10 Best Gouda Cheese Substitutes

Gouda cheese can be extremely tasty!

You can enjoy it plain or in different dishes. However, as tasty as this Dutch cheese could be, it is not what everyone likes. And if you are vegan, you will likely be interested in a substitute for it.

Gouda cheese has a caramel-nutty flavor and dense texture that can be rather firm. It goes great with wine as well as in mac and cheese or salads.

If you don’t have gouda cheese or you simply don’t like it you can use replacements like Munster cheese, Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, Gruyere cheese, Havarti cheese, Edam cheese, Cashew cheese, Tofu, Colby cheese, or almond cheese.

Best Substitutes For Gouda Cheese

Make sure to taste the substitute you choose and use it in the amount you prefer.

With so many options, don’t be amazed if you might struggle to choose the right alternative as all of them can taste amazing plain or in different combinations!

Get creative in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to experience new flavors as you might discover delicious combinations along the way!

1. Munster cheese

Munster cheese

Munster cheese should be one of your first alternatives to Gouda cheese for many reasons.

For instance, it also has a nutty flavor with a sweet taste that is very comparable to Gouda and its flavor gets even more intense as the cheese ages.

You can find Munster cheese a lot easier than Gouda cheese and at better prices in most stores.

Use this substitute for Gouda in cheeseburgers or pizzas, but also any kind of sandwiches. You can pair it with wine and beer just as fine too.

2. Cheddar cheese


The popular Cheddar cheese can substitute Gouda in almost any type of recipe. The best part? It is accessible all over the world in any grocery store.

Similar to Gouda, Cheddar changes its flavor intensity over time, thus you will have to pay attention to how much it is aged before you purchase it.

The slightly nutty taste of Cheddar resembles Gouda as well and it has a mildly sweet taste to it too. If you want your Cheddar cheese to be as close to Gouda as possible, choose a version that comes in a yellow-orange color.

3. Monterey Jack cheese

monterey jack cheese

Another type of cheese you can try to use instead of Gouda is Monterey Jack cheese. It is a very popular cheese in America but you can find it in other parts of the world as well.

This alternative comes at a better price than Gouda and it can be used in similar manners. However, it has a more buttery taste and it is just as dense as Gouda cheese.

This alternative goes best with wine, sandwiches, and different crackers.

4. Gruyere cheese

Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is harder than Gouda cheese. However, it still makes for a delicious substitute.

The Gruyere cheese has a mild, nutty taste to it but it is less sweet than Gouda cheese. You can use it as a snack along with your favorite white wine. But you can also use it in cooked recipes because it will not take over the taste of other ingredients.

Gruyere cheese is perfect for salads as well. You will love the way it tastes on sandwiches too.

5. Havarti cheese

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese might not be as popular in all parts of the world. However, if you find it, you can definitely use it instead of Gouda cheese.

This cheese can be a bit pricier but it resembles Gouda cheese in several aspects. It comes in a yellow color and has a creamy texture as well as a mild nutty taste.

You can enjoy it with fruits, wine, crackers and it goes particularly well with garlic. Havarti cheese is easier to find in Denmark and it is one of the tastiest cheeses you can try.

6. Edam cheese

Edam Cheese

Edam cheese will make you love it from the first moment you taste it.

This cheese is also Dutch and you might find it right next to the Gouda cheese at a similar price even. Edam cheese has a mildly hard texture but not as hard as Gouda. However, its flavor is very similar.

You will love the nutty taste of Edam cheese and you will find it a suitable substitute for Gouda in plenty of recipes. Edam cheese goes great with wine and fruits. However, you can also add it to sandwiches and cooked dishes.

7. Cashew cheese

Cashew cheese

If you are vegan or simply want to stay away from dairy products, you can replace your Gouda cheese with cashew cheese.

Cashew cheese is a bit more difficult to find and it might be saltier than you expect but it has the nutty taste of Gouda and a similar sweet pinch to it too.

Cashew cheese is softer in texture and lighter in color compared to Gouda cheese. But it can be just as delicious in any type of cold dish.

8. Tofu


Tofu is great for replacing any type of cheese if you are vegan and even if you are not vegan but can’t find the cheese you want.

Tofu has a neutral taste, so you can season it just the way you want to match your recipe. This substitute goes great in cooked dishes and salads. However, you might not like it just as much with wine or as a snack.

And you can also find flavored tofu on the market if you don’t like the plain version.

9. Colby cheese

Colby cheese

Colby cheese is another type of cheese that is fairly popular in the US and you can use it instead of Gouda as well.

The color of the Colby cheese is a mix of yellow and white. It has a mildly sweet taste to it. This cheese is a great option for mac and cheese or a delicious sandwich.

And you might even like it better than Gouda cheese, once you give it a try.

10. Almond cheese

Almond cheese is also a delicious option for vegans or for those who are lactose intolerant.

It has a defined nutty taste thanks to the almonds that are the main ingredient and it can substitute Gouda cheese easily in any type of recipe.

However, it also has a lighter color and texture than Gouda. Therefore, the difference will be very obvious. You can still eat it with salads, in sandwiches or simply plain with a glass of red or white wine.

Is Gouda Similar To Mozzarella?

Gouda and mozzarella are rather different, which is why we didn’t include mozzarella into our list of Gouda cheese substitutes.

Mozzarella is a soft cheese with white color. Gouda, on the other hand, is semi-hard with a yellowish color. Moreover, mozzarella has a sweet, milky taste while Gouda is nuttier and the taste of milk is not as strong.

The source of milk can also differ for these cheeses. Gouda cheese is made only from cow’s milk, while mozzarella cheese can be made from cow’s milk, buffalo milk or goat milk, and even sheep milk.

Can I Use Parmesan Instead Of Gouda?

Parmesan might be too salty and too hard in texture to be used instead of Gouda cheese. Plus, you will not get the same nutty flavor that Gouda cheese has which is why people love it.

However, even if you might not be satisfied by replacing Gouda cheese with parmesan, it can work better the other way around. Thus, if you don’t have a parmesan, you might want to try using Gouda and you will not be disappointed.

Gouda vs Cheddar

Gouda and Cheddar are similar cheeses and are usually used interchangeably. However, they are not the same by any means.

Cheddar cheese also might have a darker shade than Gouda, at similar ages. Even if these two types of cheese are made from cow’s milk and they share a sweet, mildly nutty flavor, you will notice that Cheddar cheese will not taste identical to Gouda.

Cheddar cheese is sweeter and less nutty than Gouda, which is the key difference between them. However, there is a price difference as well. Cheddar cheese can be cheaper than Gouda in most grocery stores.

So, if you are on a budget, you will want to try Cheddar cheese as an alternative to Gouda but keep in mind that the taste will be fairly different.

Wrap Up

As tasty as Gouda cheese can be, you don’t have to worry if you can’t find this type of cheese. Use one of the substitutes in our guide and you will still enjoy a delicious meal. Or have a tasty snack with your wine.

You might even prefer one or more of the substitutes in this guide to Gouda as some can taste even better in different food combinations. Just make sure to try each substitute before using it so you will get a better idea about how to use it.

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