How Many Slices Are In A 16-inch Pizza?

16-inch Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Okay maybe some people don’t, but plenty of people around the world love pizza. There are always speculations about where pizza really originated. The place it did originate is in fact Naples, Italy.

What is considered our modern pizza was inspired by similar flatbread dishes from Naples in either the 18th or the 19th century. It was invented as a fast and affordable way to eat on the go for the Neapolitans that were working.

Even though that was the reason, pizza didn’t really gain any mass appeal to the public until somewhere in the 1940s when the pizza was brought to the United States by immigrating Italians.

Now that we have some background on where pizza came from and around the time it became popular, how many slices are in a 16-inch pizza? How many can a 16-inch pizza feed? We will have all the answers for you down below so keep on going.

Is A 16-inch Pizza Enough For 4?

The short answer to this is yes. This size is big enough to feed four people but if you have more guests, a bigger size or multiple 16-inch pizzas should work. This size along with the 14-inch, are ideal sizes for small families.

You can get 8 decent-sized slices out of a 16-inch pizza. This is enough to get at least 2 slices for each person. Which is usually the perfect amount for a small party or get-together. Although it is ideal for a 16-inch to be for 4 people since there are 8 slices you could also do 8 people with 1 slice per person.

If you were really wanting to feed 12 people or 6 people at 2 slices, it is possible with a 16-inch pizza. However, doing it this way will keep the slices very skinny and small. It would be better to get more than one if you have more than 4 or 8 people.

How Many Pizzas Do I Need For 8 Adults?

The average amount of 16-inch pizzas that should be bought if there are 8 adults, is two. Two should be more than enough, coming in at 16 total pizza slices, 8 each pizza. This will give each adult at least two slices if that’s what they prefer.

If you are doing a 14-inch or a 12-inch pizza for 8 adults, however, you will need at least 3 pizzas in total. You can still get about 8 slices for each pizza. These pizzas are a little smaller than 16 inches, which makes the pizza slices smaller.

One of the smallest sizes there is for pizza is 8 inches to 10-inch pizzas. If you buy these sizes, you’ll need 4 pizzas to feed 8 adults. Since these are the smallest sizes, they are not the ideal size for 8 adults let alone any more than that considering this size can get 6 slices out of each one. Even if you were to do this size for a kids’ birthday party, it might pass. Realistically though, small pizzas can feed around 2 maybe even 3 people per one pizza.

The way these were calculated, was the number of people, and the average appetite size of people(these were based on an average appetite), pizza size, and finally, the crust (these are based on the regular crust).

large Pizza

How Many People Does A 16-inch Pizza Feed Cut In Squares?

This is a popular and valid question about pizza. How many can a 16-inch feed if it is cut in squares? It can feed around 12 people cut in squares, but around 6 to 8 people in triangles.

Since there are many factors that play a role in how many people maybe need to be fed, the appetite, the number of pizzas bought, as well as who is eating any pizza at all, this can affect how many people will/can eat the pizza.

It all depends on how big of an appetite your group of people has, but normally a 16-inch pizza can feed from 6 to 8 people comfortably. If you happen to have a group of people that have a moderate appetite, you could possibly squeeze out 3 or 4 more people, maybe. If there is just a small appetite, there will be more pizza for more people to enjoy.

This is pretty ideal for a larger group of people, so even if there are some that just aren’t pizza people or small appetite, pizza is almost always the first thing gone at a party or gathering.

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Is 16 Inches A Large Pizza?

We’ve talked about all of the sizes of pizza, so would a 16-inch be considered a large pizza or not? Well, according to plenty of sources, a 16-inch and an 18-inch pizza size are considered an extra large, or party size. However, this may not be the case for every restaurant as every restaurant has its own sizing charts they go by.

If you prefer thin crust over regular crust, a 16-inch pizza may be considered a large instead, because there is less crust. The thin crust can also feed from four to possibly 6 people. There are many reasons to want a 16-inch pizza, from being very hungry yourself, which will make a large thin crust the best choice. Otherwise, if you are planning on feeding more than one or two people, a couple of smaller pizzas should work best.

Pizza size is extremely important so you know how much you’re going to eat yourself or how much your group of people will. It also depends on how you’re planning on getting it. There is a very very popular choice of getting a pizza. That is by ordering the pizza from a pizza place for either pickup or delivery.

Knowing your pizza size for this is important because you need to know that a 16-inch could be either a large or an extra large, which is why you want to ask if you can get a 16-inch or something smaller if you p[refer.

There is another reason why knowing the size of pizza you need is important is making it homemade. When you are deciding either for the first time or you’ve done it this way for a while, it is always important to find out how many people you may need to make a pizza(s) for.

10-Inch Pizza Compared To A 16-Inch Pizza

A 10-inch is a small pizza size that has 6 slices to it. Even though this is a small pizza, it isn’t personal pizza size, those are 6 to 8 inches. This type of pizza isn’t recommended for a party. It is recommended that a small 10-inch pizza can feed around 4 to 6 people since it does have 6 slices.

A 16-inch is estimated to be around 2.6 times larger than a 10-inch pizza. This shows that a 16-inch is ideal for a group or large party of people.

Let’s look at the square feet of these two pizzas, just to get a deeper understanding of how much bigger a 16-inch is compared to a 10-inch.  Even though, yes, we can tell by looking at the inches, this will be even deeper than that which might even be good information to have.

A 10-inch pizza is around 79 square feet of delicious, and saucy pizza. It is also around 25 centimeters in diameter. A 16-inch pizza has roughly around 200.96 square inches to it. It reaches around 40.6 centimeters in diameter, which is a significant amount more than 10 inches.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Pizza?

There are so many different pizza sizes in the world nowadays that we could use to feed parties or individuals and it would be great to go through them and how many they can feed. This could potentially be a guide for you to use!

The smallest size, and the one we didn’t cover really at all, is the personal size pizza. This pizza is from 6 to 8 inches and it is definitely made for just a single person to eat. I’m sure that if there were two people, it will still feed that many. A 6 to 8-inch pizza can have up to 4 slices each.

The next smallest size is called a small and it is around 10 inches. There are many people that can get an advantage out of this pizza as it has 6 slices, and can feed 4 to 6, maybe more. We have so much information that you have already read about.

A medium pizza, large, and an extra large can be cut into 8 to 12 slices and can feed quite a few people because of this. If you have more than around 12 people for a party or gathering or whatever it may be, you’d want more than just one pizza. This is also true for the above sizes as well.

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