10 Best Rye Flour Substitutes

Rye Flour

Nowadays there are many types of flour that are acceptable for many people and their diets. Rye flour is one of those options which are commonly used in many cuisines all over the world.

Rye is actually a grass that is grown as a grain crop. It has lower gluten compared to other wheat flour and it is really healthy and nutritious. It is the milled form of rye grain.

You can find rye from lighter to a darker version at your local grocery store. However, if there is none at your reach or you want to use something else, is there a way to replace rye flour in your cooking?

Yes, substitutes for rye flour include whole wheat flour, spelt flour, cornflour, a combination of buckwheat flour and white flour, barley flour, amaranth flour, rice flour, chia flour, oat flour, and triticale Flour.

Read more on each flour and find what suits your recipe best. Further, you can find some other types of flours which can help you substitute rye flour when making a sourdough starter.

Best Rye Flour Substitutes

You may find it challenging to replace rye flour in your cooking, due to its uniqueness. But there is no need to worry because we have the perfect solutions for you.

We have gathered the best 10 flour types, which will fit perfectly in your cooking. Also, you’ll get very similar results and you won’t notice much of a difference.

Make sure that you know what you are looking for in your recipe and adjust the quantity based on the other ingredients. Check the list below and use the perfect flour substitute for rye. 

1. Whole-wheat flour

Wheat Flour

A very common replacement that pops into our minds when it comes to replacing rye flour is using whole wheat flour. It is white flour which is very often found in our kitchen.

It contains bran, which makes it similar and brings it closer to rye flour. It is a gluten flour option, which may not be suitable for everyone.

You can bake bread or any other baking goods. You’ll get a similar texture as if you have used rye flour. Make the swap in most recipes. 

2. Spelt Flour

Spelt Flour

Rye flour can easily be replaced by spelt flour as well. This means that they are similar and spelt flour contains a lot of nutritious benefits, like proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

More importantly, it is a gluten flour type, so it is not for everyone and every recipe. Use it especially for baking bread, or other baking products.

You can also make a combination of spelt flour with other flours. 

3. Corn Flour

Corn Flour

Something different, but still a good replacement is corn flour for rye flour. It has more calories and does not have many nutrients. But cornflour will do the job right.

It is a gluten-free variant which makes it suitable. Use to make nice cakes, cookies or some baking goods and pastry. 

4. Buckwheat flour plus white flour

Buckwheat Flour

A good combination of buckwheat flour and white flour will do the job well when it comes to substituting rye flour.

The nutty flavors and dark color of the buckwheat flour are similar to rye flour. They both contain many nutrients and they are good for baking bread or some pastry.

You can also just use buckwheat on its own, and you won’t notice much of a difference. You can also make some pancakes, muffins and some pastry.

5. Barley flour

Barley flour 

A similar type to rye flour is barley flour. It is made from barley grain and has gluten.

It is not as strong as in wheat flour. But if you are looking for a replacement for rye flour, barley flour is what you need. The nutty, sweet traces are almost the same as in rye flour.

Your baking goods and pastry will be very delicious and perfect. Also, barley has nutritious fats that are good for you. Make some pancakes, cakes or other baking goods. 

6. Amaranth flour

Amaranth flour

What makes amaranth flour a suitable replacement for rye flour are the nutrients. By using amaranth flour, you’ll add more protein to your baking goods and increase the healthiness of your meals.

Note that amaranth does not contain gluten so this opens the way for many people to use it in their recipes. Meaning, when you use amaranth you’ll get a super similar texture as if you have used rye flour.

Make the substitute in most of your recipes. 

7. Rice Flour

Brown Rice Flour

Rice flour is good to replace rye flour as well. It is made from rice and contains scratch, calories, and other nutrients but not that much.

It is another gluten-free option, which is excellent for baking. The neutral taste makes it adjustable in many recipes that require rye flour. Use it for baking or as a thickener. 

8. Chia flour

Chia seeds

A gluten-free flour that is a perfect replacement for rye flour in many recipes is chia flour.

It is a healthy and nutritious option that works great for cakes, muffins, bread, and other baking goods. It is made from ground chia seeds and is gluten-free.

The mild nutty flavor will give nice tones to your pastry and provide a slightly gummy texture. Make the substitute in most of the recipes that require rye flour. 

9. Oat flour

Oat Flour

One of the many options that can replace rye flour is oat flour. This is a good replacement especially since it has many similarities with rye flour.

The calories, proteins, and vitamins are practically the same, so it will be ideal for baking. Note that it contains gluten and it may not be suitable for everyone.

Use it to make pastry or other baking goods that require rye flour. 

10. Triticale Flour

Rye flour finds its replacement in triticale flour.

It is a powder made from a hybrid grain of rye and wheat. Typically used as a baking flour and perfect to make cookies, cakes, bread, and other baking goods.

Meaning, this flour will be suitable in most of the recipes that require rye flour. Note that it has a strong, nutty taste which is a bit different from rye flour.

You can easily adjust and replace them in most recipes. 

Rye Flour Substitute for Sourdough Starter

If you are making a sourdough starter you can basically use any grain-based flour. There are many recipes and many ways to make them.

Usually, rye flour is used to make sourdough starters because it has low gluten and makes it less slack or sticky. However, if you don’t have any rye flour, there are some other options that you can use.

Try flour made from rice, wheat, spelt, and others. Bread and barley flour also works well. You’ll get similar results and the final product will turn out to be very nice and delicious. 

Related Questions

What can I use instead of rye flour?

You can use spelt flour, Bulgur flour, and many other wheat flours to replace rye flour. All of these flours can be used in many recipes, as you’ll get a nice baked good at the end. 

Can you use all-purpose flour instead of rye flour?

All-purpose flour is more delicate and can not be a direct substitute for rye flour. This is due to the fact that they have different gluten properties. You can use half of the amount required and adjust based on the texture.

Is rye flour the same as whole wheat flour?

No, rye flour has a different taste when compared to whole wheat flour. It is important to note that rye has less gluten and when replaced you may have a different result.

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