10 Best Chartreuse Substitutes


Liquors are the perfect ingredient for cocktails and in cooking. They can be used to create the most delicious desserts, dishes, and even the most amazing cocktails that your friends won’t say no to.

Chartreuse is a very popular liqueur that finds its way in our kitchen. Made by the French Monks, dates back from the old days and has secret ingredients.

There are two options that you can choose from Green and Yellow Chartreuse. They are both used in many cocktails and to create very unique desserts with a perfect aroma.

The sweet taste and smoothness will mix up with the other ingredients that you’ll use to create something amazing.

The colors of both types of Chartreuse are almost irreplaceable and once added they create something very unique. However, if you have none at home or are very expensive for your taste, is there a way that you can substitute it?

Can I substitute Chartreuse? Yes, you can, even though it may be a bit challenging.

Don’t expect the same results, but dare yourself to create something amazing with the list of the best replacements like Genepy, Sambuca, Strega, Jagermeister, Absinthe, Drambuie, Glayva, Amaro, Fernet Branca, and Grand Marnier.

Further, read on what herbs are in the Chartreuse and if you can substitute both types the green and the yellow one for each other. 

Best Substitutes For Chartreuse

Since there are variations from Chartreuse, you may find it a bit challenging to replace them. No need to worry, here we have the best 10 options, which are perfect for both Chartreuses.

The mix of herbs and sweetness can be found in the liqueurs below as they will provide a lovely touch and aroma. Read below and find out more.

1. Genepy

The closest that you can get to replace Chartreuse is to use Genepy. This is a herbal liqueur, which is not that sweet but can be added to many cocktails.

Made in the French Alps, this is the perfect liquid to use. Also, the light olive color is also a match and can be used to substitute Chartreuse in all recipes. 

2. Sambuca

An Italian liqueur that finds its way on our list of substitutes is Sambuca. Sweetened with sugar and a combination of herbs and spices, Sambuca is ideal in many ways.

The taste and color can be placed in many recipes as you’ll get nice and unique results.  It can be served neat, mixed up, and even added in coffee or cooking like in desserts. 

3. Strega 

Strega is used to replace Chartreuse, especially the yellow one. Use them in cocktails as they share a nice bitterness and sweet traces with a mint finish.

Stega can be the cheaper option in your cocktails with minty flavors. There are many herbal ingredients that give a special flavor that works well in most recipes that need Chartreuse. 

4. Jagermeister

A very popular drink made with herbs is Jagermeister, which is a good substitute for Chartreuse. Add it in cocktails, drink it on its own, you can choose.

The nice citrus taste with spices, saffron, and traces of sweetness is perfect in many ways. Another key thing is that Jagermeister can be used in cooking as well, especially something that is prepared on a grill. 

5. Absinthe 

A green liquid that has a high volume of alcohol. It is served in many different ways, can be used to replace Chartreuse. They share the same color and flavor which can be a great substitute for many cocktails. However, be subtle when replacing.

6. Drambuie

Another herbaceous liquor that can be a good substitute for Chartreuse is Drambuie. This is a green-colored liqueur that is made from spices, honey, Scotch, and of course a combo of herbs.

The sweet flavors and tones will give a nice touch to your cocktails and also your cooking recipes as well. Further, you can serve it with rocks on its own. Also, since it’s sweet try adding it to your desserts, as they will be even tastier and with a perfect aroma. 

7. Glayva

Back in the old days, a nice and very useful liquor that is a good replacement for Chartreuse is Glayva. This is a mixture of Scotch and species and comes from Edinburgh.

The perfectly mixed tastes of honey, cinnamon, and almond make it perfect for cocktails or to be added to many drinks. The golden colors are ideal as it is, so when you add them to some baking goods to create more tastefulness and aroma. 

8. Amaro

Italian liqueurs are always a good idea to use in your kitchen for cooking and drinks. Amaro is another way to replace Chartreuse. The herbs make this one suitable in many ways and you can add it to many cocktails. 

9. Fernet Branca

An Italian liquor that can be used when you have no Chartreuse is Fernet Branca.

Made from herbs, and left to age, this Italian specialty will provide a nice sweet and bitter taste to your cocktails. It also has traces of orange bitterness which makes this liquor very unique.

Use it in your cooking as you’ll add a nice aroma to your dish. 

10. Grand Marnier

An orange-flavored liqueur that can be used instead of Chartreuse is Grand Mariner. The vanilla hints may not be the same as the Chartreuse, but they can work.

This liqueur can be added in cooking, especially for roasting meat, duck, or poultry dishes. Add in most cocktails but be aware of the changes of the taste and color. 

Chartreuse Herbs List

On the list of the Chartreuse herbs, you will find either drained or fresh like lemon, fennel, thyme, sage, lemongrass, bay, and many others.

There are some other spices like nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, saffron, star anise, and cloves. This liqueur is meant for a nice dinner, in a cocktail, or added in a mixture with another drink. 

Substitute Green For Yellow Chartreuse

Now that we know that there are two types of Chartreuse, green and yellow.

This herbal liqueur was made in France more than 200 years ago. The two types are disguised by their colors and there are some other things that will help you notice the difference and choose between.

They can serve as a substitute for each other but note that the texture will be changed in the recipe.

The Green Chartreuse is the bolder one with a rather sharp and herbal tone with a minty finish, while the yellow one is milder and is sweeter. So, keep this in mind when you make the swap as well as the color of the cocktail you are making. 

Related Questions

What does Chartreuse taste like?

The flavors of the Chartreuse are very unique meaning there are sweet, spicy, and smooth tones with a herbal finish. 

Can you substitute Absinthe for Chartreuse?

Similar to Chartreuse is the Absinthe which is similar and can serve as a substitute. Both liqueurs can be easily found but they tend to be a bit more expensive. 

Can you substitute green for yellow Chartreuse?

You can but keep in mind that you’ll change the basics of the cocktail that you are making. They are both with strong taste but have different structures. 

What is Chartreuse in cooking?

There are ways that you can use Chartreuse in cooking. Use it to make a dish with veggies like cabbage, carrots, or chicory and it can be good with meat as well.

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