Mild Cheddar vs Sharp Cheddar: What’s The Difference?


The main difference between mild cheddar and sharp cheddar is the aging time. Longer-aged cheese has a sharper, more pronounced flavor, and a crumbly, dry texture.

The extra sharp cheddar cheeses are aged from 1-2 years and some even 5 or more years. While the mild cheddar cheeses are aged for 2-4 months. As a result of the different aging times, mild cheddar and sharp cheddar cheese have different flavors and textures.

Sharp cheddar cheeses are aged longer and have low moisture content. So, they have a dry texture and are harder to melt. Mild cheddar cheeses are aged shorter and had high moisture content which makes their texture soft, creamy, smooth, and easy to melt.

Cheddar cheese is one of the most used types of cheese. And choosing the right type is always confusing if you don’t know the difference between mild and sharp cheddar cheese.

Let’s learn more about cheddar cheese below!

Is Sharp Cheddar Better Than Mild?

They are both good, depending on your taste and how you are using them.

Sharp cheddar has a better flavor than mild cheddar. Its flavor is sharp, tangy, and slightly bitter, and it is also harder to melt. Mild cheddar, on the other hand, melts easily and has a soft, smooth, and mild flavor.

Is Sharp Or Mild Cheddar Better For Mac And Cheese?

Mild cheddar is better for mac and cheese because it has higher moisture content and melts easily. But if you want to add sharper and tangier flavor to the mac and cheese you can use both mild cheddar and sharp cheddar.

You will get a smooth, creamy, and flavorful dish with a perfect texture. You can also use some other type of hard cheese like parmesan instead of sharp cheddar and mix with the mild cheddar to get a creamy melt mac and cheese.

English cheddar cheese

Why Is Sharp Cheddar Better For You?

Sharp cheddar is better because it has a more intense flavor. So, you can use less to get the flavor you like. You can use sharp cheddar to give a bold and punchier flavor to your food.

Sharp cheddar is also a versatile cheese that is great served plain. However, it also works well in recipes where melting is needed.

You will need some extra time to melt it but it is worth it for the flavor you will get. Sharp cheddar cheese also has higher protein and fat content, and higher nutritional value than mild cheddar cheese.

Can I Substitute Mild Cheddar For Sharp Cheddar?

Mild cheddar is usually used in grilled cheese sandwiches, grating into quesadillas, nachos and chili, pasta dishes, and potato-based casseroles.

Sharp cheddar, on the other hand, is best used in sandwiches, served on a cheese board, and as a topping for salads and soups.

Meaning, you can substitute mild cheddar cheese for sharp cheddar cheese. However, you will get a sweet and creamy instead of bitter and sharp flavor in your dishes.

Is Mild Cheddar Cheese Spicy?

Mild cheddar cheese can be spicy. It has a creamy, sweet flavor and high moisture content. It melts easily and has a smooth texture which makes it a perfect cheese for cheese sandwiches.

But you can also enjoy its spicy flavor if it is flavored with some type of chili peppers like habanero and jalapeno, or a chili sauce like sriracha.

There is a type of spicy mild cheddar cheese with horseradish which has a very distinctive flavor. These types of spicy mild cheddar cheeses are perfect to give a little kick and bold, deep flavors to your food.

Sharp Or Mild Cheddar For burgers: Which Is Better?

The better is the one you like the most.

We all have different tastes and the taste is something you can’t discuss. However, just for the record, it is good to know that mild cheddar cheese is great for melting, while sharper cheddar cheeses are to give a flavor to your food.

So, you can use mild cheddar cheese which melts easily to get a nice creamy texture, or sharp cheddar cheese to give your burger a sharp, nutty flavor.

You can also add some topping like lettuce, tomato, or caramelized onions whose sweet flavor pairs great with the sharp, nutty flavor of the sharp cheddar cheese.

Mild vs Medium vs Sharp Cheddar: What’s The Difference?

Engelberg cheddar cheese

There are 4 types of cheddar cheese depending on the aging time: mild, medium, sharp, and extra sharp cheddar cheese. This classification is made depending on the amount of time the cheddar cheese is left to age.

The aging time affects the texture and the flavor of the cheddar cheese. Aging time varies for different brands of cheddar cheese. However, generally mild cheddar cheeses are aged shorter than the sharp types of cheddar cheeses.

Mild cheddar cheese is aged shorter than other types of cheddar cheese. It has a soft, creamy texture, and mild flavor. Mild cheddar cheese has a high moisture content which makes it easier to melt than sharp cheddar cheese.

Medium cheddar cheese is aged a little longer and is more flavorful than mild cheddar cheese. It is also good for melting and easy for slicing.

Sharp cheddar cheese is aged from 6-9 months and has low moisture content and dry texture. It has a sharp distinct flavor and needs more time to melt.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese is aged from 1 ½ -2 years and has a sharp, tangy, and very pronounced flavor. It has a dry texture and lowers moisture content than sharp cheddar cheese.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese is best when served on a cheese board with dried fruits, jams, crackers, and nuts.


Cheddar cheese as one of the most popular types of cheese can be used in many different ways.

You can serve it in grilled cheese sandwiches, in pasta dishes, soups, macaroni, and cheese, as an appetizer with meats and dried fruits, or in various baked goods and cooked dishes.

Cheddar cheese has a very distinctive flavor that brings out the flavor of the food to a higher level. It is a special cheese made for enjoying.

What is your favorite type of cheddar cheese? What are you preparing with it? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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