10 Best Substitutes for Apple Juice

apple juice

Apple juice might seem one of the basic things to have in your kitchen. However, because it is so appreciated, it tends to disappear just as fast.

You can consume apple juice plain or add it to your desserts and smoothies and it will be delicious in all these combinations.

However, if you run out of apple juice, you can still have some alternatives to try out. Even if apple juice might seem difficult to replace, you will be glad to know that you can use many things instead of it.

Depending on the recipe you need to make some of these substitutes could turn out to be very close to your apple juice ingredient!

Best Apple Juice Substitutes

Replace apple juice with one of the following substitutes by taking into account your favorite preference and the recipe you are making.

1. Rice wine vinegar

Rice vinegar

One of the best options when it comes to replacing apple juice is rice wine vinegar. Thus, If you find this in the store, you want to get a few bottles because you can use them on many recipes in your kitchen.

This type of vinegar is both sweet and acidic. Thus, you will enjoy a similar taste. It has a lighter color than apple juice but that will not affect your recipe too much.

Rice wine vinegar goes great in dressings of all kinds as it has a very flexible taste and its acidity is mild. Use it as you like and in the quantities that you prefer.

Generally, you can substitute the same quantity of apple juice with the same quantity of rice wine vinegar.

2. Lemon juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the most accessible alternatives to apple juice and you can find it easily in stores. You can also make lemon juice at home if you have lemons as all you need is to squeeze them in a bowl and use the juice.

Lemon juice is acidic and will add a pleasant flavor to your food. You can use it in different salad dressings but you can also use it in smoothies and even sour soups.

Lemon juice is more acidic than apple juice. Thus, you might want to use it in smaller quantities. If your recipe calls for 1 cup of apple juice you can start by using half a cup of lemon juice. However, if you feel the need to add more, you can always do that.

3. Lime juice

Lime Juice

Using lime juice instead of apple juice is very similar to using lemon juice. It is a bit more tricky to find lime juice in stores but you can obtain it from squeezing limes at home, with no hassle.

Lime juice has a milk bitter taste that not everyone likes. But, if you don’t use too much of it, this aspect will not necessarily bother you.

Add lime juice in your salad dressings and smoothies, if you like a more refreshing taste.

4. White wine

Cooking White Wine

White wine could also substitute apple juice in your recipes as long as you use it correctly. This is a good replacement for unsweetened apple juice and it will add some level of alcohol to your dish so it is not kid-friendly.

The ratio you should follow to maintain a similar taste for your dish is using 2 tablespoons of white wine for 1 tablespoon of apple juice. White wine does have a mildly fruity and sweet flavor, similar to apples, but it lacks acidity.

5. Red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar

If you can find red wine vinegar, you will be glad to know you can use it successfully instead of apple juice. The level of acidity is similar between red wine vinegar and apple juice but the taste will be slightly different.

When you use red wine vinegar instead of apple juice, use a smaller amount. You can use 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar instead of 2 tablespoons of apple juice, to begin with.

Feel free to change this ratio according to your preferences.

6. Apple cider

Apple cider is one of the best substitutes for apple juice as well. You can find apple cider easily in stores and it comes in a version with alcohol as well as one without alcohol.

When you use apple cider instead of apple juice, maintain the same quantity but keep in mind that apple cider has a milder taste.

If you feel like the same quantity is not enough, just add more as you taste your food. Different brands of apple cider will have different concentrations of apples as well.

7. White wine vinegar

White Wine Vinegar

If you don’t have apple juice but you have white wine vinegar, you can use this as a substitute as well. You will be able to use this type of vinegar to replace unsweetened apple juice.

White wine vinegar won’t have a fruity flavor but the acidity level is similar to apple juice. Your food might taste slightly different but it will be good nevertheless.

Use white wine vinegar in smaller quantities as it has a stronger taste that differs from the taste of apple juice. You can use it in half the quantity of apple juice that your recipe calls for.

8. Orange juice

Orange Juice

Orange juice will add both the fruity taste and the acidity level you want for your food.

You can use orange juice in smoothies, dressings, sauces, and any other types of toppings as well as plain with your meal. Orange juice provides nutritional values comparable to those of apple juice so you will only gain from using this substitute.

Compared to apple juice, orange juice comes with a citric flavor that might not go well with all dishes. So, keep that in mind when you use it in cooked dishes.

9. Soda

Club soda

As surprising as this might sound, soda can also be used instead of apple juice in certain recipes. Try to use soda with a citric flavor so you get closer to the fruity taste of apple juice.

You can use soda in the same quantity as apple juice, however, taste it as you prepare your dish because depending on the soda you choose you might need to add more of it.

Soda is a good substitute for apple juice in dressings and toppings. However, you can add it to certain smoothies as well.

10. Apple syrup


Apple syrup has a more concentrated taste and is sweeter than apple juice. You can dilute it in water if you want to use it instead of apple juice.

Undiluted, apple syrup is thick and has a very potent taste. If you add water to your apple syrup you can use it to replace apple juice in all types of recipes.

You can also drink it with mineral water and ice cubes on a hot summer day!

Substitute for Apple Juice in Smoothies

If you are planning to make a smoothie with apple juice, you can always add real apples instead of the juice and water until you get the texture you want for your drink.

If you don’t have apples either, go for lemon or lime juice or even orange juice. If you have apple syrup, you can substitute apple juice with a teaspoon of syrup and see how your smoothie tastes as you might prefer it like this!

What Can I Use in Place of Apple Juice for Ribs?

Apple juice can add a lot of flavor to your ribs recipes. If you don’t have this ingredient though, you can always replace it with apple syrup.

Make sure you dilute the syrup as much as you think is necessary and use it the same way you would use apple juice. Lemon juice or orange juice make good substitutes for apple juice if you are cooking ribs.


Missing apple juice from your kitchen shouldn’t be a tragedy.

Even if you like apple juice a lot, you can still enjoy your favorite recipes by using one of these substitutes instead of it.

Get creative and see what apple juice alternative you prefer best!

    1. Hello, and yes! you can definitely use cider vinegar in such recipes. Make sure you don’t use a lot of it though since your pork will absorb it quite well. Good luck!

  1. First I want to tell you I’ve used this for the many times I know I had everything but when time to make it family has found some of the ingredients. Anyway I made a roast this morning for the slow cooker and it called for apple juice. The bottle went missing and no one knows anything about it. Thanks for saving me. The roast came out great.

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