14 Best Substitutes For Celeriac


If you have a recipe that calls for celeriac, but you are lacking this ingredient, there is no need to worry as there are many substitutes to use instead of it.

Celeriac is also known as celery root or celery knob and it is a common ingredient in soups, stews, and even baked dishes as well as other culinary special dishes that you might want to experience in your kitchen.

It is a popular veggie used in Europe but also in other parts of the world. The best celeriac substitutes include parsley roots, potatoes, celery, carrots, butternut squash, and others that you will find in this guide!

Best Substitutes For Celeriac 

Use the following substitutes of celeriac by taking into account your personal preferences as well. The flavors might be different but your food will turn out great in the end!

1. Parsley root


Parsley root should be one of your first options when it comes to finding a substitute for your celeriac and you will definitely not regret it.

The only problem with parsley root is that it can be difficult to find it in some stores but if you can get your hands on it, know that it can replace celeriac in any type of recipe.

Parsley root is off-white or white in color so it will not look very different from celeriac when you add it to your food. However, it has a stronger flavor that resembles parsley leaves.

So, you want to take the different flavors into consideration and maybe add less parsley root than you would add the celeriac, according to your preferences. However, if you like the taste of parsley root, you can maintain the same quantity.

2. Potatoes

Red roasted potatoes

Potatoes are just as good as any other celeriac substitutes and they are easy to use in a variety of recipes as well.

Usually, potatoes are used along with celeriac in dishes like stews or soups but it can also be used as a substitute for it. Potatoes will have a different taste and color than celeriac so you can’t expect your final dish to taste or look the same.

However, they will compliment any soups or stews you want to make and they are very popular worldwide. Plus, you can find potatoes at a better price and easier than celeriac.

3. Celery


Celery can definitely substitute celeriac as well.

It has a very similar taste to celeriac since it comes from the same plant. But since it has a green color and a softer texture you will be cooking it slightly differently.

Even so, thanks to the similar flavor, you will love to use celery instead of celeriac and you can maintain the same ratio if you don’t mind the different color and texture.

Celery will boil faster than celeriac. Thus, makes sure to add it in the second part of your cooking process when all your hard-texture veggies are half boiled.

4. Carrots


Carrots are also used along with celeriac in most soups and stews as they complement each other’s flavor perfectly. They are even sold together in many vegetable mixes you will find on the market.

However, if you are missing celeriac, you can rely on carrots and your final meals will taste just as well. Plus, carrots will boil in a fairly similar time with celeriac and you will not have to adjust your cooking time at all.

The sweet flavor and orange color of carrots will alter the way your final dish looks and tastes. But you might even like it more this way since carrots are extremely tasty and they can complete any dish you add them to.

5. Butternut squash

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is another delicious substitute for celeriac. However, you will find it a bit more difficult as well, depending on the country you are in.

This veggie is easier to find during autumn and if you can get it, you might even want to add it to your food along with celeriac not just instead of it.

The orange color of this veggie will make your dish look different and the nutty and sweet taste will also give it a different flavor.

However, you can be sure that you will end up with very tasty food at the end of your cooking process. You can add butternut squash in the quantity you want to your soups, stews or enjoy it as pure and you will not regret it!

6. Turnips


Turnips are similar to celeriac in terms of texture and their color is not much different either. You can cook it in a similar way as well which makes it a great substitute to celeriac in all dishes.

You will have to peel the turnips before you add them to your dish. And if you want some extra flavor, you can also add the turnip leaves.

7. Parsnip


Parsnip is one of the most popular substitutes to celeriac as it is commonly used in most coked dishes based on veggies.

You can use it in soups, stews, and also baked vegetable dishes. And chances are that you will love the flavor it offers to your food.

The earthly flavor of parsnip is just as delicious in many different dishes. And you will love the texture that is similar to celeriac and carrots.

Parsnip has an off-white color and it is easy to find and cook. You can prepare it in the same way you prepare your celeriac and your food will taste delicious.

