What is Clean Cut Pizza?

Clean Cut Pizza

Almost everyone on this planet can agree that pizza is delicious.

However, that is probably the only thing we agree upon. Everything else turned into a debate, ranging from the crust to the toppings to how to cook it or eat it!

The latest addition to the endless reasons to debate is how to slice your pizza. We can’t remember the last time a simple-cut pizza was the only option. The slices are now square-cut, double-cut, or even no-cut. A recent addition to the list is the clean-cut pizza.

Now, what is clean-cut pizza?A clean-cut pizza has well-defined pieces and sharper edges. The slices have the mainstream pie shape but can also be cut in other shapes, as per preference.

As simple as things sound, there is more to the clean-cut than how you cut it. So, read this article to find out more about the newfound practice in the world of pizzas!

What is Clean Cut?


The term “clean-cut” refers to the presentation and serving of the pizza, more than how it is cooked. You can have any pizza of your choice clean-cut, regardless of the flavor, shape, or size.

With the right tools and methods, you can clean-cut the crispiest of pizzas without any chipping. Moreover, for a clean-cut, the chef has to clean the pizza cutter right before use. This adds to the hygiene of the pizza, which is why the practice has become popular.

Also, the pizza wouldn’t get any extra toppings, apart from what you asked for. The cheese would also get cut, allowing you not to have the trouble of consuming gooey strings!

There’s no harm in making this request. Even if it is out of personal preference, it is still a good idea. In times when washing our hands and focusing on hygienic utensils before eating is a necessity, this is also good practice.

Moreover, it helps keep your food germ-free. So, when available, why not make the best of it?

Why is Clean Cut Pizza Important?

I recommend asking for a clean-cut pizza. You shouldn’t shy away from asking your waiter for the same, either.

Pizza typically takes around 12-15 minutes to get fully cooked in a commercial oven. Moreover, unless your pizza goes into a brick oven, it’s usually cooked on a conveyor belt.

Once back outside the oven, the chef uses a large spatula to remove the pizza and put it in the tray/box. Then, the chef uses either a rocker or a rotary blade to slice up the pizza.

The blade is most likely the same one that has sliced every pizza before yours.

Though this might not be the intention, most pizzerias don’t wash the cutter after every use due to high demands and limited time! Hence, it is not very suitable for you if you’re a picky eater or have specific eating habits.

Also, if you are vegan or follow faith rules, asking for a clean-cut pizza is a no-brainer. Moreover, if you are allergic to certain foodstuffs, I recommend you to go for this option.

Of course, clean-cutting would keep your pizza away from allergens too!

Everyone deserves to have a tasty pizza that is well customized for them. Though clean-cutting might be a tiny action that many of us overlook, you will never regret asking for it.

What is Normal Cut Pizza?

Triangle-cut pizza is the most common and probably the oldest way of cutting pizzas.

The pizza is sliced into radially triangle slices. Here, the number and size of the slices depend on the diameter of the pizza. This is how one serves a typical New York-style pizza.

If you want to make this cut, run a cutter along the diameter of the pie.

By doing this at different angles, you can make big slices of pizza. This is very popular in the US, with slices stooping down and extremely cheesy stretched strings.

Should You Cut a Pizza Right Out of the Oven?

Should you cut a pizza right out of the oven is a great question to ask.

If you want a regular cut, I recommend cutting the pizza almost right out of the oven. Let it sit a few seconds, and you can then cut right through it.

However, if you want a clean-cut, you should wait for a couple of minutes before slicing it. Because waiting will allow for the toppings to settle down a bit. The cheese, too, won’t spill. This will make it easy to eat.

Also, the crust will also stay crispy if you cut it after waiting. Now, if you cut the pizza into slices without waiting enough, the oil from the cheese will soak into the edges, making it soggy.

So, waiting for a bit before cutting your pizza will keep the crispness intact.

However, make sure that you don’t wait for too long, as it could harden the pizza. Also, it could make the cutting process harder and messier. An ideal duration to wait it out should be no more than three minutes at room temperature.

Related Questions

What does clean-cut mean on pizza?

Clean cut, with reference to a pizza, simply means that the pizza is cut sharply, with well-defined edges. This is done by cleaning the pizza cutter or using a new cutter. 

Why is a pizza not cut in Italy?

Originally, pizza used to be a poor man’s dish served on the street. The dish wasn’t meant for a sit-down meal. Pizzas weren’t cut and served. Instead, they were folded and wrapped in paper to enable easy on-the-go consumption.

However, though the pizza style changed with time, the presentation didn’t. If you order a pizza now, you’d be served with a fork and knife and are expected to cut it up into morsels yourself.

Moreover, sliced pizzas tend to cool down faster, which isn’t how the Italians like their pizzas.

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