What to Serve With Boudin: 12 Delish Options!


If you like sausages, you will definitely like the boudin varieties.

Boudin is a category of French sausages that gained popularity all over the world thanks to their rich flavor. Today, you can find these delish sausages in Belgian cuisine as well as Acadian, Cajun, and many others.

Boudin is essentially a pork sausage made with rice and different seasonings such as local herbs, onions, and garlic. You can enjoy boudin sausage with fries, mashed potatoes, risotto, and many other options.

Read on to find out all you need to know about pairing boudin sausages with great side dishes and end up with the perfect comfort food!

Best Side Dishes for Boudin Sausage

Choose the side dish that you like the most and enjoy it next to your boudin sausage. You can even try two side dishes at once if you find it difficult to settle for only one option!

1. Fries

Fries are some of the most popular comfort foods worldwide.

You can either use regular potatoes or sweet potatoes and the seasonings you like to put together the most delicious fries for your taste.

Enjoy the fries next to your boudin sausage as long as they are warm. Feel free to add a dipping sauce of your choice too for extra flavor!

2. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are also easy to make and they will pair perfectly with your boudin sausage.

We recommend adding a tablespoon of butter to your mashed potatoes to get a creamier texture and a more satisfying flavor.

Season with salt and what other herbs you like. Rosemary goes particularly well with potatoes regardless of how you cook them.

3. Risotto


Rise is also an ingredient in boudin sausages and your risotto will go great with such a dish.

You can make risotto with mashrooms and/or other veggies such as peppers, carrots, or squash and you will love it even more next to a boudin sausage.

Feel free to chop the sausage as well if you want to add it to your risotto. Enjoy your risotto warm next to your boudin sausage for a better and more satisfying taste.

4. Pickles

Cornichons Pickles

If you are not looking to put together a complicated meal, you can always enjoy boudins with your favorite pickles, being them cucumbers or peppers.

You can make your own pickles in the autumn and store them for months to come, but you can also find them at your regular supermarket in different versions.

5. Cream Soup

Cream Soups 

Cream soups are packed with nutrients and they are a delicious meal along with some croutons. But if you have such a soup next to your boudin sausage, you will get a great amount of protein as well and you will not be hungry for a few good hours.

Simply boil the veggies you like most, blend them until you get a creamy consistency, and add the seasonings you want for a perfect taste.

6. Pasta

Rotini pasta

Pasta is another comfort food that almost everyone loves but if you pair pasta with boudin, you obtain an amazing meal that you will come back to in the future for sure.

We recommend trying a pasta recipe that doesn’t contain meat since you will enjoy it with boudin sausage.

7. Mac and Cheese

Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is maybe the most popular comfort food for both children and adults. But once you combine it with boudin sausages, you will love this meal even more.

You can eat the sausage as a side dish or chop it into smaller sizes and add it to your bowl of mac and cheese. The boudin sausage will make your meal more filling and you will have a lot of protein as well.

8. Spinach Salad

cranberry spinach salad

Spinach is a great veggie to add to your meal and if you make a spinach salad it will be a great match for your boudin sausage.

Make spinach salad with regular spinach or baby spinach and add the veggies you enjoy most to make sure you have a wide range of nutrients. You can finish your spinach salad with a dressing of your choice to make it even more delicious.

9. Fresh Veggie Salad

Vegetable salad

One of the best side dishes for boudin sausage and for any type of meat is a fresh veggie salad.

You can use tomatoes and cucumbers salad with a bit of vinegar, salt, and pepper. You can also add other veggies like peppers, carrots, and mushrooms to get a more diverse taste!

Salads allow you to get creative and play with a lot of ingredients in the kitchen!

10. Baked Beans

Baked beans are a staple food for Mexican cuisine. They will go great with boudin sausage and you can eat them warm or cold and they will taste just as good.

You can use any baked beans recipe and you will love it even more if you add a pinch of chili. This type of food tastes much better spicy so we totally recommend trying out your favorite seasonings on it!

11. Grilled Veggies

Grilled sweet potatoes

Grilled veggies are a great option to pair with your boudin sausage. They are tasty and easy to make. Enjoy them while they are fresh out of the grill for an even more intense flavor.

You will love the way your grilled veggies combine with your boudin sausage. And if you complete such a meal with a great sauce, you will love it even more!

12. Freshly Made Bread

Italian bread

Boudin sausage goes great with bread but it tastes even better with warm, freshly made bread.

You can make your bread at home fairly easily. Or purchase some frozen buns from your local grocery store. Either way, you will love the taste of freshly baked bread next to your boudin sausage.

If your sausage is not hot, we suggest you heat it up so you will have an even more delicious meal.

What is the Best Way to Cook Boudin?

If you want to cook your boudin sausage, you can do that easily at home.

To cook boudin in the oven you will have to preheat it to 300 degrees F. Place your boudin on an oven-safe sheet oiled with vegetable oil of your choice.

Let it cook for 20 minutes and turn it on the other side to cook for another five minutes. You want the internal temperature of your sausage to get to 160 degrees F.

While cooking your boudin in the oven is the best way, you can also cook it in the microwave if you are in a hurry.

You will have to place them in a microwave-safe container and cover it with a foil to avoid any splatter. Cook it for two to three minutes before you turn it over and cook it for another minute.

Alternatively, you can steam your boudin sausage for up to 20 minutes in order to be all the way cooked. However, we recommend the oven method as it is the best one as it provides the crispy texture you want for such a dish!

When Should You Eat Boudin?

Boudin is a caloric food that will enrich any meal you add it to, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, we suggest enjoying this dish for lunch or dinner as it is a satisfying one and it will keep your hunger away for a few good hours.

However, if you like your boudin sausage so much, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it in the morning!

Do You Take Boudin Out of Casing?

You will have to take the boudin sausage out of the casing before you prepare it.

Most boudin sausages don’t have an oven-safe or microwave-safe casing, so it is recommended to remove them and place them in appropriate containers. However, check the label to see if the casing is safe for oven or microwave use.

What Sauce Goes With Boudin?

If you would like to serve your boudin sausages plain, you can still enrich their flavor with a spicy sauce with chili or with your favorite ketchup.

Boudin sausages go great with red sauces based on tomato sauces. But if you like a white sauce such as a cheese dip or a mayonnaise sauce, that could be a great option as well.

Boudin sausages contain plenty of garlic, so they will not go as great with a garlic sauce as you will end up with a combination that has a strong garlic taste.

Wrap Up

As tasty as boudin sausage is, we assure you that it will taste even better with one of the dishes in our guide. And if you never had this type of sausages, you are in for an amazing treat as they are popular worldwide for a reason.

They are filling and give you a significant amount of protein, so you should definitely give them a try and see how delicious they are!

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