8 Best Substitutes for Brioche Bread


The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning will wake up your senses and get you ready for the day. Breakfast is an important meal of the day, so bread finds its way here.

Typically bread is used in the morning for breakfast and there are many types based on people’s diets. Brioche bread is one of the most popular ones with a golden-brown color and sweet taste which is similar to sandwich bread.

It is considered to be a healthier version than regular and the other types of bread. Also, not just as breakfast, brioche has other ways of cooking and soaking up. However, if you don’t have one, is there a close substitute for it?

Yes, the best substitutes for Brioche Bread are Hawaiian bread, simple bread, Challah, Pullman Loaf, Croissants, French Bread, Stale bread, and homemade Brioche.

Go through the list and check what suits you well. 

Substitutes for Brioche Bread

The making process that includes eggs, butter, flour, and salt is what makes Brioche unique and tasty. The sweetness is usually added if you use sugar when you make the dough. If you do not have this bread on hand, you can use the following replacements.

1. Hawaiian bread

First on our list and the closest replacement for Brioche is the Hawaiin bread. It is a soft, sweet, and almost fluffy bread which is quite similar to the taste and texture of brioche. They are both made from eggs and butter and are perfect for replacing each other.

Hawaiian bread is unique in its taste and may include pineapple juice in its texture. Thus, it is not suitable for all recipes, so pick the recipe that will actually be good to use. 

2. Simple bread

Simple bread

Regular or simple bread is yet another common replacement for brioche. It is very easy to find and we typically tend to have it at home.

Even though it may not have many nutritious benefits, regular bread can help in ways. There is a difference in how they are made since bread is made from water, flour, and salt.

It does not contain eggs, milk, or butter which is typical for brioche and the taste of it. However, you can make the swap in most recipes that call for brioche. 

3. Challah

A very common and something that comes close to replacing brioche is the challah bread. It is very similar since it is also made with eggs.

In french toasts, bread puddings, and many more recipes, you can add challah instead of brioche. It is also used to make custard and it won’t break since it has a firm texture. If you use Challah you’ll have a creamy texture and nice taste. 

4. Pullman loaf

Pullman loaf is considered to be a sandwich bread that is very tender. This is another great substitute for brioche in many recipes.

It is tightly packed and not as thick as brioche. Usually, you don’t need to soak it in eggs and milk before use. Be carousel since the thin slices may not hold up. 

5. Croissants


Another great substitute for brioche will be the croissants. They are considered bread and pastry which are good in many ways.

Delicious croissants with additional butter will make the taste very similar to brioche. But keep in mind that croissants do not have eggs. Use to swap these two types of bread at any time. 

6. French bread

French bread

Brioche bread finds its replacement in french bread. This is one of the reasons why you can save the leftover baguette.

You can cut it differently and the firm custard bread will be ideal for soaking up. But keep in mind that it may be a bit chewier than brioche but it is perfect for replacing. 

7. Stale bread

Even though it may not be the same as brioche, stale bread will be good to replace it. You don’t need to throw it out, you can always use it.

Stale bread may not soak much custard but is less creamy than brioche. You can always add additional butter, syrup, or cinnamon to make it more similar to brioche bread. Keep in mind not to keep the custard out for too long since it will fall apart. 

8. Homemade Brioche bread

One of the best alternatives always is to make something at home. There is nothing better than homemade bread. The soft, buttery Brioche bread will be even better when it is made at home. It will be full of flavors with many healthy nutrients.

You’ll need eggs, flour, salt, sugar, milk, and butter to create this soft bread at home. The smell of freshly baked bread will fill your home kitchen and everyone will want more. Simply mix the ingredients well, create the dough and keep it for almost 2 hours.

Make sure to preheat the oven and bake your brioche until the color turns golden brown. Afterward, you’ll have a nice soft, freshly baked bread. 

Related Questions

Is brioche the same as French bread?

Brioche bread is a type of French bread and is somewhere between pastry and bread. This is due to the bread being made with butter and eggs. It is very soft and tasty.

Is Hawaiian bread like brioche?

Hawaiian bread is similar to brioche because it is sweet. It has less fat and more sugar. And you can use them as a substitute for each other.

Is butter bread similar to brioche?

Yes, butter bread and brioche are similar since they are both rich yeasted bread. Brioche is richer but they both have similar crust and are made from a lot of butter.

What makes brioche bread different?

Brioche is a unique type of bread due to the fact that it is made in a basic way with a rich taste and the addition of eggs, milk, cream, water, and sugar.

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