How To Defrost Cookie Dough: 3 Easy & Quick Methods

cookie dough

No one could deny a batch of fresh-baked cookies. The smell will fill your room, enticing you to eat them alongside a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a nice relaxing evening.

Different types of cookies have different ingredients inside. Furthermore, if you have prepared the dough, but you don’t need to bake it right now, you can always freeze it. In order to save time, now you have the option to make delicious cookies from frozen dough.

You can either buy the dough or simply make it at home and bake it afterward. Bake cookies whenever since your dough is already prepared and ready for use.

However, before freezing the dough you have to make sure that it is perfectly wrapped and kept safely to avoid any bacteria. The dough can last up to six weeks in the freezer.

But you may wonder how to bake the frozen dough. Do you need to thaw it first or what other tips and tricks are there?

How to defrost the cookie dough? There are many ways to defrost the cookie dough. But the safe ways include refrigerating the cookie dough to thaw it better, microwaving it for faster thawing, or baking it directly from the freezer without the dough being defrosted.

Even though it is better to thaw before baking, there are types of dough that don’t need that. Furthermore, there are additional tips that will help you make a clear distinction between the doughs, which are good to be frozen and thawed, which are not.


Defrosting Cookie Dough

There are different types of cookie dough that contain different ingredients. Thus, if you have planned something in the near future but you don’t want the cookies to be baked beforehand, you can always freeze the dough and bake it afterward.

For those reasons, we have listed tips that will be useful in cases like this. Also, read more about which type of dough can be placed in the freezer and which not.

1. Refrigerator thawing

The first and most recommendable way to defrost the cookie dough is to place it in the fridge and leave it overnight.

Also, you should know that you can always make some shapes before freezing the dough, which afterward will help to thaw it and split it easier. It usually takes about 2-3 hours for the dough to thaw so it can be good for baking.

Do not leave the cookie dough while it is still frozen at room temperature. Put it directly in the fridge. 

2. Microwave thawing

One of the fastest ways to thaw cookie dough is to put it in the microwave. That way you’ll get the texture to soften so it can be good to cut it afterward.

Here you need to know that you have to hit the right temperature to only soften the dough and not overheat it or even cook it.

It needs only a few seconds and then you need to remove it. Afterward, the dough is good for molding and baking. Further, below are tips that you need to follow in order to get there:

  • Take the cookie dough out of the freezer
  • Put it in the microwave for 2 or 3 seconds in defrosting mode
  • Take it out and pound the dough with a rolling pin
  • Place it in the microwave for an additional 2 seconds
  • If the dough is not cut beforehand, now is the time to do it
  • After that 10 extra seconds will be enough
  • Afterward, the dough will be softened enough and ready for baking. 

3. Baking the cookie dough directly from the freezer

If you are in a hurry and you need the cookies to be baked immediately, you can always place the dough frozen as it is and bake it. There is no need for you to thaw it beforehand if you don’t have the time.

Put the dough balls on the baking sheet and bake it 2-3 minutes longer than usual. People prefer to bake it directly to save time on thawing and to avoid spreading it too thin. 

Extra Tips

Since the cookie dough contains fat like butter, it tends to freeze well and the doughs that have whipped egg whites it is harder for the texture to freeze. 

It is better to shape the dough or at least cut it before freezing. That way it will be easier for baking or at least thawing the dough. Also, make sure that you place it in a freezer bag for protection.

An important thing to note here when it comes to cookie doughs is that not all of them need thawing and not all of them can be baked directly.

Cookie doughs like snickerdoodle and chocolate chip doughs have a different way. It’s not a problem for you to bake them directly from the freezer. However, they may not turn out as they should.

The taste will be the same, but the spread and size won’t be the same as if the dough was fresh or thawed. It is recommended for you to place it in the fridge and thaw it for at least 24h.

As I already mentioned, cookies with eggs in the texture tend not to freeze well including cookies like macaroons and meringues. It is better to bake these cookies first and freeze them afterward if necessary. 

Also if you need the dough to soften before baking you can also leave the dough near the warm stove. Pound it with a rolling pin once you notice that the texture gets softer. 

Cut the dough into small pieces so you’ll dough will come to the right temperature before baking. You can also leave it on a radiator as a heating source. This way it will help you speed up the process.

Related Questions

How long does cookie dough take to defrost?

It may take up to 24-48 hours for the cookie dough to defrost depending on where you leave it. 

Do you need to defrost frozen cookie dough?

It is not necessary to defrost the cookie dough before baking. However, it is preferable. You can always place it on the baking tray and bake at least 3 minutes longer than required. 

What is the fastest way to thaw frozen dough?

The fastest way to defrost the cookie dough is to put it either in a microwave, oven or in the fridge. The microwave will be the fastest option, but always keep an eye on it while defrosting. 

How do you defrost cookie dough in the fridge?

All you have to do is place the frozen cookie dough in the fridge overnight. Afterward, the dough will be ready for baking and making nice forms out of it.

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