8. Jicama


Jicama is a root that looks very similar to celery root and it has fairly the same firm texture. The taste is just as mild as the celeriac taste so it will not affect the final flavor of your food either.

You should peel it off before you add it to your food, especially if you want to boil it in your soup or stew. In terms of ratio, you can maintain the same quantity of jicama as you would use celeriac and you might even prefer it in your dish.

You can also eat this root raw and you will find its texture suitable for many salad combinations.

9. Daikon radish


Daikon radish looks very similar to carrots.

However, it has a whitish color and a different taste. The pepper taste of this item makes it different than celeriac but it can go well with many dishes being cooked or cold.

You can eat Daikon radish raw in different salads, or bake it in your veggie mix in the oven along with some cheese topping and tasty seasonings.

It is a great substitute for soups and stews and it cooks in a similar way to celeriac.

10. Fennel bulb

Fennel bulb

Fennel bulb can also replace celeriac in any type of recipe and you will love its taste as long as you cook it the right way with your favorite seasonings.

The flavor of the fennel bulb raw and cooked is similar to celery, just make sure you don’t overcook it. This vegetable is softer and overcooking is a common mistake.

Other than this aspect, you can expect to use a fennel bulb in any recipe that calls for celeriac or celery and you will love the way it tastes. You can use it along with celeriac as well if you want to add more nutrition to your food.

11. Rutabaga


Rutabaga can substitute celeriac in any type of recipe. Many people love the taste of this item.

This root has a yellow firm texture and it also comes with leaves similar to cabbage. When you cook the rutabaga you will discover a savory yet sweet taste that is different from the celeriac taste but just as delicious nevertheless.

You can eat it roasted, baked, boiled, or even raw and you might like it just as much. When you use rutabaga instead of celeriac you can maintain the same ratio but use more or less according to how much you like its flavor.

12. Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can complement any type of soup or stew. And if you are making a baked dish with plenty of veggies, adding some potatoes will definitely enhance the final taste.

Use it instead of celeriac in the quantity you want and like but take into account that the taste of this veggie is sweeter and the texture is softer.

You will not have to cook your sweet potatoes as much since they are done faster and the color they have will add extra beauty to your food as well!

13. Pumpkin

Pureed Pumpkin

Pumpkins can substitute celeriac in any recipe but you shouldn’t expect the same taste.

However, depending on the type of pumpkin you use and how ripe it is, you will discover that it cooks a lot faster than celery. Thus, you will have to reduce the cooking time or add your pumpkin later as you are cooking your dish.

You can use pumpkin in stews. However, it tastes great baked as well and if you want to make it pure, you will not be disappointed either. Pumpkin has a sweeter and stronger taste, so that will impact the final taste of your food a lot more than celeriac.

14. Kohlrabi


Kohlrabi is the last but not the least celeriac substitute in our selection. You will find it fairly easy worldwide and you can eat it cooked or raw.

This root has a similar taste to cabbage, but its color and texture resemble celeriac as well, which makes kohlrabi one of the best substitutes for this root in any type of recipe.

When you substitute celeriac with kohlrabi in cooked dishes, you can maintain the same cooking time and you can enjoy a delicious taste along with the seasoning of your choice.

Celeriac Substitute In Soup

If you need a substitute for your celeriac in your veggie soup, you can use any of the options in this guide and your soup will taste just as good.

However, parsnip, carrots, and potatoes should be among your first options since they are traditionally used in soups thanks to their filling taste.

Does Celeriac Taste Like A Turnip?

Turnips can be a great substitute for celeriac as both these veggies have a fairly mild taste.

You will notice that turnips and celeriac do not share the same flavor. Turnip tends to be more earthly and even have a pungent taste that will be more noticeable than the discrete celeriac taste.

Overall, the turnip you add to your dish will not take over the other flavors.

Final Verdict

Celeriac can be an important ingredient in many dishes but it is definitely not irreplaceable. You will love to use any of the substitutes above and you might even like them more than celeriac.

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