Can You Microwave Cookie Dough: Learn Here!

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Microwaving cookie dough might sound like a fast and efficient idea!

However, can you do it safely and still end up with delicious cookies in just a few minutes? Keep reading and you will find everything you need to know about microwaving your cookie dough!

You can use your microwave for cooking cookie dough, however, you should expect some differences in taste and texture since this method is different than the classic method. 

Microwaving Cookies Dough: Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to microwave the cookies dough, here are some important steps to follow in order to be successful. The following method goes well for both homemade cookie dough and store-bought cookie dough.

Unwrap The Cookie Dough


If you bought the cookie dough, it will come in plastic wrapping and most likely frozen.

Just unwrap the cookie dough you want to cook before you place it in the microwave. If your dough came frozen, you will not have to defrost it.

For the homemade dough, you can use the microwave instead of your oven, without any further preparation.

However, doing so will take you just less than a minute as supposed to the oven which requires more time to bake the dough properly.

Put It In The Microwave 

Once your cookie dough is ready you will have to put them on a plate or in a container that is microwave friendly.

You want to use a wide container so that you don’t place the cookies on top of each other, especially if they have any type of filling or toppings.

Microwaving cookies on top of each other will make the fillings melt as well as ruin the aesthetic of your final cookies.

Give The Cookie Dough Time To Cook

Microwaving your cookies will not take more than a minute.

If you use raw dough you can start by microwaving it for 20 seconds for a more chewy texture. For crispier cookies, aim for a time of 40 seconds to 60 seconds. If your cookies are too thin, 60 seconds might be too much in the microwave.

Most brands recommend microwaving the cookies for 40 seconds to obtain the perfect result.

Allow Your Cookies To Cool Down Before Serving

Once your take your cookies out of the microwave, they might have hot spots. To avoid burning yourself, give them 1 minute to cool down before you enjoy them or serve them to your friends and family.

How Long Do You Microwave Cookie Dough?

The time you bake your cookie dough in the microwave will vary according to the thickness of the cookies as well as the power of your microwave.

On average, 40 seconds should be enough to obtain the cookies you want with minimum effort. If you made your own cookie dough, make sure to not make it very thick so it will get cooked faster.

Also, take into account your personal preferences before you microwave your cookie dough. Some people prefer the dough to be medium cooked and if that is your taste as well, 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave might be enough to obtain the result you want.

Keep in mind that raw dough is not healthy for you, so try to cook it all the way through even if you don’t like the crispy texture.

Can You Microwave Pillsbury Cookie Dough?

Pillsbury is a very popular brand of cookie dough. However, they don’t recommend microwaving their products. Still, you can try to microwave the popular Pillsbury cookie dough as long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Pillsbury cookie dough that is microwaved will not have the same golden crisp you would obtain from baking it in the oven.

Most likely, the brand doesn’t recommend using this method as the result is not as good as the result of baking the cooking by using the traditional method.

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough In A Mug?

You can microwave the cookie dough in a microwave-safe mug. Keep in mind that your dough will have the shape of a mug if you use this method.

Do not microwave several cookies on top of each other in the same mug because they can melt into each other and they will not look so appealing.

This method is ideal for microwaving one cookie that is thick and you want it to take the shape of the mug so you can enjoy it just like that.

Microwave Cookie Dough No Egg

You can microwave any type of cookie dough, from that with eggs to the recipes that don’t include eggs.

However, when you microwave cookie dough that has no egg, you should get cookies that have a more crumbly texture and are not so chewy as those with eggs.

Make sure to microwave your cookie dough without egg for 40 seconds to one minute to make sure it is edible.

Can You Thaw Cookie Dough In The Microwave?

If you want to defrost the cookie dough in the microwave, time is a crucial factor to consider. You will need to put the dough on a container or plate that is safe to use in the microwave and only let it cook for a few seconds.

If your dough comes split into small pieces, around three seconds in the microwave is all it takes to defrost it. For thicker pieces of dough, you can microwave for ten seconds. If you do it for more than ten seconds, your dough will start to cook and bake rather than just thaw.

Can You Cook Cookie Dough On The Stove?

If you want to cook your cookie dough on the stove, you will have to pay close attention to different aspects in order to be successful.

You will need a pot that is big enough to accommodate your cookies as well as a fitting lid so the heat will be evenly distributed. If you cook your cookies on the stive without a lid, you will not obtain an even level of heat and you risk burning your cookies on one side.

Preheat the pan as well before you add the cookie dough. Then, wipe its surface with a thin layer of oil. The oil will help your cookies not get burned and cook evenly.

When your dough reaches a yellow shade, turn it over to cook it on the opposite side.

By using this method you should cook your cookie dough for about 3-5 minutes. The time depends on the stove you use as well as how thick is your dough since the thicker it is, the longer it will take to cook.

Experiment with a small quantity of dough before you cook all your dough on the stove. Most cookie dough recipes are made for being baked in the oven. Therefore, it can be hard to keep an even level of heat on the stove.

Another important aspect that we want to mention is the cookware. Ensure it is moisture-free before you start using it. This will help you not end up with mushy cookies that crumble as soon as you take them out to serve.

Can You Eat Raw Cookie Dough?

Raw cookie dough is not considered safe to eat because it can contain bacteria that come from eggs or flour. Even if you have cookie dough without eggs, you should still prepare it in the microwave, in the oven, or on the stove before you can enjoy it.

However, this doesn’t mean that every time you eat raw dough you will get sick. If the dough is not contaminated with bacteria or other germs, your risks are minimum.

Important note: Young children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, as well as people with a compromised immune system, should avoid consuming raw cookie dough due to the risks of contamination. 

Pay attention to kids as they tend to enjoy eating raw cookie dough as you are preparing their sweets. And they have sensitive digestive systems that could be affected.

The same risks are present for animals even dogs. However, they tend to have a stronger immune system and are more resistant to raw dough consumption.

Final Words

Use the microwave methods on any type of dough, besides the cookie dough as long as you are happy with the result. Microwaved cookies will not turn the same as baked cookies. But they can still have a tasty flavor and help you satisfy one of your cravings.

We have to stress that you need to use microwave-safe containers only. Also, never cook your cookie dough for more than one minute.

Once you master this method, you will amaze all your family and friends with your speed in the kitchen. You will also enjoy fast and delicious sweet snacks in just a few seconds.

We recommend adding chocolate toppings or vanilla cream on top of your cookies to give them an extra flavor and create an even more satisfying dessert for you and your family.

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