Matzo Meal Substitute: 15 Best Choices!

Matzo Meal

Springtime is the season when Marzo boxes and tubes of Matzo Meals are back in stock in the markets.

These are the two key ingredients for the Jewish holiday, Passover which celebrates the liberation from slavery in Egypt.

A matzo meal is very important for the holiday. It’s a breadcrumb that is made by grinding matzo crackers. Usually, it’s used to substitute breadcrumbs and flour during Passover.

It’s commonly found in many Jewish recipes like potato pancakes, matzo ball soup, baking goods, meatballs, and casseroles. However, if you cannot find any matzo meal for your recipe, is there a way to replace it?

Substitutes for Matzo Meal: Best Alternatives

Here you can find the best replacements for a Matzo meal. Keep in mind that the substitutes may not be ideal and expect the same results, but you will end up with a nice meal in the end. 

1. Matzo Cake Meal

A very similar and good substitute for a Matzo meal is the Matzo cake meal. The only difference is in the consistency. The Matzo cake meal has a similar texture as flour and it’s ideal for baking goods.

Of course, there’s a downside to this substitute: it doesn’t absorb the liquid as it should. Use this replacement for cookies or other baking goods that have crumbs.

You can use a Matzo cake meal in kneidlach, soup, and kugel. Use a ratio of a cup of Matzo cake meal for two tablespoons. Extra tip: use this replacement for finer recipes.

2. Bread Crumbs

Next on our list, you’ll find bread crumbs as a replacement for the Matzo meal. These are the perfect ingredients for your next recipe.

However, there is an important thing to mention here, bread crumbs contain yeast. This limits the recipes in that you can use the crumbs to replace the matzo meal. Since bread crumbs have more moisture, they won’t expand as you might expect.

Use this replacement to make meatloaf or kneidlach. 

3. Quinoa Flour

Quinoa flour

Quinoa flour is yet another replacement for recipes that require a Matzo meal. A gluten-free product that is an excellent ingredient used in baking.

The bitter undertone will fit perfectly in savory dishes and baking goods. You can also add Quinoa flour if you are making something sweet like chocolate chip cookies or maybe even chocolate cake.

Keep in mind that the taste may not fit into all of the sweet baking recipes. More importantly, you can use it in almost every recipe that calls for Matzo Meal.

4. Panko Crumbs


Japanese crumbs called Panko crumbs are another way to substitute for a Matzo meal.

Crisper and lighter, these crumbs can be used in almost every recipe, except baking. Usually, Panko crumbs are used to make things crisper, so just sprinkle them on your dish before baking.

You can use them instead of matzo meals in meatballs, kugel, Pesach, rolls, or some other recipe. Keep in mind that this is not a substitute that can be added during Passover. 

5. Saltine Crackers


Crackers are another perfect replacement for matzo meals.

The unsalted crackers will be perfect for your next recipe. Easy to find and even easier to adjust in your cooking. Just put some in the blender or if you don’t have one, a bag is just fine to crush them.

You can add saltine crackers if you’re making meatloaf, matzo balls, matzo soup as well and many others.

6. Almond Meal

Matzo meal finds its replacement in almond meal.

Perfect for every sour or sweet dish, it will blend in with the other ingredients. Use this type of ingredient as a thickener or for making some fresh baking goods.

Almond meals can be used at any time, especially during Passover. 

7. Semolina

Another decent substitute for a Matzo meal is Semolina.

Use in most of the recipes to make amazing dishes. A type of flour that is made from durum wheat and contains a lot of rich elements and vitamins. People tend to enjoy it, but since it contains gluten and wheat many may not tolerate it.

The downside to this ingredient is that it’s very suitable during Passover. Use it in almost every recipe.

8. Potato Starch

Potato Starch

A commonly used ingredient and a good replacement for a matzo meal is potato starch. Very similar to cornstarch, the potato one is used as a thickener as well, especially in soups, sauces, and even pie fillings.

