10 Best Almond Paste Substitutes

A lot of baking goods and pastries usually have extra ingredients that make them tastier. Almond paste is one of those ingredients which is used by many chefs to add extra aroma and flavors to your recipes.

Almond paste is made of dried ground almonds with sugar, water, and glucose syrup. It appears like dough. The sweet taste with nutty traces makes it ideal to fill some baking goods or pastries.

You can always add the almond paste to candies, cakes, and even cookies to make them even sweeter and tastier. But there is always the chance that you cannot find any almond paste at the market or do not enjoy the taste, so you wonder what can be used to replace the almond paste in your recipes?

Can I substitute almond paste? Indeed,  you can substitute almond paste with Marzipan, Almond Butter, Almond flour, Persipan, Chestnut paste, Frangipane, Almond extract, Almond filling, and Pine nuts.

Also, you’ll find the easiest recipe that you can use to make an almond paste at home. Easy and quick to make which will save you a lot of trouble and trip to the store. Take a look below to find out more.

Best Substitutes for Almond Paste

Even though you might find it difficult to replace that specific almond taste of the almond paste, that’s why we are here and we have the perfect solutions for you.

It may be challenging because the paste has a specific texture as well, but there are other things that you can use and still have the perfect results at the end.

Be careful how much you add. Also, always keep an eye on the texture of the ingredient you are using, since you don’t want to ruin your baking goods, cakes, or cookies.

Go through the list and find what suits your recipe best.

1. Marzipan


The first thing that comes to mind when we need to replace almond paste is Marzipan. This is the closest that you can get to almond paste that will fit perfectly in many sweet dishes.

Typically, Marzipan is used as a decoration. However, the almond taste and similar texture would be great for other recipes. It is easy to find and easy to make the swap.

However, keep in mind that when using this substitute, you have to reduce the amount of sugar because it is very sweet.

2. Almond butter

Almond Butter

Secondly, we would recommend an almond-based substitute that would come close to the paste and that is the almond butter.

The main difference between them is in the nuts. Meaning, butter is made purely from nuts and the paste has additional ingredients. The butter has a smooth texture. You can consume it either raw or cooked. You can make the substitute in most of the recipes that require the almond paste since you’ll have similar results at the end. 

3. Almond flour

Almond Flour

An almond-based replacement for almond paste would be almond flour. It is made out of ground almonds which is a good substitute for almond paste.

Even though they have a different texture, meaning the paste is sold in cans or tubes and has a soft texture, the flour can be combined to imitate the texture. You’ll obtain a similar almondy taste and use it for baking pies, cakes, or some other baking goods. 

4. Persipan

Almond paste finds a suitable replacement in the Perispan. This paste is made of debittered apricot, sugar, and kernels. The texture is almost the same as an almond paste. Thus, it is perfect for use in most of the recipes that ask for almond paste.

You can always add extra almond extract to the mixture to get even closer to the taste of the almond paste. Persipan is perfect for almost every recipe that calls for almond paste. 

5. Chestnut paste

A paste that would be perfect to substitute almond paste in your cooking is the chestnut paste. This paste is also known as chestnut puree. It comes from chestnuts and sugar taht create the perfect texture for many pastries and baking goods.

When you purchase this paste, make sure that it does not contain vanilla, since it would make a difference. Use the chemist paste in most recipes that require almond paste. 

6. Frangipane

A cream that makes a great replacement for the almond paste is Frangipane. It is a filling for pastries or pies which would be perfect to replace the almond paste.

When you compare the two, you’ll notice that there is a difference in the ingredients that they are made. Frangipane contains eggs, butter, and flour as additional ingredients. The nutty, sweet taste would be perfect for cakes, pastries, or any other recipe that calls for almond paste. 

7. Almond extract

Almond Extract

Another almond-based product that can successfully replace almond paste is the almond extract. Even though the paste is a dough that contains almond extract at times, the extract will help you achieve the taste that you are looking for.

In the extract, there is water, alcohol, and almond oil that provides a lovely taste. You can replace it when making cakes, some desserts or in baking goods. 

8. Almond filling

Something that comes close to the taste of almond paste is the almond filling which can be used in many ways in cooking.

Commonly, the almond filling is used in cakes, some baking goods, pastries, and even cookies. The paste has an almond taste and can imitate the almond paste in most recipes. They taste like marzipan, but bitter. Thus, you should not consume it plain.

9. Pine nuts

Pine Nut

Almond paste can also be replaced by pine nuts. They come from cones of various species of pine. Pine nuts are native to the northern Medierenian region.

They are quite small and slightly different from almond paste, but they’ll do the job. Their specific taste is good for recipes like cookies, tarts, or some savory dishes. 

10. Homemade almond paste

You can always make your own almond paste and that is the best substitute. It is really easy to make and it’ll take 15 mins for you to have a nicely done almond paste at home.

All you have to do is put almonds in a food processor and blend until the texture becomes smooth. Add sugar, egg white, salt, and extract.

Blend until everything is mixed up together and the texture becomes smooth. This paste can last up to a month in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer. 

Related Questions

Can you use almond butter instead of almond paste?

Yes, you can. Almond butter is a good replacement for almond paste. They share the same main ingredient, but they are quite different. You can make the swap in almost every recipe. 

Can you substitute almond paste with marzipan?

Yes, you can substitute almond paste with marzipan. However, you have to make sure to reduce how much sugar is added, since marzipan tends to be sweeter than almond paste.

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  1. I just would like to know how much almond extract I should put in my batter for italian butter cookies with jam and apricot preserves because I always use almond paste a 7oz. Package but it’s a pain to make it pea size thank you in this matter

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