Whipping Cream vs Whipped Cream: What’s The Difference?

Whipped Cream

Whipping cream and whipped cream are often confused due to their similar name. However, it is important to be able to differentiate them if you want to make the most of the dishes you use them in.

Essentially, both whipped and whipping cream are fairly the same in terms of ingredients. But the whipping cream will have to be whipped while you can use the whipped cream as it comes.

Let’s talk more in-depth about these two types of cream that you can easily find on the market and how you can use them!

Whipping Cream vs Whipped Cream: Comparison Chart

Features  Whipping cream  Whipped cream 
Ingredients  Skimmed fat cream from cow’s milk  Skimmed fat cream from cow’s milk, sugar, flavoring 
Recipes  In coffee or other drinks, as a thickener in sauces and toppings, as an ingredient to whipped cream Desserts, decorative purposes 
Cooking  Plain or mixed to make whipped cream Ready to eat

Can I Use Whipped Cream Instead of Whipping Cream?

You might not always find whipping cream or whipped cream. However, the good news is that you can use either one of these two for all your recipes.

Whipping cream and whipped cream are often used interchangeably since they have very similar ingredients.

If you use a cream that is already whipped, you will save time so your dish will be ready faster. If you decide to use whipping cream, you will have to whip it anyway to use it in your recipe which is why using directly whipped cream can be a valuable shortcut in your cooking process.

Fresh Cream vs Whipping Cream for Cake

A common question regarding the type of cream to use for your desserts is, should you go for fresh cream or whipping cream? Luckily, the answer is not complicated at all.

whipped cream

Fresh cream

It might be tempting to go for the fresh cream because it is so accessible in supermarkets and it tends to have the best price as well, however, using fresh cream for your cake would be a mistake that you will soon get to regret.

Fresh cream has a low level of fat ( usually under 30%). Thus, it is unfit for decorating desserts in general and cakes in particular. This type of cream should not even be an option when you want to make a great-looking cake.

However, you can use it in your coffee and add thickness to certain toppings, being them sweet or savory ones, so it is still worth it to have some handy in your kitchen

Whipping cream

Whipping cream will be a much better choice to use on your cake, even if heavy cream is the best. It has a content of fat of 30-35% which is enough to make it a good decorative cream to use.

You will use whipping cream in the same way you use heavy cream and the results will be fairly similar. Whipping cream is also easier to find than heavy cream.

A significant difference between whipping cream and heavy cream is that it will not stay firm on your cake for just as long. However, if you don’t intend to prepare your cake days before eating it, whipping cream is one of your best options.

As a friendly note, know that you can use whipping cream on all kinds of desserts such as tarts or waffles and different cookies and you will not regret it.

It is a lighter choice when you don’t look forward to using heavy cream and it has a very pleasant and soft texture too.

How to Turn Whipping Cream Into Whipped Cream?

As we stated previously, if you use whipping cream, you will have to turn it into whipped cream for most desserts. You can use it in its liquid form in coffee or tea as well as other drinks but this type of cream is intended for whipping.

Get a package of whipping cream of your choice as there are several ones on the market, sugar and some vanilla flavoring (optional). You can use any type of sugar, just don’t overdo it. Keep tasting your cream and decide if it needs to be sweeter as you make it.

You will have to use a cold whipping cream at room temperature or warmer cream will not end up as firm as you most likely want it to be.

Add the package of whipping cream to a mixing bowl along with sugar and vanilla extract if you like vanilla. Mix it with a mixer for one or two minutes but keep your eyes on it.

If you don’t mix it enough, you will end up with a whipped cream that is too runny. If you whip it too long it will become grainy and will lack the soft texture you aim to achieve.

The general rule says that you don’t have to mix it for more than 2-3 minutes. But it depends on the mixer you use as well as the type of whipping cream you purchased.

The bonus when it comes to whipping cream is that you can whip it to the consistency you want and make it as sweet as you want to.

Double Cream vs Heavy Cream

In Britain, double cream is the same as heavy cream. However, if we compare it to the American version of heavy cream, we will notice that double cream is richer in fat.

Double cream has 48% fat which makes it consistent and firm. It has a thicker texture than the American heavy cream and it will stay more sturdy on cakes and pies.

Also, you can count on double cream for maintaining its decorative design for a few days if you store your dessert right.

Since double cream is so rich in fat, it will not take you long to whip it at all. One minute is all you need to turn a package of double cream into a firm cream to use for your dessert.

Note that double cream is not suitable for drinks as it might be too firm for your taste and it will not mix well with your coffee, tea or any other beverage of choice.

Use this type of cream for cake and tarts and other desserts that you want to have a great aspect that lasts longer.


You can easily create the type of whipped cream you want from a package of whipping cream in just a couple of minutes. But if you don’t have the time or the mixer to do that, buying whipped cream is most likely the best option.

You will find it in stores right next to the whipping cream and heavy cream so you can decide which one to choose according to your needs and preferences.

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