10 Best Celery Root Substitutes

Vegetable roots can always find their way into our cooking in many recipes. Celery root is very popular and is used in soups or salads.

Celery root is a vegetable that comes from a plant which is called celeriac. It can be eaten both raw and cooked. What is very interesting about celery root is that once it is cooked, the root has a taste of potatoes and turnips.

Further, when you use the celery root raw, it has a crispy and crunchy taste. Keep in mind that before using, you have to take off the skin from the root first. However, if you don’t have any celery roots you probably wonder what you can use instead.

The best substitutes for celery root are Carrot, Parsnip, Jicama, Potato, Daikon Radish, Fennel Bulb, Parsley Root, Chopped Celery, Turnip, and Rutabaga.

These are the best ones that come very close to celery root. You can easily use them to replace the root in the recipes. Read on to learn more about each substitute, ratio, etc.

Substitutes for Celery Root

1. Carrot


The first option on our list that would be the perfect substitute for celery root is carrots. They are so easy to find and typical for many recipes. You can eat it raw or cooked and still have many health benefits as it is so nutritious.

They have a sweet taste just like the celery root. You can add carrots in soups, salads, meat dishes, and many more that call for celery. Keep in mind that you’ll not have the aroma that the celery root provides but anyhow your dish will be perfect. 

2. Parsnip


The second option that we recommend to replace celery root is the parsnip. It has a very similar taste to celery root but it has a stronger herbal smell.

The texture is also crunchy and pairs well with stews, soups, and salads. Parsnip is another healthy substitute with many health benefits. We should note that once it is cooked, it may be a bit sweeter than celery but it won’t cause any changes.

3. Jicama


Celery root finds its suitable substitute in the jicama. They look quite the same and you’ll have the same crunchy texture and mild taste just as celery root.

A useful tip is that you need to remove the skin on the jicama, slice it into thiner sticks as well. This is another healthy option that is very delicious and does not take a lot of time to cook. It can be eaten raw and even when you cook it you’ll have a nice crunchy texture. 

4. Potato

Mashing potatoes

Since celery roots deliver a potato-like taste, potatoes will be good for replacement. They are very easy to find and can do good in many recipes.

The cooked potatoes have an umami taste and savory traces. They have low calories, fiber, and a lot of vitamins and minerals. 

5. Daikon radish


A white tuber that looks like carrots is daikon radish. This is another excellent substitute. It is a root that has green tops which are edible. And you can eat it raw or cooked. The best way is to add it to salads or fried dishes.

The daikon radish has a mild pepper taste with a crunchy texture that is very similar to the celery root. You can add daikon roots in meat recipes, and that way you’ll have a nice dish with many nutritious benefits. 

6. Fennel bulb

Fennel bulb

Celery roots can be also replaced by funnel bulbs which are similar and can be good for your recipes. The crunchy texture and sweet flavor are what make them suitable for replacing each other in recipes.

The funnel bulbs have a white part and stalk with green leaves. You can eat them raw and the taste is almost like celery. They are healthy and nutritious which is good for many recipes.

Keep in mind since the fennel bulb is softer it means that it cooks quicker than the celery root. Add it once the meal is almost cooked since you don’t want it to be overcooked or mushy.

7. Parsley root


Another type of root that can be good for replacing celery root is the parsley root. It also has a crispy texture and beige color.

Once it is cooked, it has a silky consistency and creamy taste. It is very nutritious and works well in most recipes that call for celery root. It is ideal for baked, boiled, or steamed recipes. 

8. Chopped celery


Celery root can be always replaced by chopped celery since they are practically the same. The chopped ones provide more juiciness and the taste is practically the same.

The crunchy taste and salty flavors are what the chopped celery will provide and it would be perfect for most of the recipes that call celery root. 

9. Turnip


Turnip is one of the most commonly used roots which can be a great substitute for celery root. It is crunchy with a firm texture.

Also, the turnip has a bit of a PCI taste with a sweet, nutty, and earthy taste when it is cooked. It is very similar to celery root in taste and texture. Thus, you can use it in most recipes that call for celery root. 

10. Rutabaga


Rutabaga is a root that comes from a hardy biennial plant. This is another replacement for celery root. It has leaves that are similar to cabbage but they are smoother. Actually, the flesh of Rutabaga is yellow and has a firm texture.

Even though the taste of rutabaga is slightly different from celery root, it can be served in many recipes. Once it is cooked, it has a sweet flavor with savory traces.

The warmth of the rutabaga and the looks of it remind of celery root which makes it suitable for most of the recipes. Consume it raw, roast, cooked, mashed and you can add in soups and stews as well.

Related Questions

Can you substitute celery for celery root?

Yes, you can. Celery can be used instead of celery root in various ways. There is a difference between the two in the taste, where the root tastes creamier and it has a sweeter taste. Add it to salads or in many other recipes.

Is celery and celery root the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. They come from the same family of vegetables, but they have differences.

Does celery root taste like potatoes?

Yes, celery roots taste like potatoes and it has a high amount of vitamin B6.

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