What To Serve With Biscuits And Gravy: 11 Yummy Pairings


Biscuits and gravy is a traditional breakfast in the US and you will find it more often in the South. And if you want to enjoy your breakfast with a touch of originality, you would prefer to combine it with one of the following side dishes.

Traditionally, this breakfast comes with buttermilk biscuits dipped in sausage gravy with a creamy texture. Luckily, there are several dishes that could go perfectly with that meal.

Read on to learn about the 11 different side dishes you can have with your biscuits and gravy!

11 Side Dishes For Biscuits And Gravy 

Pick either one of the following side dishes and you will enjoy a delicious breakfast every time you want!

1. Meatballs


Your favorite meatballs will taste deliciously with the biscuits and gravy combination if you want a more consistent breakfast.

You can choose any type of meatballs you prefer. If you have some leftovers, even better! Such a breakfast will keep hunger away from you for several hours and it is a great choice if you are going to have a busy day ahead of you.

2. Sausages

Italian Sausage

You can also add sausages to your biscuits and gravy breakfast as they will mix perfectly with the sausage gravy. Eat the sausages cold or warm them up as you prefer.

Feel free to add any type of sausage, not necessarily the same one you used for your gravy. And you will have a delicious first meal of the day that will keep the hunger away for several hours.

3. Cheese bites


You can also enjoy cheese bites with your biscuits and gravy. They will complete your meal perfectly. The taste of cheese will blend nicely with the sausage flavor in your gravy and you will be left craving for more.

You can bake your cheese bites or fry them after you dipped them in flour and egg mix. There are already frozen cheese bites that you can buy in stores and save time when it comes to cooking them.

4. Omelet

Scrambled Egg

Eggs in any form can be enjoyed with biscuits and gravy as well.

However, the best egg dish is by far a delicious omelet. Feel free to add some mushrooms and peppers if you want extra flavor. Then, put it on the same plate with your biscuits and gravy for a filling and nutritious breakfast!

Omelets are best warm. And considering it takes only a few minutes to make one, you shouldn’t go for leftovers.

5. Stir-fries


Stir-fries are some of the easiest meals to cook and there are several stir-fry mixes on the market as well. Just add your stir fry mix to the pan, season it, and fry it for a few minutes.

Stir-fries can help you turn your regular biscuits and gravy breakfast into a filling brunch! You can also add various toppings and sauces of your preference if you want to enrich the flavor of your meal even more.

6. Grilled veggies

Grilled sweet potatoes

Do you have some grilled veggies leftovers in your fridge from your last barbecue? Feel free to add them next to your biscuits and gravy!

All kinds of grilled vegetables will go great with this dish. However, if you don’t like to eat them cold, you can heat them up in the oven for a few minutes.

Adding fresh herbs to your grilled veggies will also enhance their taste and satisfy your culinary preferences even more!

7. Corn pudding

Corn pudding

Corn pudding is just about as popular as biscuits and gravy and many people prefer to eat these dishes together. If you do not have freshly made pudding, do not worry! You can eat it cold as well and you will not be disappointed.

The creamy texture of corn pudding will go perfectly with any meat, not just biscuits and gravy. You can also make this pudding at home with ease. Just make sure to enjoy it warm as it tastes much better than cold.

8. Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

When you combine eggs, Benedict, with biscuits and gravy, you know that you can’t go wrong.

Both of these dishes go great together on the same plate. They also enhance each other’s flavors, creating one of the best meal combinations you can have.

As a matter of fact, eggs Benedict go great with any type of meat being it grilled or baked.

9. Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs

Making deviled eggs for breakfast, in particular, might seem like too much. But if you have some already made in the fridge, they can be a delicious addition to your biscuits and gravy.

On the other hand, freshly made deviled eggs taste much better. Thus, they are worth the effort if you want to cook them on the spot.

10. Veggie salad

Cucumber salad

Considering the rich consistency of biscuits and gravy, you will want to try this type of meal out with a fresh vegetable salad. Nothing compares to a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, maybe some peppers, and any other type of vegetables you prefer!

And such a salad will help you speed up the digestive process and make the most out of your biscuits and gravy. Make sure to add a tasty dressing to your salad to get an even better flavor for your meal!

11. Bacon pancakes


Many people can’t think of breakfast without thinking of pancakes. And maple bacon pancakes tend to go perfectly with biscuits and gravy.

Bacon pancakes are best served while they are warm. So, it is recommended to make them right before you are going to eat them. You can also add other toppings. However, the bacon and maple syrup will taste the best with your biscuits and gravy dish!

What Goes Well With Biscuits And Gravy For Dinner?

Biscuits and gravy is not just a breakfast dish, even if it is traditionally cooked for this meal.

You can enjoy your biscuits and gravy for dinner too especially if you pair it with stir-fries. If you want to eat your biscuits and gravy for dinner you can also do that along with some meatballs or sausages as they will taste even better together.

Keep in mind that biscuits and gravy are not common for dinner as this type of meal might not be the best for your digestive system late at night.

Avoid pairing this meal with eggs if you have it for dinner and consider adding a salad to ease the digestive process as well.         

Vegetables To Serve With Biscuits And Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is the type of dish that goes great with all kinds of veggies being them fresh or grilled. You can have it along with fresh tomato and cucumber salad. Or some leftovers from your last barbecue.

Grilling veggies is also very easy as all you have to do is cut them in slices and put them on the grill for a few minutes if you want to enjoy them fresh.

Last Tips

Biscuits and gravy make a great breakfast dish. However, you can also enjoy it for lunch or dinner. It is a very versatile dish that you can combine with plenty of other side dishes to obtain a complete meal that will keep you feeling full for many hours ahead.

However, this type of meal remains best served as a breakfast dish as it might be too hard to digest if you have it at dinner.

Get creative in the kitchen while you experiment with biscuits and gravy. And you will not regret it because this dish is one of the most versatile dishes you can enjoy.

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