What to Eat With Sweet Potatoes: 20 Delish Combinations

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are delicious and one of the best long-lasting foods that you can have in your kitchen right now. They are typically used as a side dish and are perfect for any family gathering or simple meal.

This is a root vegetable that has many uses in our kitchen. A staple ingredient that can be used for baking, roasting, or boiling.

You can even reheat it if you have any leftovers, but I highly doubt it. This is a type of veggie that is hard to resist and even kids love it. So, with sweet potatoes, you can never go wrong.

Further, what is important to note about sweet potatoes is that they are not the “sweet version” of potatoes, and they are not even the same vegetable.

Sweet potatoes have a sweet taste indeed, just as the name suggests like carrots. There is also an undertone of nutty taste with that sweetness which makes these potatoes unique.

They have smooth skin and are quite long for a root vegetable with tapered ends. The taste and the skin vary so it does not necessarily mean that they would be that sweet or even the color of the flesh may differ. 

When sweet potatoes are cooked, they are transformed. The texture can be soft even for puree if roasted crunchy enough to eat. But since they have quite the taste, you probably need ideas to combine them with.

For that reason, we have 20 servings for your next meal. Check some vegetarian, vegan, baked, fried, and even breakfast ideas that would be ideal for you and your family.

What to Eat With Sweet Potatoes?

Grilled sweet potatoes

Now that we know more about sweet potatoes, it is time to check some of the best ingredients that will go alongside.

The best thing about these potatoes is the natural sweetness and the that they can go well with many variations of food. 

  • For starters, you can choose some fruits and vegetables like carrots, garlic, potato, spinach, corn, ginger, pineapple, or orange.
  • Next on sweet potatoes can be paired up with some herbs and spices like cinnamon, thyme, walnut, clove, or allspice.
  • If you need some protein combo then you can use chickpea, curry, wild rice, or even honey.
  • Since sweet potato is a type of side dish, there are many types of meat that it will go ideal with like: chicken, pork, turkey, duck meat, or beef.
  • Fish is also included, of course, a good source of protein and healthy food. You can choose between some fish like: salmon, halibut, cod and many more.
  • Combine the sweet potatoes in a fresh green salad and add sweetness to it.
  • Beans and soups are also other combinations with sweet potatoes that you can’t ignore and you should definitely try. 

20 Recipe Ideas With Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be combined with a lot of foods. Read on and choose your regular, vegan, or vegetarian combos, as well as what you can serve alongside fried or baked sweet potatoes.

Also, do not forget to eat your breakfast in the morning so catch up on some ideas as well.

1. Stuffed sweet potato skins

sweet potato skins

The first thing that comes to mind on how to cook sweet potatoes is to scoop out the flesh and leave a thin layer of potato inside.

Bake them for about 10 minutes, then take them out. In the meantime mash the potato that you’ve taken out with milk salt, and pepper to make it creamy. Now you have a nice side dish or a simple dish for your lunch. 

2. Sweet potato fajitas

Fajitas are commonly cooked and are typical for many gatherings. You can add sweet potatoes and bring them to the next level of tastefulness. Add other spices, veggies, and everything that you like to make the perfect fajitas.  

3. Curried sweet potatoes

Easy to make with not much effort, the sweet potatoes with the addition of curry will be an ideal dish. It won’t take much of your time to prepare and you won’t be left with leftovers at the end.

4. Sweet potato casseroles

Crouton tomato casserole

Sweet potatoes can be used with casseroles as well. Typically served as a dish for the holidays, but you don’t need an excuse to bake.

5. Tacos with sweet potato and black beans

Taco Tuesday will have a different dimension once you try this. Add sweet potatoes with black beans and create the best tacos ever. 

6. Sweet potato with kale hash

Your next dinner can be a combination of sweet potatoes with kale hash. Easy to make and the sweetness of the potato will mix up with the taste of the kale.

Add additional ingredients to make it even more interesting and tasty. A good snack, main or side dish that you won’t regret and want to make again. 

7. Sweet potato toast

Your toast doesn’t have to be so simple, but instead, you can add sweet potato and experiment. Make your breakfast even tastier and choose to try out new things. 

