10 Best Maple Extract Substitutes

Maple Extract

Maple extract is found mostly in cookies and cakes. But you can also find it in different toppings and different sweet syrups.

However, not having maple extract shouldn’t stop you from making your favorite sweeter treats. So, we put together a complex guide with maple extract substitutes that will save the day when you are making a delicious dessert.

Let’s scroll down and learn more about each substitute.

Best Maple Extract Substitutes

Even if you can substitute maple extract with a variety of ingredients, there are certain differences that you should keep in mind. Find the best maple syrup replacement from the list below that will give you a delicious dessert!

1. Maple syrup

One of the first substitutes that will come to mind if you need to replace maple extract is maple syrup. This alternative is actually easier to find than maple extract and it tends to come at an even more affordable cost.

The flavor of maple syrup is not as intense as the flavor of maple extract but it is one of the best choices you have. It is very important to purchase natural maple syrup with no added sugar or chemicals if you want the taste to be as close to maple extract as possible.

You can replace maple extract with maple syrup by doubling the quantity, so if your recipe calls for half a cup of maple extract, you want to use a full cup of maple syrup instead.

You can use maple syrup instead of maple extract in this ratio for baked desserts and toppings.

2. Maple candy

Maple candy is also a good substitute for maple extract as long as you use it correctly.

This is rather controversial in terms of finding maple extract substitutes. However, you might be amazed by the final results. Find a candy that has a high concentration of maple that comes from maple extract or maple syrup and use it instead of your maple extract.

The way to use maple candy would be by melting it and replacing your maple extract by using it in just the way your recipe calls for it.

You will have to taste your melted maple candy to be sure the flavor is similar.

The type of flavor you will get is going to be specific to the type of maple candy you use. This is a good maple extract substitute for baked cookies or cakes but also for pancake toppings.

3. Maple butter

Maple butter could replace your maple extract in certain recipes such as fried sweets or baked ones as long as you melt the butter prior to using it.

Maple butter has a similar flavor to maple extract but it is richer in fats so it will go best in cookie dough. The flavor you will get by using maple butter will be less potent. However, it will definitely give you the maple taste that you love.

Once you melt the maple butter, use it in the same quantity as you would use extract. Even if you won’t get a taste that is as sweet, you don’t want to apply too much fat to your dish either so maintaining an even ratio is the best choice in most recipes.

4. Molasses


Molasses is also a more budget-friendly alternative to maple extract.

This substitute might taste a bit too bitter and strong raw but once you added to baked cookies or cakes you will see that is very similar to maple extract. It is thicker in consistency compared to maple syrup and you can use it in the same ratio with maple extract.

It is very important to consider that molasses has a strong taste so if you don’t enjoy this flavor so much you can always add less of it to your dessert.

Use your personal preferences when you replace maple extract with molasses.

5. Maple coffee creamer


The maple coffee creamer substitute for maple extract will be a surprise for most but it can be a great alternative if you use it correctly.

Maple coffee creamer goes great in your liquid sweets such as toppings, drinks, or coffees but you can also use it in baked goods.

It is easy to find in stores, especially during the fall and winter months and you will find it very useful in a variety of ways in your kitchen.

When it comes to the ratio, you will want to add the coffee creamer in a larger amount than you would add maple extract.

A double quantity of this substitute should give you the results you want.

6. Almond extract

Almond Extract

Almond extract can successfully replace maple syrup in all types of recipes.

It will definitely add a good flavor to your dessert. However, you will have to keep in mind that it will taste different than maple extract.

If you don’t like the strong nutty flavor of almond extract you can always combine it with some honey and see if you prefer it like that.

Let your imagination run wild when you use almond extract and you will not regret it!

7. Vanilla extract

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a common ingredient in baked cookies and cakes and makes a great substitute for maple extract. It tends to be more liquid than maple extract. Therefore, it might apply a runny texture to your dessert if you use too much of it.

The flavor of vanilla extract is also not the same as the maple extract flavor. But it is just as tasty and compatible with all the desserts you want to make.

Use this extract in the same way you would use maple extract. Increase the flour quantity if you don’t want to end up with a dish that is too runny. You will have to add as much extra flour as you feel is necessary to maintain the consistency you want for your dough.

8. Rum extract


Rum extract will not go with all desserts but if you like the rum flavor, you will definitely love using this instead of maple extract as well.

The level of sweetness, however, is similar between rum extract and maple extract. Thus, you will not feel the need to add honey or sugar to your recipe.

Also, the color and texture of both these extracts are very similar.

In terms of ratio, you can add the same amount of rum extract that you would add maple extract. You can even combine rum extract with vanilla extract for a more interesting taste.

9. Honey


Honey can replace almost any sweetener in all types of desserts.

When you use it instead of maple extract, expect a taste that resembles the taste of sugar. The texture of honey is very similar to the texture of maple extract but the flavor is not as intense.

Furthermore, you will have to use a double quantity of honey than you would use maple extract to sweeten up your dessert enough.

10. Agave syrup

Agave Nectar

Agave syrup competes just fine with maple syrup when it comes to substituting maple extract in your desserts. You will use agave syrup the same way you use maple syrup, in a ratio of one cup agave syrup for each half a cup of maple extract.

Agave syrup tastes best as a topping or as a part of various icing recipes. However, you can use it just as well in baked desserts and even sweeten up your favorite drinks.

Can You Make Maple Extract?

Making maple extract at home is difficult as you might not have the right industrial equipment.

It is easier to make fenugreek extract at home. The great past is that it tastes very similar. As a matter of fact, many brands that sell maple extract, sell fenugreek extract.

To make it you will need fenugreek extract, a cup of vodka, and a dose of vanilla essence.

You will have to stir the fenugreek seeds in a frying pan but make sure they don’t get burned. Five minutes of this stirring step should be enough. Place the seeds into a grinder while they are still warm and grind them.

Also, heat up the vodka and vanilla extract on the lowest setting on your stove and stop it right before it reaches a boiling point. Add this liquid on top of the seeds in a jar and cover it with an airtight lid.

Store the jar in a dark place and shake it every day to blend all the ingredients. In 3 weeks, you will have a delicious extract.

What is the Difference Between Maple Syrup and Maple Extract?

The difference between maple syrup and maple extract is that maple syrup comes straight from the maple tree. Maple extract, on the other hand, might come from fenugreek seeds rather than the maple tree.

Also, maple extract includes other ingredients like vanilla extract and vodka while maple syrup is mostly natural. Even so, these two ingredients can be used interchangeably most of the time.


Not having maple extract is not a tragedy. You can still use one of the ingredients in this guide. Get creative when you replace maple extract and allow yourself to discover new flavors as you experiment with one of the substitutes above!

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