What To Serve With Collard Greens: 12 Delicious Options

Collard Greens

You just can never go wrong with green veggies when it comes to cooking dishes and making salads. In today’s article, I will talk about collard greens and how you can play with them in your kitchen.

Large green leaves with very tough steam, the collard greens are irresistible. They are related to kale, baggage, and mustard greens and are cooked in a similar way. Actually, what makes them so unique is their taste. The mixture of garlic and lemon gives a nice touch to your dish.

Collard greens are popular in many cuisines and have many ways of preparing. They are actually a staple ingredient in Southern cuisine. Healthy with many benefits. We need to note that before cooking, the stems need to be removed.

They are not very expensive and you can easily find them. Furthermore, you are likely wondering what are the best combinations that the taste of collard greens can be served with?

These are all some of the best ideas that we came up with since collard green has a specific taste that you would like to combine with all of your next meals.

Serving Combinations With Collard Greens

Collard greens have many purposes in our cooking, so there are many ways that you can make cook and combine them. This way you’ll create perfect courses which will leave yourself or your guests and family speechless.

The specific and unique taste of collard greens will fit well with the other ingredients. Below you’ll find combinations from salads, main courses, soups, side dishes, and many more which will give an idea for your next collard green recipe.

1. Meaty braise

Beef Broth

Collard greens will fit perfectly in the meaty braise that you prepare. Add some chopped collard greens into the pot and you will get a perfect dinner.

The fats from the meat will go alongside the meat and the time that it takes for the whole thing to be prepared will result in a dish rich in flavors. 

2. Pasta with collard greens

Shell pasta

Collard greens will match perfectly with your next pasta dish.

Whether you are making lasagna, spaghetti, or some other Italian dish, you can always add the collard to boost flavor. The lemon and garlic taste will make the dish irresistible. 

3. Vegetables with collard greens

Grilled sweet potatoes

Since collard greens are vegetables, you can always combine them with other vegetables. There are many combinations that will help you create a side dish or a main course.

A perfect stir fry mix would be fresh or sun-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers to create a healthy dish. Collard greens can be a perfect replacement for lettuce in wraps, tacos, or even as a salad base. 

4. Collard greens in soup

Your soup will have a nice touch and taste of the collard greens chopped into the pot. Add these leafy greens into the pot and leave them to get soft and tender.

This way you’ll create an even healthier dish with the addition of extra vitamins. 

5. Stir-fry cooking

Stir fry is the easy way to create a meal and experience the taste of the collard greens in a different way. Make sure that you remove the tough stem and shred the leaves before putting them to fry.

Since the taste of the greens is specific it can go very well with some other bold flavors. Use the greens instead of kale, spinach orchard. 

6. Collard greens with a casserole

Crouton tomato casserole

Chopped or shredded collard greens will be the ideal combo for your next casserole. The creamy and cheesy taste of the casserole will fit well with the specific taste of the greens. 

7. Collard greens pureed into Pesto

Instead of the basic strands of using basil or kale, you can swap them by using collard greens to create Pesto. This way you’ll create a unique texture and taste which you’d recommend to all of your friends to try. 

8. Salads and slaws with collard greens

Collard greens will be a perfect substitute for kale, which means that your salads and sales will have a unique and delicious taste. 

9. Roll the greens as a wrap

The leaves of the collard greens are strong enough that you can use them to create a wrap. They won’t crack or break and you can create burritos, tacos, and some sandwich wraps. 

10. Collard greens as a side dish

You can create a super-fast side dish by combining collard greens with chicken broth, garlic salt, and pepper all together in a saucepan. You need to let the greens simmer and leave the pot on low heat until the mixture is ready to be served. 

11. Noodles with collard greens

This is a no-brainer, but the greens will match with noodles at any time.

Chop them, then add the greens 5 minutes before the noodles are done. Add some seasoning and all of the things that you enjoy with noodles and here you go another dinner idea. 

12. Southern cuisine idea

Southern cuisine is famous for its spicy dishes. Therefore, you can always combine the taste of collard greens with it. Use it with red pepper flakes, onions, and chicken broth to make a lovely side dish or combine with some other ingredients.

Related Questions

What protein goes well with collard greens?

Collard greens will fit very well with nuts and seeds, as well as with beans. This way you’ll have a nice healthy protein meal.

What veggies go with collards?

You can combine collards with some fresh tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers and you can use peppadew peppers. Actually, use collard greens with any stir fry.

What meat goes with collards?

You can combine collard greens with ham. Use any other meat as well.

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