What To Serve With Potato Salad: 15 Mouth-Watering Combinations

Potato salad

Whether served salted, plain or with ingredients like eggs, raw veggies, or something completely different, potato salad is a healthy dish. Even the worldwide famous chef Gordon Ramsay has his own authentic potato salad recipe, which tastes immaculate.

So, if you have got some potato salad, you can eat it with chicken, hamburger, steak, barbecued ribs, fish, baked beans, coleslaw, corn, fruits, eggs, and many more.

This article shall tell you about what goes best with potato salad, so let’s dive right in.

1. Chicken

Chicken Breast vs Tenderloin

Any sort of chicken is a great dish to go with potato salads.

Some of the recommended types of meat include grilled chicken. It is a healthy option for your potato salad and tastes great with an addition of mayonnaise.

It is also easy to make, and when selecting the part you are going for, thighs are more cheaper and delicious. To maximize the flavor of grilled chicken, you can put the potatoes and chicken together so that they blend well.

You can also roast your chicken to get the smoky flavor of a barbecue. Smear lemon over the meat to get an additional light and tart flavor. Lemon, chicken, and potatoes pair well together.

Other types of chicken you can pair your potato salad with are drumsticks, nuggets, roast chicken, barbecue chicken, chicken wings, and batter-fried chicken, to name a few.

As you can tell, this is the best dish to pair with potato salad. 

2. Hamburger


Hamburgers make a great pairing to go with potato salads.

Just like potato salads which are often found at backyard barbecue parties, burgers are also the first thing one remembers when thinking of a gathering like that.

Hamburgers and hot dogs are easy to make as they just require grilling of the meat.

Usually, burgers are always paired with fries that are cooked in deeply fried oil. This is extremely unhealthy and pairing your burgers with potato salads also makes for a healthy and tasty meal.

In case you are unsure about grilling burgers or want to try something new, you can start with making sliders. These are mini burgers made by experimenting with different types of cheese, veggies, sauces, and seasonings. 

3. Steak


A classic, savory steak goes very well with a side dish of potato salad.

No matter if it is beef tips or T-bone, the juiciness of the meat complements the creamy potato salad in a filling and appetizing way. You can also serve your steak and potatoes with a side of sweet curry or French dip.

There is also a unique recipe for a steak-and-potato salad which is made by mixing these two ingredients to get a special salad.

You can add your choice of dressings and sauces with it to make a filling meal.

4. Barbecued Ribs

Potato salad paired with a juicy set of barbequed ribs is a classic, festive meal. The sweet and savory sauces from the barbequed ribs go well with the creaminess of the potatoes.

You can cook your ribs on the oven or grill and adjust their flavor accordingly. Always remember to adjust your sauce according to the number of ribs you are using. 

5. Fish


You have heard of the classic game night snack, fish, and chips. These two are paired together because both are extremely versatile and can be had in many different ways.

You can have tuna mixed with mayonnaise and then make it into sandwiches to serve with your sweet potatoes. You can also serve your fish grilled.

Choose a type with lots of flavors such as tilapia, salmon, halibut, trout, etc. The lightness of the fish goes well with the thick texture of the potato salad, making it a great meal.

Fish can also be served pan-seared with your potato salad. The pan-seared fish gives a crunch of crispiness to the dish.

Another way to serve it is in the form of breaded fish fillets or smoked on a grill. These bring out variations in flavor and taste as well.

6. Baked Beans

All green vegetables go very well with potato salads and make for a great vegetarian alternative to a side dish that is usually served with meat.

Beans are the best to go with this salad. And the most appetizing way to serve this dish is baked. Both store-bought baked beans and homemade ones work well.

You can even mix the baked beans into your potato salad as it will bring out a better flavor into it. Sweet and spicy baked beans act as neutralizers of the cream in the potatoes. 

7. Coleslaw

Buttermilk Coleslaw

Another vegetarian option you can go for to have with your potato salad is coleslaw.

The dish, although a salad itself, can bring out the taste in your potato salad. The best part? The flavors work well with potatoes and do not overpower their taste.

Coleslaw can be prepared by adding mayonnaise or sour cream to a bowl of shredded veggies. Whether served with the potato salad or on the side, coleslaw is a great dish to go with them.

8. Corn


Corn is a delicious and light snack that goes with almost anything and can be served in many different ways. It is extremely versatile and can go any way you cook it.

People like to enjoy it grilled, then added to a potato salad. Or they like to have it directly from the cob. A special idea for a barbecue is to grill or smoke your corn cob so that you get the smoky flavor.

You can also slab up your corn with butter to bring out more taste from your potato salad. 

9. Fruits

Fruit salad

This might be hard to believe, given the stark differences between these two items. However, surprisingly, fruit is a recommended item for serving with potato salad.

