Cane Sugar vs Granulated Sugar: What’s the Difference?

cane sugar

Choosing the type of sugar for your dessert or your sweet drinks can be challenging. There are many types of sugar on the market and once you understand the differences between them, you will definitely know what to choose.

Ultimately, you will choose the type of sugar you like or the type you can get your hands on as all of them will sweeten your dishes the way you want to. However, that doesn’t mean that all types of sugar are the same!

Granulated sugar is made of sugar beets and sugarcane whereas cane sugar is solely made of sugarcane. Cane sugar is also less processed compared to granulated sugar and other types of sugar on the market.

You will also notice that cane sugar has a bigger grain and is darker than the color of granulated sugar. Let’s learn more about the differences between these types of sugar.

Cane Sugar vs Granulated Sugar Comparison

Characteristics  Cane sugar  Granulated sugar 
Ingredients  Sugarcane  Sugarcane, sugar beets 
Color  Blonde shade  White or brown 
Flavor  More intense than granulated sugar  Less intense than cane sugar 
Recipes  Baked desserts, sweet drinks. Ice cream Baked desserts, sweet drinks, ice cream 

What is the Difference Between Cane Sugar and Regular Sugar?

The differences between cane sugar and regular granulated sugar are not always obvious. However, they are definitely worth knowing to decide which type of sugar is best for your needs.

First of all, the main ingredient could be different in these types of sugar. Cane sugar is created of sugarcane, whereas granulated sugar can be made of sugarcane as well as sugar beets.

The fact that the main ingredient is different will affect the way the sugar is made. Due to this aspect, cane sugar is considered natural sugar while granulated sugar is processed sugar.

Cane sugar has a more intense flavor because it is not as heavily processed as granulated sugar. However, the taste difference will not be so obvious for everyone.

To spot this difference in taste, you should try each type of sugar plain, with a sip of water in between. Drinking water after you try a type of sugar will help you get an honest flavor when you try the second kind of sugar.

In terms of color, cane sugar tends to be slightly more blonde or yellow in color. The color might be the only noticeable difference when we want to distinguish these two types of sugar, especially in baked cookies or other desserts.

There is also another difference to notice and that is their shape and appearance. The cane sugar might have a bigger grain than granulated sugar.

The difference in appearance is a result of the fact that cane sugar is less processed. You will also notice that cane sugar will melt in a long time compared to granulated sugar.

Is Cane Sugar Better Than White?

If we are to choose a type of sugar from cane sugar and granulated sugar, we might find that it is a complicated task. Plus, there are several factors to take into account when you make such a choice.

If you want a richer flavor, you should go for cane sugar as it is known to be more intense than granulated sugar. Keep in mind that this difference might not be so obvious to those who are not familiar with these kinds of sugar.

On the other hand, if color is important to you, and you want to keep the recipe without altering the color of the dish, you want to choose granulated sugar. This sugar can be found in white and brown versions but the flavor is similar and in some brands even identical.

So, choose the one that will match your dish in terms of color. If color is not as important for you, you might want to try using cane sugar as it will offer your food a more intense taste. 

As a useful tip, we recommend using granulated sugar in baked desserts. Not only that this sugar will not affect the color of your dish but it will also melt faster than cane sugar.

Plus, you can find it in both white and brown versions. So, you will match the color you want for your baked dessert to have but you can also count on its flavor.

Is Cane Sugar Sweeter Than White Sugar?

Cane sugar has a more intense flavor compared to white, granulated sugar. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean sweeter. You can find that cane sugar tastes more like sugarcane as it is not as processed as granulated sugar.

On the other hand, if you compare cane sugar with granulated sugar made of sugar beets, you will definitely notice a taste difference.

If you compare cane sugar with granulated sugar made of sugarcane, the level of intensity in terms of flavor will be similar, however, if you compare cane sugar to sugar beets-based granulated sugar, you will notice the difference a bit easier.

In spite of these differences, some more obvious than others, cane sugar and granulated sugar can be used interchangeably. You can use them in the same recipes and expect your dish to turn out just as tasty! However, keep in mind that the melting time might be different.

Final Thoughts

You can use cane sugar and granulated sugar interchangeably, but it is important to know that cane sugar is more natural than granulated sugar. This sugar, also known as table sugar, is easier to find in the store.

There is also a difference in prices. Even if it is not significant, it can still make a difference when you buy sugar. Cane sugar is cheaper and more common, unlike granulated sugar.

Select the type of sugar you want to use by taking into account the differences presented in this guide and make some delicious recipes for your friends and family.

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