9 Best Substitutes for Green Beans

Green beans can be not only very tasty but also healthy. You can prepare them in a wide range of recipes. You can find these green beans in a fresh, frozen, or canned version and they are all as good for any of your dishes.

However, what can you do if you don’t have green beans at hand? There is no need to panic as we put together a complete guide with the best green beans substitutes to use in your food.

One of the best substitutes for green beans is asparagus but you will discover many others if you keep reading our guide.

Best Green Beans Substitutes

You can use the following substitutes for green beans in almost any type of recipe. But keep in mind that there are certain adjustments you might need to make according to the product you choose.

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the best substitutes for green beans mostly because it looks the same. You can use it in all kinds of recipes from stir fry to baked ones.

Keep in mind that asparagus has a harder texture than green beans so your food will have a different texture too.

In terms of taste, it can be similar to green beans, especially if you use the same seasonings. You can keep the same ratio when you replace asparagus with green beans.

2. Wax beans

Wax beans

Wax beans are also a great substitute for green beans and extremely similar. You can find these beans, fresh, frozen, or canned.

They are easy to cook in all these forms. They are not green. But they have a lovely yellow color which gave them the name of wax beans too.

Besides the color difference, these beans can replace green beans in any type of recipe. You can even cook them in the same way. Keep the same quantity of wax beans as you would use green beans and your dish will taste delicious.

3. Yardlong beans

You will be surprised to find out that yardlong beans are actually a type of asparagus and they are often called asparagus beans. The immature seeds inside of them make them similar to green beans even in terms of texture.

A difference but also a benefit of these beans is that the seeds inside of them cook faster. So, you can prepare your dinner in a shorter time and still end up with a nice dish.

4. Peas


Pears are going to replace green beans successfully as well if you cook them in the correct way. You can find all kinds of peas on the market from fresh ones to frozen or canned versions. Peas will keep the same texture in your food.

However, they will have a sweeter taste compared to green beans. So, you will have to balance the flavor by using the right seasonings. The ratio can stay 1:1 when you replace green beans with peas and even if your dish will be slightly different, it will still be very tasty.

5. Lentils


Lentils come in many colors and sizes but all of them can be great replacements for green beans. You will have to cook them in a similar way you would cook other beans but not like you cook green beans.

Lentils need to be boiled before you can add them in combination with other ingredients for your dish. You can use lentils in baked dishes or stir fry recipes and even in salads. But since lentils double their size as you boil them, you will add half of the number of green beans.

6. String beans

String beans are very close in terms of taste and texture to green beans. They are from the same family with green beans. But they have more strings and are tougher in texture.

When it comes to cooking, there is no difference between string beans and regular green beans. The taste is also quite similar. However, many people might not like the rougher texture and the strings that these beans have.

7. Broccoli


Broccoli can be a surprising substitute for green beans. They might seem like very different veggies and in many aspects, they are. However, they also go great with all the recipes that call for green beans.

Broccoli will cook faster than green beans as well so pay attention to the time you allocate for baking this veggie. But if you season them in the same way as you would season the green beans, your flavor will be fairly similar.

8. Canned green beans

Canned green beans are great alternatives to green beans, especially if you find them in an unseasoned version. You can use them in all recipes you would use your fresh green beans or frozen beans and they will taste delicious.

A benefit of canned beans is that they come already boiled or cooked in some way. So, you will save a lot of time when you get your dish ready.

You can use the same quantity of canned beans as you would use frozen beans. However, keep in mind that you might have to drain them before because these beans are canned in different types of sauces or oils.

9. Frozen veggie mixes

Frozen veggie

You will find a lot of frozen veggies on the market. You can even find mixes of frozen veggies that have green beans but also other kinds of veggies that will enrich the flavor of your food.

They are easy to prepare as they come with clear instructions. You can use them for stir-fries and warm salads so you can prepare a fast dinner in a busy evening.


Are green beans and pinto beans the same?

Green beans are not the same as pinto beans which is why we didn’t list pinto beans as a substitute for green beans.

Pinto beans are off-white in color with reddish stains on them so they look different from green beans. Also, pinto beans are mature beans and green beans are immature beans that are crunchier and even tougher in texture.

The cooking process is also different. For example, pinto beans need to be soaked for over 8 hours before they are boiled and cooked in the final recipe. Green beans can be prepared faster by simply boiling them.


Green beans are tasty and rich in minerals and vitamins. But you can also replace them with one of the substitutes in this guide if you don’t have them in the house.

Pay attention to the cooking process that might need modifications if you choose a green beans alternative. Other than this aspect, you will be surprised to find that your recipes will turn into delicious dishes even without the green beans. 

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