How to Refreeze Ice Cream?

Ice cream melting

Ice cream is a dessert that no one could refuse and resist not to try. It could freshen you up on these hot summer days. There are so many flavors that sometimes it is a challenge to choose the right scoop.

A frozen dairy dessert that comes in many sizes and flavors, but includes milk ingredients and sweetening materials that add extra flavor to it. From fruits, species, candy, or chocolate, there are many combinations that you can buy.

You’ll recognize a good ice cream by its smooth texture and extraordinary taste. However, these summer days can be a bit challenging since ice cream can melt. So, you probably question if it is safe to refreeze it once the ice cream has melted.

Are there ways that can help you save the precious ice cream that you just purchased? Can I refreeze ice cream?

Yes, but it may not be the smartest thing, since it is a dairy product that once melted the texture and structure changes. It’s not impossible to do it. But you boost the chances of developing bacteria that may cause food poisoning.

If you do decide to refreeze, read the following tips for refreezing fully and partly melted ice cream. Also, find out more about why you should rethink before even refreezing it and how to tell if the ice cream has been melted and refrozen once before.

Tips on How to Refreeze Ice Cream Properly

Ice cream

Since we all enjoy ice cream, especially on those hot summer days, you should eat it before it melts. The hot weather is perfect and harmful at the same time for the ice cream.

Meaning, we can freshen up. However, if you don’t eat it on time we risk the chance of the ice cream being melted. For that purpose, we will share tips on how to avoid health issues.

Melted ice cream

Once you remove the ice cream from the freezer and it melts, it is safe for you to refreeze it. However, it’s not that recommendable. The texture won’t be the same and there might be some changes in the taste. 

Ice cream is made with churning which prevents ice crystals from forming and the texture is soft and creamy. So, once the ice cream melts you increase the chance of making crystals. Because it is a dairy product, with refrigeration you increase the chance of forming bacteria.

Partly melted

If the ice cream is not completely melted it is safer to return it to the freezer. Keep in mind that the chances of forming crystals are still here. However, it is safer in a way that the texture is not completely ruined.

There might be small changes in the texture of course and the taste. But it won’t take too long for the ice cream to come back to its original texture.

In both ways, you need to be extra careful and not consume the ice cream if it is not safe anymore. Eat the leftovers as soon as possible since it is not recommended to keep refrozen ice cream overnight.

Ice cream melts very quickly at room temperature and the combination of milk and sugar will be affected as well. When you eat refrozen ice cream you boost the risk of food poisoning and you might be disappointed by the taste of it.

Reasons Why You Should NOT Refreeze Ice Cream

As we mentioned it is safe but not recommended for you to refreeze ice cream. That’s why we have decided to place some important facts why shouldn’t do it.

First of all, as we stated, it is a product that has eggs and milk, there might be bacteria growing. The first time the ice cream is frozen it is a process that takes a lot of time. If it is left in the sun and it is completely melted the chances of bacteria are really high. 

Secondly, the texture will be fully ruined if the ice cream is melted. There is also a high chance of forming ice crystals on top of the ice cream that will make the texture grainy and unconsumable.

The creamy taste will be ruined and you won’t have the same product as you already had. You should also know that if the ice cream is being kept for too long in the freezer, the chances of crystals are also high.

How Can You Tell if the Ice Cream Has Been Refrozen Once Before?

If you want to make sure that the ice cream has never been refrozen before, examine the texture of the ice cream. In case your ice cream gets grainy and there are many crystals then it has been melted before and now it has been refrozen. If it has been refrozen, buy a new one.

Related Questions

Can you refreeze the ice cream that has thawed?

It is not recommended you do it, but ice cream can be saved once melted. Always keep in mind that there is a high risk of bacteria that can grow and also the texture will not be the same.

How long does ice cream take to refreeze?

For the ice cream to refreeze it typically takes up to 45 minutes to a few hours to refreeze ice cream. You’ll notice that the texture is as it is supposed to be and you can serve it again.

How do you tell if ice cream has melted and refrozen?

The best way to tell if ice cream has been refrozen is by the texture. There will be a lot of ice crystals on top. Also, it can happen if ice cream has been kept for too long in the freeze for ice crystals to show up. Also, the creamy texture will be lost as well as the taste.

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