What To Eat With Naan: 15 Easy & Yummy Options


Naan is a type of flatbread popular in Western and Central Asia but also India, Indonesia, and other parts of the world. It is made of yogurt, wheat flour, yeast, maida, cooking, fat, and water. 

Naan will go great with a wide range of foods. Meaning, you can use it with almost any type of dish. But if you want to make the best out of it, you should definitely eat it with egg salad, beef kofta, grilled pesto chicken, use it in gyro, and many other dishes.

Best 15 Dishes To Eat With Naan

Choose the best dish according to your preferences and you will be charmed by this naan Asian flatbread! However, take into account your general diet as well since naan is not something you can eat with no end if you want to watch your weight. But it is definitely one of the tastiest types of bread you will ever have!

1. Egg Salad

Egg Salad

Egg salad is one of the most popular dishes you can eat with this type of flatbread.

You will need to boil 2 eggs and combine them with Greek yogurt and mayo. Some people like it runnier, while others prefer a more firm consistency, so how much mayo and yogurt you add will be up to your preference.

Mix everything together and smash the eggs good enough to become a spread, along with the rest of the ingredients. Serve it on naan bread at any time of the day as it can be a filling meal or a tasty snack.

2. Vegetable Naan Wraps

If you are looking for a vegetarian dish, a vegetable wrap is most likely your best choice.

You can use any type of veggies you like, including carrots, peppers, squash, cucumbers, etc. If you want to add some omelet strips for a source of protein feel free to do so.

Wrap everything in a piece of flatbread and you have a meal in a few minutes.

3. Beef Kofta With Tzatziki

Beef Kofta With Tzatziki

Beef kofta is essentially a very tasty meatball that will go great with tzatziki. And you can serve it wrapped in naan bread or simply with some naan bread on the side.

You can make it fairly fast and top it with herbs and seasonings that you like most. These meatballs are best warm, however, if you have leftovers just heat them up and enjoy them again.

4. Grilled pesto chicken naan

grilling chicken

If you like chicken, grill some chicken breast and wrap it on some naan flatbread along with a tablespoon of pesto.

You can pick any type of pesto and you will end up with a great lunch or dinner made fast and with a delicious taste. However, you can always add some cheese topping if you want an extra flavor to your dish.

5. Gyro wraps

Gyro wraps

The famous Greek Gyro can be successfully made with naan bread.

Use the mat you love the most as well as your favorite sauce and wrap them in fresh naan bread for one of the tastiest meals. We recommend a side of fries. You can also add the fries in this mix if you want a more filling gyro too!

6. Chicken tikka masala with naan

Chicken Tikka Masala

If you like Indian cuisine, you most likely like a good chicken tikka masala as well. However, your tikka masala will taste that much better with a side of naan flatbread freshly made.

You will find yourself dipping your bread in the delicious broth of the Indian stew too!

7. Ranch Chicken Wraps

Another chicken dish that can make the most out of naan bread is ranch chicken wraps.

You need grilled chicken breast cut in stripes and toppings of your choice to wrap into a tasty piece of naan flatbread! However, if you want to use other types of meat instead of chicken, feel free to do so!

8. Saag Paneer Pizza


Who doesn’t like pizza? And did you know that you can make a delicious pizza using naan flatbread?

Use your naan bread instead of pizza dough and you will end up with a delish pizza. In essence, this is a vegetarian pizza. But you can always add some chicken on top of it if you want to make it more filling.

9. Hummus


Hummus is a type of food that goes great with naan bread. And you can easily make it at home. All you need are chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt, lemon, and seasonings of your choosing so your hummus will match your taste best.

10. Fresh Vegetable Salad

Vegetable salad

If you like a fresh veggie salad during a hot summer day, you will love it even more with a side of naan flatbread. Such a meal could make for a tasty breakfast or healthy lunch or dinner.

Try to use season veggies for a better result. And don’t forget about the dressing to enjoy the best flavor out of such a combination!

11. Potato Salad

Potato salad

Potato salad is one of the most filling dishes and you might think that you don’t need any bread on the side. However, if you make this yummy salad with mayo, you will enjoy a piece of naan flatbread to go along with it.

12. Tomato soup

Tomato soup goes great with garlic naan bread.

You can break your naan bread into smaller pieces and add it directly to your soup. Or you can enjoy it on the side for a more filling meal. Moreover, your naan flatbread will add to the texture of your soup in such a way that you might actually like it more.

13. Cream Veggie Soup

Vegetable cream soup

Cream veggie soup can be made with any type of vegetables.

It goes perfectly with bread croutons but if you replace the croutons with naan bread and you will discover a much better taste since naan has a more rich flavor.

You can also dip your naan bread into the cream veggie soup as well if you want to combine the flavors even better. 

14. Meatball Flatbread

Meatballs are comfort food for many of us, but if you wrap them in a naan flatbread, they will be a complete game-changer. Add the sauces and toppings that you enjoy most and you will end up with one of the most delicious dishes!

15. Moroccan Flatbread

Moroccan flatbread can be easily made with beef or turkey instead of lamb. And you can use your naan bread instead of the regular tacos.

Get creative with your seasonings and even with the rest of the ingredients because your naan bread will accommodate all of them perfectly.

What To Eat With Naan Vegetarian?

Naan bread is not vegan bread because it contains yogurt but it can be part of vegetarian dishes such as veggie wraps, veggie soups, and even veggie stews.

You can enjoy it with vegan spreads as well such as hummus and if you have naan bread in your house, you will definitely find a vegetarian dish to pair it with.

Can You Eat Naan By Itself?

As tasty as naan bread is, you will definitely be able to enjoy it by itself, especially when it is freshly made. But we recommend you add a dipping sauce next to it such as a cheese sauce or your favorite yogurt and even some seasoned mayo and you will enjoy the taste even more!

Adding some butter to your naan bread can also be a great choice for a fast snack. And if you choose salty butter you are in for a winner treat that takes seconds to put together!

How Many Naan Can A Person Eat?

Depending on how much you like your naan bread, you might find yourself eating several pieces of it. If you want to lose some weight or you simply want to stay lean, you shouldn’t eat more than 2 naans a day since this type of bread can be rich in calories!

A piece of Indian naan has about 140-150 calories. And is so tasty, you can eat several of them until you can say you had enough.

Final Thoughts 

Give naan bread a try plain before you combine it with other dishes. Once you get used to its taste, you will be able to choose the other dish you want to enjoy with it much better.

The same rule applies if you want to incorporate your naan into other recipes, instead of regular dough. It is much tastier than regular bread or regular dough and you might have to skip certain ingredients in your recipe if you use this type of Indian bread to replace another ingredient.

Overall, you will love your naan flatbread with many different dishes. And in particular, you can’t fail by including it in meals like those you will find in this guide.

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