4 Best Marmite Substitutes & Recipe Ideas


We all enjoy a good spreading product. Whether you put it on toast in the morning for breakfast, use it on crackers for snacks, or simply if add it on meat to make it even tastier when cooking. Spreadings are a good way to add additional flavor to your meal.

Many variations of spreading appear all over the world and people pick their favorites on what they should include in their meal. Marmite is one of the spreads that you either love or hate.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, so you have a variety of their products to pick from. Actually, I’m pretty sure that it is one of the products that you do love and it’s probably your first choice in the morning or with other meals.

It’s so tasty and unique that you will be hooked on it in no time. However, what if you are out of marmite or there is none in your grocery store? Is there a product that can replace this spread or something that can replace its savory taste?

Can I use a substitute for marmite? Of course. If you haven’t got any marmite available, you can use different substitutes like Vegemite, Miso, Promite, and Bovril.

These are alternatives that have a very similar taste to Marmite and can easily help you replace the taste with every meal. Read on as you will learn about the history of this product, how it was discovered and for what purposes was used in the past.

I will also give you some ideas and recipes on how to use Marmite with common dishes.

Marmite Substitutes

As I previously stated Marmite has a unique taste which makes it so different from the other product. But, there is no need to worry because I am going to provide you a list of alternatives that will save your meal.

1. Vegemite

The Australian buddy to Marmite is Vegemite. This is one of the products that can replace the savory English spread. It contains similar products as the Marmite, as well as a great amount of vitamin B.

They have a lot in common as well as they both come from the 20th century. Vegemite can be used the same way spread on toast, bread, crackers, and many more. This product is also vegan.

However, the downside of this product is that you can’t find it easily outside Australia. But, no need to worry, I have other alternatives as well.

2. Miso

Miso Paste

This is a Japanese fundamental product that actually has different ingredients than Marmite, but the taste and flavor are pretty much the same.

The thing that these two products have in common is the saltiness and concentrated dose of the umami flavor. Also, Miso offers a good amount of vitamin B.

The benefit of Miso is that you can find it more easily. It is also vegan. Use it to give extra flavor to your broths or other savory dishes. It will give the meat an appealing brown color and make it even better.

3. Promite

Another substitute that is made from yeast is Promite, a similar product and close to Marmite in terms of ingredients and nutrition profile. It also contains vitamin B.

This spread goes with toasts, crackers, stews, and soups. It has an umami flavor which makes it very distinct and delicious to eat. This product is so similar to Marmite that they have the same preparation and they are both vegans.

The only downside is that it’s also hard to find in supermarkets outside Australia. The difference between Vegemite and Promite is in the taste. Promite has a less intense flavor and much more closer to Marmite.

4. Bovril

This is a bit different from the Marmite alternatives and it’s not vegan, but it has a similar taste to Marmite. It can be used as an alternative, because it’s spreadable, with intensely savory meaty flavor and deep brown color. This product fits perfectly with seasoning for stews and gravies.

Marmite History

Marmite is a vegetarian concentrated yeast extract paste used to spread on sandwiches, toasts, or as an ingredient that is added in stews and casseroles. It is a common breakfast option in Britain.

As I said, the main ingredient is the acid-rich yeast extract. Marmite also is made out of salt, vegetable extract, spice, and celery extracts. Although the precise recipe is a secret, the basic ingredients are those.

Mermaid actually contains all the essential vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and B12 that actually help you boost your energy.

This product has its own history, which dates from the 20th century. Invented by the German scientist Justus von Liebig in 1902 and it was discovered that yeast leftovers could be concentrated, bottled, and then eaten.

Marmite is best known for its unique taste and flavor. Not just that, it helped on many occasions like during WWI the British troops were issued jars of this product because of the concentration of vitamin B in the product.

Also, during the 1930s, the English scientist Lucy Wills used Marmite to treat anemia. Another healing was noted for treating malnutrition by Suriya-Mal workers during the malaria pandemic in Sri Lanka. So, it’s not just tasty but also it heals.

You can use this product to spread it on toast, bread or you can try a good combination of Marmite and Peanut Butter which is incredible.

Another use is with Cheddar which leaves you hooked on Marmite. As you can see, it’s versatile and more than just a breakfast product or spreading. It is also used with vegetables.

Marmite Recipe Ideas

This is not a product that you just use like spreading it on something. Furthermore, you can use marmite in many combinations that will help you improve and make the taste of your dish even more flavourful. That being said, try some of the next Marmite mouth-watering recipes.

Recipe 1: Marmite pasta carbonara

Nothing better like the best two ingredients combined together: pasta and marmite. Quick and easy to make with a twist of savory flavor.

Recipe 2: Beef pie with cheesy Marmite crust

This is an unctuous slow-cooked beef filling that contains cheese as well as Marmite that gives the perfect crust.

Recipe 3: Marmite chicken

Fry Chicken

A simple dish that will make you want more. Easy to make with a very delicious and flavor taste. You can make it and serve it to your friends.

Recipe 4: Marbled bagels with Marmite

Who says that you only use Marmite to spread it on pastry? You can easily use it to make bagels that have the additional crust and flavor that you’ll want to do them again.

Related Questions

Is Marmite gluten-free?

No, this product is not gluten-free. Actually, it is made from yeast leftovers that contain gluten.

Is marmite good for you?

Since this product contains a lot of vitamins, it is very good and healthy to eat. Further, it is said that this is like a jar packed with vitamins that are to your advantage and your health.

Can you get Marmite in America?

Yes, you can. No need to worry, this product can be found at many grocery stores. Also,  you have the option to purchase Marmite online and this product can be delivered to your home.

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