toast the slices of garlic bread and add them to your soup or cut them into cubes to make the perfect croutons for such a dish.

14. Tortellini With Ham


Ham tortellini is another pasta type that can taste much better with garlic bread.

You will not need the garlic bread as this dish is filling, and it could be enough as a meal by itself. But the flavor such a bread brings to your table is something you will love from the beginning.

15. Marinated Meatballs

Marinated meatballs might be your go-to comfort food. They come with a delicious sauce and meat that is just perfect in texture and flavor.

You can make them spicy or milder, but however you like your meatballs, know that a slice of garlic bread will nicely complement them.

What to Eat With Garlic Bread for Breakfast?

Garlic bread can go with any spread for a tasty and nutritious breakfast. However, you will also love a grilled cheese sandwich with this bread if you want something cooked.

Ultimately, you can enjoy what you want for breakfast and add some garlic bread next to it as it will make any dish so much better!

An omelet with bacon and veggies can go amazingly well with garlic bread. Be open to trying many combinations, as you can’t fail with this type of bread!

What Soup Goes Well With Garlic Bread?

The sky is the limit when it comes to garlic bread and soups.

You can enjoy garlic bread with your favorite cream, and sour soups and make them from your go-to meals. You can make hundreds of combinations in soups, and if you want them with garlic bread or garlic bread croutons, you will love them even more.

Cream soups taste delicious with garlic bread croutons, so you should try this combination next time. Such a menu could ensure a nutritious and tasty lunch or a comforting dinner after a long day at work.

Final Thoughts 

Garlic bread is one of those foods that can go with everything you like.

As a general rule, if your food tastes like it is missing some texture, have a slice of garlic bread, and you will keep choosing this type of bread over others often.

Toasted or grilled garlic bread can be even more delicious, and some dishes like steak might go better with a toasted slice of bread or a barbecued piece.

What’s your favorite combination?

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