8 Best Dry Milk Substitutes

Dry Milk

Milk is a staple ingredient in many recipes. It is not only used for drinking and added in coffee, tea, or any other drink, but it is very useful in cooking too.

Since there are more forms, dry milk is a variant of milk that is also used in cooking. Usually, it is utilized in baking and in cakes. It adds a nice flavor and tenderness.

One of the best advantages that dry milk provides is that it won’t cause any effects on the other ingredients. Milk powder is considered to be an economical variant, especially for people who don’t use fresh milk too often.

It has a low moisture content, so you won’t need to refrigerate it. Dry milk will have a long shelf life. You can easily find dry milk at your local store so it wouldn’t be a problem.

It’s good to use for people who have allergies and vegans. However, what if you run out of dry milk or you are in a hurry and want to use a replacement, is it possible?

Can I substitute dry milk? Yes, dry milk has its substitutes such as Regular milk, Coconut dry milk, Soy milk powder, Rice powder, Cashew powder, Potato milk powder, Evaporated milk, and other liquid substitutes.

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Substitutes for Dry Milk

If you run out of dry milk or you want to try another option if it will be good for your recipe, we have gathered the best substitutes.

Most replacements are dairy-free and suitable for vegans and people who have allergies. Further, keep in mind the proportion when replacing so you can get similar results. Read below to find the best replacement for your recipe. 

1. Regular milk


Your first best option is to use regular, fresh milk as a way to replace dry milk. Since the dry option is just a variant of the regular milk, this is very suitable for many recipes. There are many benefits that can come out of using fresh regular milk.

Actually, it has a very nutritious content and the flavors are very similar to powdered milk. Keep in mind that milk is liquid, use it in recipes that call for water like soups, some baking goods, or any other recipe.

Make sure to use proper amounts since the texture will not be as solid as it should be. For every ¼ cup of milk powder use 1 cup of regular milk. The fatter the milk, the creamier and richer the final results will be. 

2. Coconut dry milk


Another suitable replacement for dry milk is actually coconut dry milk. Since this type of dry milk comes from the dried and shredded flesh of the coconut, this milk is very similar to dry milk.

Moreover, coconut milk powder has more fat and is good for replacing whole fat milk powder in your cooking. It is often used in soups, curries, sauces, and other recipes. And it is another vegan and lactose-free option that will be good for you.

When replacing, you can use a ratio of 1:1 unless you have some other instructions. Due to the fatness, your recipes will be creamier and even richer. It is also useful for making bread. 

3. Soy milk powder

Soy Milk

Another dry variant that can be used as a way to substitute dry milk is by using soy milk powder. This is also a non-dairy option which is very similar to dry milk.

It has a long shelf life and is nutritious. It is a white powdered product that can be mixed with warm and cold water.

You have a few options from soy milk, meaning there are plain, flavored, or combined with sugar and calcium. It is suitable for vegans and can be found in most stores.

One of the best advantages that come with soy milk is that it doesn’t spoil. When cooking you can replace a ratio of 1:1 of dry milk for soy milk.

You can add it to desserts, baking goods, or any other recipe to increase the proteins. Also, you can always store soy milk in your fridge or freezer and use it whenever. 

4. Rice powder

rice flour

RIce powder or also known as rice flour is another way to replace dry milk in your cooking. Very suitable for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant.

It is plant-based and can last for a very long time. However, rice powder can be sweeter than dry milk, so it’s best to use it for recipes like desserts or some baking goods.

It may be harder to find it in stores, but if you do, you won’t regret using it. Use equal amounts when replacing in most recipes or adapt based on the other ingredients. 

5. Cashew powder

The best way to mimic the creamy sweet flavors and texture of dry milk is to use cashew powder. It is a good option for many dishes, baking goods, and savory recipes that call for dry milk.

The cashew powder will mix all together with the other ingredients. It will provide a nice smooth texture. Adapt it in your recipe or use equal parts when replacing the recipes. 

6. Potato milk powder

Potato Flour

You probably wouldn’t think of this option, but potato milk powder is another way to replace dry milk in your cooking. It is another non-dairy milk that is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and has many other health benefits.

There is an upside to the potato milk powder since it can be made at home by blending cooked potatoes with water and sweetener. Potato milk powder tastes better, and you can use it in most recipes that call for dry milk. Adapt based on the recipe and how much it is required.

7. Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk

A milk-based substitute for dry milk is evaporated milk. Actually, evaporated milk is actually a canned cow’s milk which is also referred to as unsweetened condensed milk.

This type of milk is thicker, so when heated up the color may become darker. You can use it in most recipes and adapt based on the recipe.

You should use equal amounts as the recipe requires or less since it is thicker. Use in soups, sauces, omelets, and many other dishes.

8. Liquid substitutes

Almond Milk

Actually, there are another few options that are relatable and a good replacement for dry milk in your cooking. You can use oat or almond milk as a way to replace dry milk in most recipes.

Use the same amount as is needed in the recipe or adapt accordingly. Both kinds of milk are made and based on plants which give nutritious benefits. They will easily be adapted and mixed with the other ingredients in your recipe.

Related Questions

Can I omit dry milk from the bread recipe?

You can omit dry milk and use other ingredients instead in your cooking. This is especially true if you are baking. Most people use water. Or you can add milk or buttermilk to avoid using powdered milk. 

How do I substitute milk for powdered milk?

You can substitute 1 cup of milk for every ¼ cup of dry milk. You can reduce the amount of water that is required in the recipe by a cup. Keep in mind that the fatter the milk the richer and creamier your recipe will get.

What does milk powder do in baking?

When you use milk powder in baking, you add extra sweetness. The texture becomes creamier, making your baking goods even better. Actually, the sugars from the milk powder caramelize when they are baked and will add a nice tone of richness.

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