More importantly, it is the key ingredient for gluten-free baking. There are different types of potato starch and you can choose from grain-free, soy-free, gluten, or even dairy-free.

You can use ½ cup of potato starch for replacement or adjust based on the recipe.   

9. Plain Crushed Biscuits


For your next sweet recipe, we have plain crushed biscuits as a substitute for matzo meals.

Process them or crush the biscuits before using, them to make a nice texture for your recipe. This is especially good to add a nice crust to your pie.

The downside is that you can’t use this during Passover. 

10. Coconut Macaroons


Another good alternative is the coconut macaroons for matzo meals.

Crush them and add the macaroons to your sweet recipes. Use them in cheesecakes, pies, tarts, or whichever recipe you like. Use it throughout the year, but exclude Passover. 

11. Plain Wheat Crackers

Crispy wheat crackers are another way to swap matzo meals.

They’re sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper which is a perfect way to add some spiciness to your dish. They have low carbs and long shelf life.

Use in almost every sour recipe that requires a matzo meal. 

12. Cornmeal


Cornmeal is another ingredient to help you out if you have no matzo meal.

Made from dried corn kernels, a gluten-free product, cornmeal is the basic ingredient in many baking products. The way cornmeal and matzo meal is made is what makes them different. This means that you don’t have to expect the same results in the end.

Use cornmeal in almost every recipe.

13. Flour

A bit unusual but another substitute is flour. It can’t be used at all times, but flour can be used during Passover.

Made by grinding raw grains or seeds, flour is used in various ways. It’s a product that is already made and has a coarser texture. Use it to make finely baked goods.

14. Teff Flour

Teff Flour

Another type of flour that is good for replacing matzo meal is teff flour.

Made from cereal grains, this flour has a nutty and molasses taste. Gluten-free product with high protein, fiber, and calcium levels, this flour can be added to every recipe.

The final product is so delicious and has a nice texture. Teff flour adds extra flavor especially when it is combined with chocolate. 

15. Homemade Matzo Meal

Our last and best option is of course to make your matzo meal.

Firstly, you have to break the matzo. Use a food processor once the pieces are done to add them inside and blend until you have the texture you need. Adjust based on the recipe you are making. 

Always keep in mind that the flour and water are combined and the texture needs to be baked for 18 minutes. It can be used during Passover.

What is Matzo Meal Made of?

A matzo meal is made by grinding matzo, which is a traditional Jewish bread. It’s made by mixing flour and water.

Then, it’s rolled out for baking in a very hot oven. The texture can be soft, cracker crip, or pliable, but that depends. 

Very similar to breadcrumbs, matzo meal is a staple ingredient, especially in Jewish cuisine. Famous meals that come from Matzo meals include matzo balls and dumplings or you can just simply add it like breadcrumbs.

You can make some potato pancakes or just add them to make the food soft. More importantly, it will blend well with the other ingredients and it won’t interfere with the taste.

Related Questions

Can Flour be Substituted for a Matzo Meal?

Flour is not a good replacement for matzo meals. Only approved flours like Almond, Quinoa, or Teff flour can be used especially during Passover. They’re perfect for thickening or baking.

Can You Replace Matzo Meal With Bread Crumbs?

Yes, bread crumbs are a good replacement for matzo meals. You can add them to the casserole, pancakes, and even more recipes. You can swap in almost every recipe.

Is Matzo Meal the Same as Cornmeal?

No, matzo meal and cornmeal are not the same things. Cornmeal is made from corn and has a very different effect on the meals.

Matzo is made from matzo bread, which is ready for eating, unlike cornmeal which is undercooked.

Can You Substitute Matzo Meal for Panko?

Yes, you can easily make the swap and use panko instead of matzo meal.

Is a Cracker Meal the Same as a Matzo Meal?

No, cracker meals and matzo meals are not the same. Cracker meal is a type of breadcrumbs, which is used in Jewish cuisine.

Can I Substitute Potato Starch for a Matzo Meal?

You can use ⅓ of potato starch to replace the matzo meal. You can add this during Passover.

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