10 Best Garlic Salt Substitutes

Garlic salt

Garlic salt can give your food a distinct flavor that both you and your guests will enjoy. But what if you don’t find this ingredient at your local store and you don’t have it in your kitchen either?

The truth is that you can always find a substitute for garlic salt. You can even make it from scratch with very basic ingredients.

Let’s learn more about each substitute.

Best Substitutes for Garlic Salt

The following section contains 10 excellent substitutes for garlic salt that will save your recipe and give your food that unique garlicky flavor.

1. Garlic powder

Garlic Powder

Garlic powder usually contains no salt. However, it is a great substitute for garlic salt as you can always add the salt you want.

A great advantage of using this powder is that you can control the amount of salt you add to your food. If you prefer no salt but you like the garlic flavor, use the powder plain.

You can add garlic powder to many recipes from baked dishes to sauces, stir-fries, and dressings for your salads. If you decide to combine the garlic powder with salt, use the type of salt you like but try to find it in a fine texture rather than a granulated texture.

2. Garlic oil

Garlic oil

Garlic oil can be found plain or in different types of flavorings. The type of garlic oil you choose is entirely up to you but keep in mind that this oil is not salty.

You can, however, add the amount of salt you want and even use the type of salt that you prefer. Keep in mind that garlic oil brings a significant amount of fat to your food so depending on how much of this oil you add, you might want to skip adding any additional oil.

Mix the oil with a pinch of salt in a separate bowl from your dish and taste it to decide if you want it to be saltier. This is a great ingredient for stir-fries as well as baked dishes and you can use it as part of your salad dressing as well.

3. Garlic paste

You can find garlic paste plain as well as with different seasonings and flavors. It is a great substitute for garlic salt.

If you find flavored garlic paste chances are it has some salt. You can add more salt if you want to, however, make sure to taste it before you do that. If you use garlic paste instead of garlic salt you can maintain the same ratio.

Take into account the other flavors that such a product might have as they will also change the final taste of your dish. You can use garlic paste in dressings as well as soups and baked dishes as you please, instead of garlic salt.

4. Mixed seasoning

Adobo seasoning

There are many types of mixed seasoning products on the market so you might find the perfect combination for your dish too.

Most likely, you will find a type of mix that contains both garlic and salt. However, most of them contain at least two other herbs as well.

If you decide to use such a mix instead of garlic salt, check the amount of garlic as well as the amount of salt included in the mix. If you are happy with these two amounts you can start looking at the herbs included making sure if you like them and they go along with your recipe.

5. Garlic sauce

Garlic sauce

Garlic sauce is very common. Therefore, it takes part in a variety of recipes.

You can find several types of garlic sauce in almost all supermarkets and they can be great as a substitute for garlic salt. Check the ingredients in order to determine how much garlic the sauce has and how salty it is.

An important thing you need to keep in mind regarding garlic sauces is that you will not be able to use them in baked dishes or stir-fries. They work great for dressings and toppings as well as for dipping your snacks in them.

6. Granulated garlic

Garlic flakes

Granulated garlic is dried garlic in a granulated form. It is very popular in the seasoning section of any type of supermarket.

You can use it plain or mix it with granulated salt. Keep in mind that granulated garlic will not work great with fine salt as the textures of your mix should be similar.

You can use granulated garlic in different salads, baked dishes as well as stir-fries, and even your favorite sauce. Taste the granulated garlic and decide if you want to add salt and how much you want to add.

7. Garlic juice

Garlic juice is usually made with water and salt. Some recipes include tomato sauce and even lemon but ultimately it is up to you how you prefer it. Garlic juice is different than garlic sauce in terms of consistency as it is more watery.

You can make it at home or purchase it already made from the store.

If you make it at home you will be able to control the amount of garlic and salt you put so it will be perfect for your taste. However, if you decide to buy it, you will have to taste it beforehand.

Use garlic sauce to replace garlic salt in many sauces and dressings. You can use it in soups and stews as well but it might be too watery for a baked dish.

8. Fresh garlic


If you can’t find any of the other substitutes, you can always use fresh garlic. Fresh garlic is easy to find and all you have to do is peel it and cut it in the size you want before you add it to your food.

You can mix the garlic with salt and add the mixture to your recipes. Or you can add garlic and salt separately as you prefer.

Garlic, however, is stronger in its fresh form than in its dried form. So, you will not have to add a lot of it since you might not want your food to taste so pungent.

9. Garlic mix


There are garlic mixes on the market that come in different flavors and you can use such a mix instead of garlic salt in any type of recipe.

You will find garlic with chilly or garlic with dried herbs and all these mixes have a certain amount of salt in them as well.

If you find the ideal mix for you, there will be no need to adjust the ingredients by adding more salt or garlic. Taste the mix before you use it and see if it is what you need to add to your recipe.

10. Dehydrated garlic and salt

Dehydrated garlic mixed with salt is very similar to garlic salt and it can be used as a substitute for it in many types of dishes.

You can find dehydrated garlic in stores at the seasoning aisle but you can also dehydrate it at home if you have a dehydrator.

This type of garlic comes already in small sizes as it is cut in slices before it is dehydrated. You can use it along with the granulated salt of your choice and according to your personal taste.

If you want to mix the garlic with the salt it will help you if you cut the garlic in little pieces so it will mix well with the salt and have similar textures.

Add this mix to your food in the quantity that you prefer in all kinds of dishes.

Related Questions

Is garlic salt equal parts garlic and salt?

Garlic salt is not equal parts garlic and salt. However, ultimately you can make it the way you prefer. The original garlic salt contains two parts salt and one part garlic.

You can add other herbs and even chili if you want to create a more personalized mix for your food. So, let your creativity be free when you try to make garlic salt at home.

How to make garlic salt?

Making garlic salt at home is not complicated at all. You will only need plain garlic and salt. However, you can also add a bit of granulated onion (optional).

Use 2 tablespoons of kosher salt, 1 tablespoon of granulated garlic or powder garlic, and 1/4 tablespoon of granulated onion (optional). If you want the garlic taste to be stronger you can always add equal parts of salt and garlic.

All you have to do is to combine all these ingredients in a bowl or a jar and mix it well. You can store it just as you store your regular salt and use it as you need.

Make sure you seal the container with an airtight lid so moisture doesn’t get inside of it.


Garlic salt can add a distinct flavor to all the recipes you use it on. However, this happens thanks to the pleasant flavor of garlic mixed with the salty taste.

If you don’t have garlic salt already made you can always make it from scratch or use one of the substitutes in this guide.

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