7 Best Fromage Blanc Substitutes

Fromage Blanc

Fromage blanc is one of the most loved French cow cheese creams on the market. This type of cheese tastes great in desserts and it is thicker than yogurt yet softer than other cheese creams.

In its original form, Fromage blanc was a fat-free cheese but since some recipes add cream to it, you will find this cheese in different concentrations of fat.

If you don’t have Fromage blanc on hand, you can still enjoy your favorite food by adding Greek yogurt. Or some of the next substitutes. Keep reading to find the best alternatives to this delicious French cheese

Substitutes for Fromage Blanc

The following substitutes for Fromage blanc will taste great in any type of recipe. You can use them in the same ratio as well.

1. Greek yogurt


Greek yogurt can replace Fromage blanc in almost any type of recipe. You can count on it as it has a similar texture and a neutral dairy taste.

If you feel the need for a sweeter flavor, you can always add honey, sugar, or maple syrup according to your preferences. This yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt and it will go great in desserts as well as smoothies.

2. Quark cheese

Quark cheese

Another great replacement for Fromage blanc is Quark cheese. This type of cheese is great for sweet recipes as it goes great with fruits. You can use it by itself or mixed with your favorite fruit in order to create a delicious dessert.

This cheese is common in Europe but you can ultimately find it all over the world. Since it has a somewhat sweet taste you might not have to add any sweetener to it. It depends on your personal preference.

3. Queso fresco

Queso fresco

if you are looking for a great substitute for Fromage blanc, Queso fresco is definitely one of the best options as well. Queso fresco means fresh cheese so you will get the fresh taste of this cheese as soon as you try it out.

You will also notice that it is not as smooth as Fromage blanc cheese and that is slightly acidic in flavor. This cheese is made from goat milk mixed with cow milk. It is used in quesadillas as well as other Mexican dishes.

4. Ricotta cheese


Ricotta cheese is great to use if you don’t have Fromage blanc cheese. But you will need to add honey or sugar to it if you plan to use it in desserts. However, mixed with fruits, ricotta might not need any sweetener.

It can be made from almost any type of milk, being it goat milk, cow milk, or sheep milk. When you use it instead of Fromage blanc you might need to mix it with water or some sort of milk. Or simply blend it for a few seconds to get it as smooth as the Fromage blanc. Otherwise, it will have a rougher texture.

5. Sour cream

Replacing Fromage blanc goes the same way as replacing it with Greek yogurt. You will need to choose a sour cream with a higher fat concentration to have a thicker consistency.

Sour cream that is too watery can ruin your recipe. This is an important aspect to keep in mind. At the same time, sour cream will generally not be sweet so you might want to add a sweetener of your choice in order to get as close to the Fromage taste as possible.

6. Curd cheese

Cheese Curd

Curd cheese might not seem like a good replacement for Fromage blanc but it can actually be a great choice. Cheese curds are basically hard pieces of milk that you can eat plain or add to a recipe that calls for Fromage blanc.

They have the sweet taste of milk. They are also soft which makes them a great substitute. You can blend them and make a smooth cream that will compliment your recipe beautifully. Not many people know about this alternative to Fromage blanc, but you will definitely love it in your recipes.

7. Cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese

The last but not the least substitute for Fromage blanc is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has a neutral, sweet taste and it is suitable in all recipes that call for Fromage blanc cheese as long as you prepare it correctly.

Cottage cheese is not smooth in texture but it can become like that if you blend it before you add it to your recipe. Depending on the other ingredients in your dish you might need to use a sweetener or not. Cottage cheese is delicious plain on toast bread or with crackers as well and it can be a great snack.


Is creme fraiche the same as fromage blanc?

Creme fraiche is another cheese that comes from France but it is not the same as Fromage blanc. The main difference between the two is that creme fraiche has a higher fat concentration than Fromage blanc.

The original recipe for Fromage blanc has no fat. However, there are some variations with fat. Creme fraiche works great for cooked dishes. Fromage blanc is ideal as a topping. Or in cold desserts. These two cheese types can’t be used interchangeably ss they will taste different in most recipes.

What is Fromage blanc in France?

If you go to France, you will find Fromage blanc cheese in almost all supermarkets. It is sold in containers similar to butter. The original Fromage blanc in France has a fat concentration from 0 to 40% but around the world, you can find it in higher fat concentrations.

In French, Fromage blanc means white cheese. It is one of the tastiest cheese specialties in the market. Even if you can find this cheese all over the world, the one made by French brands tends to be the best in terms of taste and texture.


Fromage blanc can add a distinct flavor to your recipes but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute it. If you don’t have this cheese on hand, you can use one of the products we listed above. Make sure to control the sweet taste of your dish so you can get as close as possible to the original recipe.

However, by replacing your Fromage blanc with a different type of cheese, you might discover that your recipe tastes better with another type of cheese. Set your creativity free in the kitchen and you never know what you will discover.

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