8 Best Lo Mein Noodles Substitutes

Lo Mein Noodles

Lo Mein is a famous Chinese noodle dish that appeals to Americans the most.

The Chinese take-out culture is so popular in America that people buy this dish all the time. But if these noodles are not available in your area then we have substitutes for you.

This article will give an insight into the different substitutes for Lo Mein noodles so read on!

Best Lo Mein Noodles Substitutes

Lo Mein Noodles are the easiest to make and you can always enjoy these in your neighborhood Chinese restaurant or make it at home.

But if you do not have the right ingredients or live far away from a good Chinese takeout place, you can always look for these substitutes. 

1. Chow Mein

Chow Mein

Chow Mein is pretty different from Lo Mein but they are usually used as synonyms in America. The basic ingredients for Chow Mein and Lo Mein are the same. However, their manner of preparation is completely different.

Chow Mein is stir-fried noodles that are prepared in the wok. The veggies and soy sauce are all mixed in the wok itself. So the taste differs but on the account of base flavor and ingredients, Chow Mein and Lo Mein are both the same.  

2. Chili Noodles

Chili Noodles

Chili noodles are another variety of noodles available in Chinese restaurants.

They differ in the chili aspect since Lo Mein noodles do not contain chili. However, their preparation and base ingredients are all the same.

These noodles are made with egg noodles on one side and the sauce in another pan. The sauce includes soy sauce, rice vinegar, water, honey, chili paste, garlic, and hot oil.

As you bring these ingredients to a boil in the pan, prepare the noodles by boiling them. After this, mix the noodles in the chili sauce.

The preparation and way of serving are completely the same. The taste differs only on account of chili paste. 

3. Chop Suey

Chop Suey

Although Chop Suey is available in the majority of Chinese restaurants, interestingly, this is an American invention.

Chinese laborers made this dish in America by using whatever similar ingredients they could get to replicate the flavors of their home.

This dish is hearty because it includes veggies. The whole meal consists of stir fry noodles, oyster sauce, chicken stock, and sesame oil.

The method here is a bit different. Fry the veggies first and then add the stock to reduce the mixture and thicken it. After this add the noodles to it.

Chop Suey is basically sauce-based noodles similar to Lo Mein. Both the noodles are umami in taste and flavor. So Chop Suey makes for a good substitute for Lo Mein. 

4. Chow Mei Fun

Chow Mei Fun is almost the same as Lo Mein in terms of its ingredients and preparation. However, it is made from rice noodles and not egg noodles. These noodles are delicate and it gets the flavor from the meat, veggies, and the sauces that accompany it.

To prepare Chow Mei Fun, saute the veggies and add the noodles. Then add the sauce and the meat that you have cooked. Mix them to make juicy, umami, saucy Chow Mei Fun.  

5. Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is traditionally made with rice noodles. But if you do not have rice noodles, you can always use egg noodles or simple spaghetti as well. Pad Thai noodles are indigenous to Thailand hence the name Pad Thai.

Pad Thai has a choice of protein in it just as Lo Mein and its way of prep is almost similar. Saute garlic and veggies in oil and add them to your sauces and noodles.

The process, the way of cooking, and the ingredients used are almost identical. However, taste different due to the presence of Pad Thai paste in them. 

6. Udon noodles

Udon noodles

Udon Noodles and Lo Mein noodles both use wheat flour as their base.

Due to the addition of eggs in Lo Mein noodles, they are thicker as compared to Udon noodles that are soft and chewy.

Udon noodles do not have their own taste much but acquire the taste of the broth.

They are stir-fried noodles and the sauce consists of dark soy, light soy, and sesame oil. Mix the sauces together and saute the veggies and then add the noodles.

You can easily substitute Lo Mein noodles with Udon Noodles due to their chewy nature and similar sauces.

7. Yakisoba

Yakisoba is like the Japanese version of Lo Mein noodles.

They both are stir-fried, both have the same veggies and they look very similar due to the presence of soy sauce. Yakisoba noodles are more complex in terms of their flavor than Lo Mein noodles.

The sauce for Lo Mein consists of oyster sauce, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and ketchup. The sweet, salty, and umami flavor distinguishes it from Lo Mein.

Yakisoba is the ideal substitute for Lo Mein noodles because of the same base ingredients, preparation, and taste. 

8. Ramen

ramen noodles

Ramen is basically noodles in a broth but it is not so easy.

Just as Lo Mein noodles get their major flavor from the sauce, ramen gets its flavor from the accompaniments. The broth is extremely flavorful and the major cooking of Ramen is done in the bowl itself just like Lo Mein.

Pour hot oil over the ginger, garlic, and sauces. Then saute the veggies in a pan and bring the broth to a boil. Pour the whole mixture into a bowl and serve.

The ingredients used and the process are the same so it can be a good substitute. 

Related Questions

What are Lo Mein noodles?

Lo Mein Noodles are very popular Chinese noodles made from egg, wheat flour, vegetables, and protein. The protein can be either fish, chicken, or meat.

These egg noodles are well-known in the US. However, their way of preparation in the US and China is completely different.

Lo Mein translates to stirred noodles in Cantonese. It is made from fresh egg noodles and the entire dish consists of two things, one being the sauce and the other noodles.

Boil the noodles separately and on the other hand mix dark soy, light soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar together into the pan. Toss in the veggies like carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, bok choy, and broccoli. Then mix them with the sauce and your Lo Mein noodles are ready. 

Are spaghetti noodles and Lo Mein noodles the same?

No, they have a different texture, origin, and preparation. They may look similar but their origin plays an important role in how they are prepared and eaten. 

What can you substitute for Chinese egg noodles?

You can always substitute Chinese Egg Noodles with similar-looking noodles like linguine and fettuccine. Both are Italian pasta but have similar long noodle styles and cylindrical shapes.

Can you use Udon noodles for Lo Mein?

Yes, you can use Udon Noodles for Lo Mein noodles. They have similar base ingredients and sauces. Both are umami flavored dishes and both focus more on their sauces and broths. 

Can I use spaghetti instead of Chinese noodles?

Yes, you can use Spaghetti instead of Chinese noodles.

However, you have to cook them for stir-frying. So after you boil spaghetti, put them under cold water, and then add some oil to it. This way they can be ready for stir-frying in the wok.

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