8. Sweet potato with brussels sprouts

A recipe idea to combine with sweet potatoes is brussels sprouts. Very easy and won’t take much of your time preparing. Gather the ingredients in a pan, bake them and you are all set up for lunch. 

9. Sweet potatoes fries

Sweet potato chips

You should know that now you have the opportunity to eat fries made from sweet potatoes and try something else except regular fries. All you have to do is fry them up and make a nice mixup with some meat, vegetables, or fish. 

10. Sweet potato fries with crispy beans

Make an entire bowl of happiness by making your sweet potato fries with crispy beans. Enjoy them as snacks or as a side dish with your next dinner. This is a combination that you can enjoy at any time. 

11. Sweet potato fries with carrots and chili garlic sauce

Your sweet potato fries can be made into a nice dish even as snacks with a mix-up with carrots and chili garlic sauce. Many people do enjoy the chili flavors so your fries will be amazing. Eat with some other toppings or meat. 

12. Chili sweet potato fries

For people that are prone to spices and chilly food, then this idea is for you. Bring your sweet potato fries to another level with this combo and enjoy the amazing taste. 

13. Baked sweet potatoes

Another simple use of sweet potatoes is to put them in the oven and create a perfect lunch for your next family gathering. Easy and with no additional things to do, just place the potatoes for baking and make a nice side dish.

14. Sweet potato with buffalo chicken

Fun and easy to make, place the sweet potatoes with buffalo chicken and make a nice mix-up of spicy and sweet. This is something that everyone could enjoy.

15. Stuffed potato with chili

If you do enjoy spicy stuff then another combination of sweet and spicy will be to add chili on the sweet potatoes. Additionally, put butter cheese and sour cream to complete the taste. 

16. Sweet potato stuffed with barbecue pork

If you enjoy pork, especially made on the bbq, then use sweet potatoes as a side dish. On your next gathering with your friends, fire up the grill and combine easily with sweet baked potatoes. 

Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

Sweet potato can be served in the morning with some ingredients. Start your day with a healthy meal and keep your belly fed until lunchtime. Check some of the combinations that we suggest for your next breakfast.

17. Sweet potato with sausage and eggs

The perfect breakfast exists and that is sweet potatoes with sausage and eggs. If you need a good breakfast to fill you up in the morning, then this is your meal. Easy to make and easier to eat. 

18. Smoothie with sweet potato and peach 

If you like smoothies and want to add some extra flavor to your fruit smoothie, do not worry. Try the perfect combination of cooked sweet potatoes in the blender, fruit like peach, and yogurt to complete. The sweetness and sourness of the yogurt will combine to get the perfect smoothie.

19. Stuffed sweet potatoes

Another idea for breakfast is to make your sweet potatoes in the oven with some stuffing. Add fruit, veggies, eggs, or avocado depending on how you woke up and what’s on your mind. Then, bake them and create a nice breakfast to wake you up.

20. Mashed sweet potatoes

Sweet Mashed Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be boiled and mashed to create another perfect version of them. Creamy, flavorful, and very simple to make.

Just use a mixer or mash them on your own to get the perfect texture. Also, read below some ideas of what you can combine them with.

Mashed potatoes in an Instant pot with sour cream

If you have an instant pot then your mashed potatoes will be cooked perfectly with some sour cream. Another idea for your mashed potatoes is not to be basic.

Spicy pies with sweet potato mash

If you enjoy spiciness then your sweet mashed potatoes will go in a different direction. This spicy pie will be an amazing idea for your next dinner.

Mashed potatoes with honey, butter, and cinnamon

A combination of mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon, honey, and butter is the perfect side dish or even can be served as a main dish. The sweetness and the taste of honey and cinnamon will mix up to create a delightful result.

Related Questions

What does sweet potato pair well with?

Sweet potatoes will go well with fish, meat, vegetables, soups, and basically anything, even almost every type of meat.

Can you combine sweet potatoes with milk?

Sweet potatoes can be combined with milk without a problem. Peel the potatoes cut them, and either add them in milk or cook separately.

Do you eat the skin of a baked potato?

Yes, you can eat the skin of the baked sweet potato. Actually, in the skin, there are all of the natural nutrients and it contains a lot of fiber.

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