4 Best Egg Substitutes for Cornbread


Eggs are undoubtedly one of the best staples we have for cooking, especially for baked goods. It’s an excellent binding agent and is responsible for stepping up the food’s taste and texture. It’s easy to think that eggs can be irreplaceable on that note.

Eggs are the main ingredients when baking cornbread. But what if you run out of eggs or just can’t eat eggs? Well, there are some perfect substitutes to remedy this.

You can substitute eggs by using simple Pureed Fruits. Other substitutes you can use are Commercial Egg Substitutes, Flax Seeds, and Yogurt.

Substitutes for Eggs when baking Cornbread

Let’s take a look at how you can use these substitutes for cornbread.

1. Pureed Fruits

Avocado and banana

Pureed fruits can be anything that you can use available for you. You can take advantage of the fruits that are in season as of the moment. But, take into account that you can’t use just about any fruit you have. It has to be something firm but soft.

An ideal fruit to use and be pureed are avocados, bananas, and pumpkins for example. They are less in water but moist in texture. When you mash these fruits it actually blends well with flour and other ingredients. I highly recommend using avocados since they are an excellent ingredient for absorbing flavor instead of overpowering it.


Fruits are always readily available in most kitchens. I don’t think we ever run out of it. That’s why it’s an easy substitution and you don’t need to hurry and catch on the store to grab those eggs. Fruits are healthy as well. It’s packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that help us maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

This is perfect for individuals who are practicing a vegan diet but still wants to enjoy a slice of cornbread. It’s guilt-free and nutritious when consumed as a dessert.


Cornbreads are supposed to smell and taste like corn, obviously from the name itself. However, using pureed fruits as an egg substitute can create a bit of a contrast. You will notice that fruity and tangy twist to it.

There would be a change of the aroma, taste, and a little bit of the texture. If you’re into sweets or fruity desserts, then it wouldn’t be a problem for you. If you like your cornbread to taste just almost like the original, then consider this before you do the switch.

How to Substitute

To replace 1 egg for cornbread, you’ll need to use 2 tbsps of pureed fruit. It’s better to not add more than that so the cornbread wouldn’t taste too sweet or the fruit won’t overpower the corn aroma.

Pureed fruits are not that excellent in binding ingredients so you might need to add a tablespoon of butter or shortening to the ingredients.

2. Commercial Egg Substitutes

Commercial egg substitutes have been a huge thing now. It’s basically popular for its convenience and availability. It’s also fairly cheap. It’s just like buying fresh eggs from the market. The only thing is, it’s in its powdered form.

This is perfect for people who are always on the go or convenient when you’re out for camping. It’s a perfect camping food without bringing actual eggs that can accidentally break along the way.

Another good thing with this is that some of the manufacturers added more nutrients to level up its health benefits. It’s handy and you could bring it anywhere you go.

You can make eggs in the office by just mixing it with water in your mug and cooking it in the microwave for less than 5 minutes. Simple and easy.


The good thing about this product when you use it is mainly for its convenience. You can bring and cook it anywhere. It’s surprisingly affordable and there’s a lot of variants that you could choose from. It’s up to you on what to pick depending on your preference.

Although it’s packed and less fresh compared to regular eggs, it did not compromise the quality and its health benefits. It’s still packed with the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

The taste and aroma have no significant difference that you should be worried about when substituting. And lastly, it has a better shelf life, you can consume it until it expires.


The first thing, it’s not fresh like eggs. Just the thought that it’s a packaged egg could raise someone’s eyebrows. You can identify a difference with taste from the original egg. The texture is a bit different, too especially when exposed to air. It hardens easily and could lose its quality when unattended.

Some variants may not be vegan friendly as well so be sure to check the label. Other variants can have traces of egg whites, which can be hard when using other baked dishes that call for egg yolks only.

How to Substitute

For one egg, substitute it with two tablespoons of commercial egg substitute. Adjust your liquids as well like adding at least 2 tbsps of water for 2 tbsps of powdered egg.

Be careful to not let the cornbread batter sit out for too long since it might harden the batter. Just in case it will, it’s advisable to add a teaspoon of butter or oil to moisten the cornbread batter.

3. Flaxseeds

Here’s another vegan-friendly substitute for eggs that are also considered as a superfood. Yes, that’s right. These tiny seeds are packed with essential nutrients that can nourish your body for the long haul especially when eaten daily.

Flax seeds are also flexible in so many uses, it could be mixed in a drink, a good binder for baked dishes and fried dishes as well, and it can be added to sandwiches, too. It’s also readily available in the market and online shops. I recommend using Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed.


It’s highly nutritious and even more nutritious than eggs. It’s a good binder which makes it an excellent ingredient for baked dishes. You wouldn’t even know it didn’t have eggs in it. You can use this as a topping for your cornbread just to add a twist of its texture and taste.

When you’re trying to eat healthier desserts or baked dishes such as reinventing your cornbread, flax seeds are a good alternative to use. A whole new different approach to food and wellness.


It can be expensive compared to buying a dozen eggs. It doesn’t help the cornbread to rise as well compared to how eggs enable it to rise. So be prepared to make adjustments on your other ingredients.

How To Substitute

When substituting eggs with flax seeds, use at least two tablespoons of ground flax seeds to replace one egg. To prevent it from drying up, just add a bit of butter, maybe about a teaspoon, and also add an extra teaspoon of yeast and baking powder so the cornbread will rise better even without the eggs. You might also consider adding more liquids as well.

4. Yogurt


We’ve always known yogurt as a perfect source of prebiotics or good bacteria that fights off the bad bacteria from our gut. These bacteria are acquired during the milk’s fermentation process.

It aids in digestion and promotes digestive health by maintaining the good bacterias in our gut. It’s not a surprise how most people are ditching ice creams for a dessert over yogurt.

It actually does a great job of substituting eggs due to its high protein content.  It’s one of the top superfoods that should be included for a healthy lifestyle.


It exceeds the health benefits found from regular eggs as well as the capacity to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It’s readily available and no extra task to do when adding it to cornbread. All you need to do is pour the yogurt straight up.

It is readily available in supermarkets and even convenience stores. It’s easy to store and has a better shelf life. On top of that, it’s fairly cheap given that it has better quality and health benefits.


The binding and rising capabilities are not that great. You would need to adjust the flour and leavening content on your cornbread so it will achieve the right texture and moisture.

How To Substitute

For one egg, use at least 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Make sure the yogurt is the unflavored one or you will have a fruity cornbread as a result. To improve the binding and rising capabilities, just add an extra teaspoon of yeast or baking powder and a teaspoon of butter.

We hope that these four egg substitutes for cornbread will help you the next time you run out of eggs. Happy cooking!

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