How Long Does It Take Freeze Pops To Freeze?


Popsicles are a fantastic, delicious way to relax!

They are a great dessert choice as well, particularly during the long, hot summer days. However, popsicles available in the market are not as healthy as they are good in taste.

It depends on the content, but ice popsicles might take anywhere between 4 and 8 hours to freeze. By following the right process you can effortlessly freeze your popsicles in less time and enjoy the tasty dessert on a summer afternoon.

Despite their accessibility, most of the ready-made popsicles are high in refined sugar, synthetic flavoring, and colors, all of which are unhealthy to have on a regular routine.

Go through the post to know more about how you can prepare popsicles, how much time pops need to freeze, and some quick tips and tricks.


How Do You Make Freezer Pops Freeze Faster?  

Adjust your freezer to the coolest temperature available. The ice particles would be finer and the frozen popsicles would be juicier as it freezes quicker. Place your moldings in the freezer’s back corner, wherein it is the coolest.

It usually takes somewhere around 4-8 hours for your pops to freeze firm, based on how thick they are. Set your freezer as low as it can go for extra more exquisite pops and faster results. The faster you freeze your pops, the softer they will be in the finish.

There are also quick freeze molds available in the market these days which can help you freeze your popsicles in much less time.

The time it takes for your pops to fully freeze is also affected by the temperature. To make them freeze quicker, make sure your freezer is adjusted to the coldest setting.

Blast freezers are another alternative for quickly freezing your pops. Blast freezing occurs when an item is frozen so quickly that the water molecules inside it have little opportunity to destroy the meal.

Pro Tip: If you’re using the molds with separate coverings and built-in skewers, seal the molds with caps after pouring the fruit syrup into them and freeze the popsicles.

Popsicles may be made in a variety of containers such as yogurt cans, cupcake pans, small cups, as well as a cake pan.

Cover the top of the mold in aluminum foil if you’re having difficulties making the sticks stay straight in these unusual molds. Simply put your popsicle sticks into the tinfoil to make them stick straight.

How Long Do Popsicles Take To Freeze?

Freezer pops take around 4-8 hours to freeze completely depending on the ingredients used, the thickness and consistency of the syrup you are putting into the mold, and your freezer type.

However, you can set the temperature of your freezer to the coolest so that your pops are ready quicker for you to enjoy. Also, you must give enough time for your pops to freeze properly.

This also gives time for your pops to become creamy as the fruit juice completely settles down while freezing. And, there you have your delicious dessert to enjoy.

Water solidifies into ice crystals, making for an unsatisfactory popsicle. But if you add the correct amount of sugar, berry fibers, or coconut milk content, the particles can’t freeze as cleanly, and the outcome is a creamy texture that gives you a more biteable popsicle.

Although we try to minimize single-use plastic wherever feasible, there are instances when you simply require a quick push pop.

These candies freeze quickly owing to the faster-freezing technology of the molds. These full kits, made of ecologically safe silicone, come with all of the necessary equipment and make unmolding your pops a snap

Why Won’t My Freezer Pops Freeze?

Ice cream melting

There could be certain reasons that won’t make your freezer pops freeze such as the following.

Type Of Freezer

The type of your freezer could be one reason that is not letting your pops freeze as it might not be cold enough. Ensure that your freezer is set to the lowest temperature to freeze them in time and in proper proportion. 

Ingredients You Have Used

If you have used a little extra amount of oil or sugar, pops that are high in fat won’t freeze sometimes. If your popsicles contain alcohol, they may not freeze

Sometimes a few ingredients make the freezing process longer, hence at least wait for 8-10 hours before deciding if anything has gone wrong with your freezer pops.

Pro tip: If they do not freeze, grab those which are in a semi-liquid state and touch them firmly with your fingertip.

This would make ice particles develop and the juice will turn mushy. Return those to the freezer, and everything would be done in a few more hours.

How Long Does It Take Freezies To Freeze?  

Freezies take about 4-8 hours to freeze, but they may take more or less time depending on the ingredients. Sometimes checking them again and again and taking them out of the freezer may also result in a longer time.

The best way to perfectly freeze them is to keep them overnight in the freezer at an appropriate temperature. This would also give them enough time to freeze completely plus, you won’t have the urge to check them every now and then and disturb the process.

To get the best results, keep your pops in the freezer for at least 6 hours. You would have to use berries or other fruits to create wholesome fresh fruit pops. Papaya, guava, orange, pineapple, cherry, or melons work well when they freeze.

You can use the other ones as well, they would require a little more time to freeze though. After that, add your fruit juice and sugar syrup and it is all ready to get into the mold to freeze.

Also, taste your fruit syrup before you place it in the mold as the sweetener becomes lesser in taste after the pops freeze. Hence, you must add a significant amount of sweetener that tastes good after the popsicles freeze as well.

It is necessary that you let the popsicles be in the freezer for the right amount of time to get the best outcome.

With the right proportion of ingredients, it is also important to give your pops the right amount of time to settle down and you can have delicious creamy freezer pops.

Pro tip: If the sugar or fruit syrup you’re adding to the mold is warm, it may take a longer time to freeze. Hence, always cool down the liquid before placing it into the molds and the freezer.

How To Freeze Popsicles Faster?

The first and most important thing to freeze your popsicles faster is to make them using the correct process and ingredients.

The content of ingredients you are using as well as the recipe you are following determine how they are going to be and how much time they would be taking to freeze.

Using the number of ingredients in the right proportion would make your popsicles freeze faster. But it is also important to give enough time for the fruit syrup to settle down in the mold and freeze properly.

Apart from this, the temperature also affects the time your pops take to freeze completely. Make sure you have put your freezer to the lowest temperature to make your pops freeze faster.

Blast freezers are another option to freeze your pops quicker. Blast freezing happens by freezing any item so fast that the hydration molecules within have little time to degrade the food item.

When water freezes at or near zero degrees Celsius, it creates a lattice-like pattern. In the molecules that comprise your pops, this structure transforms into clear ice particles, giving you delicious and properly frozen pops.

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