The sweet and fresh juiciness of the fruits makes it a perfect summer cooler to serve with potatoes. Fruit salads are the way to go when it comes to serving with a potato salad, but the best-recommended fruit to go with the dish is watermelon.

Watermelon hydrates you as well as gives you the necessary minerals for your body. You can easily chop up a few slices to go with your salad or top it off with a fresh scoop of ice cream for a perfect, cooling dish. 

10. Eggs

Deviled eggs

Just like meat, having eggs on the side can significantly improve the flavor of your dish.

Being a versatile food item, you can serve it any way you like with your salad, and it will still taste good – whether in an omelet or hard-boiled.

An amazing way to serve your eggs with potato salad is to add a special ingredient to your salad to turn it into deviled egg potato salad.

Remove the egg yolks before adding the seasonings with potato salad and cream your yolks the way you would for a deviled eggs recipe. 

11. Grilled Vegetables

Grilled sweet potatoes

If you want to stay healthy while also having a great meal, you can always choose to add grilled vegetables as a side for your potato salad.

They are easy to make and can even be eaten raw after a thorough cleaning. They will also help you fill up without ruining your diet.

You can add a variety of vegetables like zucchini, squash, peppers, onions, and even jalapenos to go with your salad. 

12. Clam Chowder


This is an American dish that goes well with a side of potato salad.

Clam chowder is a simple, creamy soup and can be prepared with just a few ingredients. It works well with potatoes, whether hot or cold. Adding a few meat topics such as bacon or sausage can do the trick.

When picking meat, it is best if you go for bacon or sausages. You can also choose to serve the chowder by mixing the potatoes into it. 

13. Beans

Apart from being baked, there are other ways to serve your green beans.

You can sauté them to make a light side dish which can help with the thick creaminess of the potato salad. If you are a picky eater and have a hard time eating greens, you can use parmesan to make a batter and fry the beans in it.

This makes for a crispy side dish that can hardly go wrong due to its easy preparation. If you are not impressed by this batter recipe, you always boil, stir-fry, or steam beans as French beans go very well with potato salads, no matter how you cook them. 

14. Bratwurst


All kinds of sausages will go well with potato salads, but serving bratwursts instead of your general sausage is worth a try.

Bratwurst is a special kind of German sausage made from ground pork, beef, or veal. They also have a synthetic or natural casing made with animal intestines or skin.

The flavors in these sausages are strong. And you will taste the difference when you have them instead of your normal kind of sausages.

Bratwurst sausages are seasoned with several spices, including ginger, nutmeg, coriander, or caraway which goes well with the creamy salad. 

15. Meatloaf


When we say that all sorts of meat go with potato salads, we also mean meatloaf.

Meatloaf is a fantastic, savory dish that can be made with many types of meats. The best part? It has many variants and can be cooked easily with potato salad on the side.

The general American way to serve meatloaf is with mashed potatoes, but the latter has a similar texture. Potato salads that have a slight crunch to them work much better with this type of dish.

Related Questions

What the Main Dish Goes Well With Potato Salad?

A lot of main dishes that have meat as their main ingredient can go with potato salad. These include anything from barbecue ribs and pan-seared fish to hot dogs and grilled hamburgers. 

What Side Dishes Go With Potatoes?

Many side dishes go with potatoes. Grilled corn, grilled vegetables, pasta salad, fruit salad, chips, and salsa, to name a few. Baked beans go best with potatoes. 

Is Potato Salad an Accompaniment?

Yes, potato salad is mainly a side dish to have with some other main dishes. However, with how filling and delicious it is, it can easily be had as part of your meal. 

What Goes With Potato Salad for Dinner?

Any sort of meat topped with a side of potato salad will make a great dinner. You can go for any of the meats mentioned in this list. A personal recommendation is to have a combination of pork ribs with potatoes. 

What to Serve With Potato Salad as a Vegetarian?

There are many things you can have with potato salad as a vegetarian. The dish goes well with fresh vegetables, especially beans.

You can also barbecue or smoke your veggies as it gives a great flavor to the dish. You can also have coleslaw or garlic-sautéed asparagus to enhance your potato salad.  

What to Have With Potato Salad for Lunch?

Potato salad goes best with any sort of meat, but if you have it for lunch, vegetables would be the best option to go with it. You can also add baked beans, coleslaw salad, asparagus, or corn as something light to eat with your meal. 

Bon Appetite!

Potato salads are perfect for cookouts and backyard barbecue parties. Hence, anything off the grill, like meat or steak, goes very well with this delicious side dish.

A lot of people also choose to have potato salad by balancing out colors such as meat for red, potatoes for yellow, and lastly, any sort of vegetable for green.

Hot potato salad can go with almost anything.

We also consume potatoes daily as fries, chips, or mashed next to our meals. The versatility of this vegetable is what makes it so popular. Hence, do not hesitate to experiment and find out other things that go well with this delicacy.

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